10 things to look for in a video production company How to choose the right video production company


Whether you want to spruce up the old recruitment videos or produce a new advertisement for your brand, having a good video production company in your business contacts is always a great idea.  

You may be tempted to do a quick Google search of ‘video production companies near me’ and pick the first one that comes up – but choosing the right video production company should take you some time and research. 


Major factors to consider when hiring a video production company

1. Portfolio

Most production companies have an online video portfolio that demonstrates their skills and style of videography. Checking out this portfolio can give you insight into their quality of work and whether they can match your vision. If you decide to move ahead with the company, you could even use some of the concepts from their past work. 


2. Niche

What can the company offer you that other video production companies can’t? Look for a company that specialises in your niche requirement so you know that they’re already seasoned in that area of expertise. This could be as simple as ‘wedding videography’ or incredibly specific like ‘skydiving cat videography’. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s definitely a production company that specialises in it or has relevant experience.


3. Experience

An experienced company isn’t necessarily a great one, but that usually is the case; you don’t survive in the industry long enough if you are terrible at your job. Feel free to hire novice video production services but if you don’t want to experiment, just go for an incumbent firm that knows its way around the art. 


4. Professionalism

Professionalism may not be something you can measure but you sure can look for it when interacting with the company. Do they respond too slowly or negotiate too much? Plus, you can dig through customer reviews to see what others think of their professional nature. 


5. Production quality

The companies you’re looking at have to be able to produce videos of a certain production value standard. Do their videos match the kind of quality that goes up on the big screen? If not, it’s probably time to take them out of the running.


Finding a video production company


6. Cultural fit

When you look at a production company’s portfolio do you see your video fitting into their range? Sometimes the clash of beliefs and cultures may lead to an improper work fit. Find out if the company is on board with your ideas before you hire them.

7. Affordability

As with everything in business, the final decision is primarily based on the cost of a video. If you’ve got a budget set it’ll be easier to filter out companies. Preferably be more flexible with the budget, as quality videos can often be expensive.


8. Timelines

If your video project is required before a specific deadline, you’re going to have to find a company that can manage time efficiently. The last thing you want is to end up with a video that looks rushed, or worse, is delivered late.


9. Clientele

Again, an impressive client portfolio of industry giants doesn’t mean that the company is the best video production service out there. But it definitely indicates that others seem to think so. A big clientele adds credibility in the production company so you won’t have to worry about in-depth research.

10. Logistics

Even if you’re a match made in heaven, logistical issues can come between you and your chosen video production company. If your shoot is in an area inaccessible to the crew, or the company doesn’t have the necessary equipment to shoot your video, the production will crumble.

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