Video guidelines for Amazon eCommerce video requirements for the #1 online sales platform


Amazon is currently the largest eCommerce platform and millions of products are sold through it regularly.

It’s important, therefore, to the success of your Amazon store that you mark yourself out against all the competition around you.

One of the ways to do this is through video marketing in your store instead of just photographs. If you need inspiration, then you can read more in the article video marketing ideas for Amazon.

In this one, we will briefly cover the main points that you must be aware of when creating a video to upload to your product page, as Amazon are quite specific in their instructions.

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The Amazon main video guidelines

This list is not exhaustive but does cover the main points that you must be aware of before you upload a video to your store. Read this for a full description of each item in detail.

Your uploaded video must:

  • Be a minimum resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, but Amazon recommends 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.
  • Have an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Be saved in one of the following formats: 3GP, AVI, AAC, MP4, FLV, MOV or MPEG.
  • Be recorded with an RGB colour profile.
  • Be entirely in English.

Your uploaded video must not include or show:

  • Prices, including delivery costs
  • Discount claims (including words such as “cheap,” “affordable, etc).
  • Time-sensitive information (promotions, etc).
  • Any other reference to promotions.
  • Warranties or guarantees of any kind, other than manufacturer original warranties.
  • Logos or brands, except one logo of your own brand.
  • Any website or links, even within Amazon platform.
  • Contact information.
  • Any reference to authorised sellers, even your company.

Other notes

In addition to the above:

You must be a professional seller registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry and sell on Amazon.com.

You must be the brand owner of all product ASINs being promoted in your videos.

If you mention customer reviews, you must include accurate product information that can be substantiated.

Comparisons that mention the name of a competitor brand must be strictly factual and objective.

You must ensure that you own the rights to the video.

You must also upload an appropriate high-quality thumbnail image from the video in JPEG or PNG format.


Finding a professional product videographer

For many eCommerce retailers, producing their own product videos is not economically viable – either because they have no relevant experience or due to the amount of time it would take them to produce a video which meets Amazon’s high standards.

Most online retailers, therefore, turn to professional product videographers to complete this task.

Professional videography services already know how to optimise the shoot and edit for Amazon stores and will do this all for you.

They will also complete the whole process faster than you can as an individual.

It’s worth looking around at a few companies as they all differ in service and pricing structure. Here are a few to give you a comparison.

London Video Productions, for example, quote an hourly rate of £250, plus extras.

CherryDuck has a rate of only £150 per hour but does stipulate a minimum budget of £10,000 per project.

Finally, The London Video Company do not quote an hourly rate but have a minimum spend of £1,500.

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A refreshing alternative

Splento’s pricing is based on a fixed charge per hour.

Their professional product videographers can be hired from just £149 per hour – and this includes a first and final edit, and delivery of the finished video within 48 hours (guaranteed).

Splento has scaled their entire video process so that lower prices are available for everyone – regardless of the size of the order or length of video you require.

For more detail about this unique approach, contact Splento today and see the difference they are making to the product videography.

Booking is simple through a straightforward online form and they are available 24/7 in any location – wherever you are.

Follow this link to see the latest examples of Splento’s product portfolios.

If you already have footage, Splento can edit (or re-edit) it to create stunning new videos for you – even from old stock!

You are also welcome to contact Splento even if you just need a little more help or advice with your Amazon eCommerce videos.

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