How does a 360 virtual tour video work? Real estate tool to engage clients


Imagine yourself in a magnificent, spacious house having a look around at all the amenities it has to offer. You take a step back to take in the beauty of the room and realize your legs aren’t moving. You’ve just found yourself in the middle of a 360 virtual tour video of a property. With virtual reality growing every year, real estate agents are adopting this technique into their marketing strategy. If you have no clue about virtual reality, here’s our realtor’s guide to 360 virtual tours. 


What are 360 virtual tour videos?

360 virtual tour videos are panoramic videos where every direction is recorded at the same time so that the viewer can navigate through the video in any direction they please. The idea of 360 virtual tour video in the real estate market is to target not only local but also national or even international property buyers. Without a doubt, this kind of video is way more engaging than judging a property by a photograph, as it allows buyers to evaluate the interiors as well as its dimensions. 


Benefits of a 360 Virtual Tour

In the real estate industry, time is money, and a lot of money can be saved by investing in 360 virtual tour videos. Meeting every interested buyer can be very time consuming and a strain on resources. With 360 virtual tours, buyers can view the listing online and set up an in-person viewing only if they’re interested in moving forward. This way the house is always showcased at its best without having to clean every time there’s an interested buyer. There’s also the bonus of reaching buyers beyond the local borders and having access to a huge pool of deep pockets. The pros of using the 360 virtual tours in your property are endless, but the most important reason to do so is to stand out in comparison to your competition and create a more exciting experience for your buyers. 

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How to get started with 360 virtual tour videos

Before you start using 360 virtual tour videos for your property listings, there are a couple of aspects to consider. Firstly, will you be shooting the video yourself or hiring a professional team to do it for you? If you’re planning on buying the equipment to shoot the video yourself, be aware that shooting 360 virtual video takes a significant amount of experience and will require skills in post-production works as well. Not to mention, the technology itself could be a strain on the realtor’s budget. In such cases, it’s usually best to hire an experienced team of professionals to do your work, to create quality content for your viewers. 

Secondly, security is an important factor to consider when sharing the 360 virtual tour video. The realtor must make sure that the video isn’t readily available to everybody on the internet, but can only be viewed by genuine buyers. Finally, the virtual tour shouldn’t be over-edited in post-production as a buyer who finds the property great on video may be disappointed with the in-person viewing. 


Virtual tours aren’t just an attention-seeking ploy. It’s an efficient tool that helps attract more buyers and sell the property faster than usual. In the real estate world, 360 virtual tours are quickly gaining popularity, so now’s the best time for your real estate business to use this technology to give a delightful experience to homebuyers. Splento has professionals across the world who can offer 360 virtual tour services. For any enquiries feel free to contact Splento today


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