Best tips on how to create a video marketing strategy that works Video marketing strategies for 2021


Video is one of the most effective ways of marketing and it will continue to be so in the future. The increase in the smartphone user base has made it possible for many digital marketers to reach their target market easily.

For a better reach, you should incorporate video in your marketing plans. You can include videos on your web pages to boost conversions and shares among social media users. This article highlights some tips to create a video marketing strategy that works. 


Use demos and tutorials 

Video marketing is an excellent way through which you can explain how a product works. The video content can address any questions the customers may have regarding your products or services. Investing in video technology can enable you to run the business uninterrupted because customers can refer to the video instead of reaching out to you directly. 

If a customer wants to buy, say, a laptop, all they need to do is go online and get some reviews and video tutorials from popular brands. Then they can compare the features like processor speed, screen size, etc, before choosing the best laptop. Demos and tutorials can ease the concerns of customers and boost their confidence as they make buying decisions. Video helps convert your site visitors into loyal customers


Video marketing in 2021


Create a schedule

According to some searches, web visitors prefer regular content updates. Think of videos as tools for a campaign and avoid posting them randomly. You can add some stories into your video and break them into segments, posting updates weekly.

After establishing the video content, come up with a publishing schedule. Having a consistent posting schedule can encourage your customers to look out for more videos on your site. If you plan for a big announcement or product launch, you can spread your videos as you prepare your audience for this. 

Pursue the marketing campaigns based on your posting schedule to engage your audience. This approach to scheduled posting can help establish you as a business leader in your industry. 


Use customer-generated content

Include customers in your videos or ask them to create videos of themselves using products or services. Post the videos to your website and social media platforms. When the customers see themselves in those videos, they are likely to share them with family and friends.

Every time a brand video is shared online, the brand gains newsfeeds exposure to a wider audience. Customer-generated videos are viewed more than ordinary YouTube videos. They have a greater potential for share and they can easily go viral and boost your following sustainability.

Marketing experts working with a thesis writing service say that customer-generated videos provide original perspectives to the products or services, making your brand credible. They create an understanding among users of your business integrity and genuineness, thereby boosting your brand image. Compared to traditional marketing, videos can engage your audience better. 


Reach audience on Facebook 

Facebook is an incredible social media platform for video content distribution. Facebook has a super in-depth targeting capability that allows you to select your content audiences. Apart from the Facebook Ads, you can also create a video on your page targeting a particular category of audience.

Highly appealing posts can make the content more attractive to the audience. Facebook post targeting can enable you to define and segment audiences by gender, age, language, and location. 

Only the categories of people you have targeted will be able to see the video on Facebook. Thus, if you selected audiences between 30 and 40 years, no one outside this age bracket can see the post on your page or their newsfeed. 

Facebook also allows you to target audiences by interests. By selecting an interest, visitors who like your page are likely to see your post. However, targeting audiences by interest does not influence the people who can access your posts. 


Marketing on mobile video


Include calls-to-action (CTAs)

When creating videos, you must optimize the content by including calls to action (CTA). In some cases, a CTA may not directly convert into a sign-up or a sale but they are necessary. Common videos CTAs include ”share the video with a friend”, ”like our page”,”Subscribe to our channel” and ”comment on the video”.

The positions where you can add the calls to action are:

    • Pre-roll CTA. These are placed at the beginning of every video where every viewer can see and get an opportunity to click.
    • Mid-roll CTA. This is placed between the beginning and the end of a video.
    • Post-roll CTA. This appears at the end of the video content. 

Experiment by placing the CTAs in different places of your video content and see the approach that works best for you. One of the ways of adding CTA to the video content is by adding a card to the video. A post-roll card indicates what a viewer is required to do after watching a video. You can also add some mid-roll cues to your video to increase the conversion rates. 


Collaborate with influencers and other brands

Many customers trust peer recommendations over advertisements. When creating a video for your marketing campaigns, identify a trusted influencer who can recommend your product. Such a recommendation may help the customers trust your brand and buy it. 

Many internet users across the globe watch several videos on their devices daily. The videos get higher engagement because viewers can interact with them in real-time. Therefore, live videos are effective in running influencer marketing campaigns. You can request the influencer to give their views about your product after watching a video or organize a Q&A session with them.

Another effective way of marketing through influencers is by asking them to go live on your social media platforms and interact with the audience. This approach can increase views and shares tremendously. 


Tell brand stories

Good stories can keep your audience engaged and encourage them to interact with you more. Instead of just introducing your company in terms of its name, mission, and vision, incorporate some stories into your video content. Stories can allow you to demonstrate how your company has impacted clients’ lives and whether you are making a difference in society. Use the video to share a compelling story with your audience.

Start with the biggest challenges of customers. In your videos, the challenge should be what your customers face. Your video should not look like that of your competitor. If you need some script ideas, you can consider hiring a screenwriter or a creative copywriter who can come up with original ideas to help your brand stand out.

Ensure that you can deliver what you promise as per your video content. Show customers that you have solved people’s problems and let them understand that you can do it to them too. When you deliver your promises, you can persuade more customers to buy. 


Successful video marketing


Use SEO content to optimise videos

Optimising video requires you to include keywords and descriptions. You can also add short links and calls to action to encourage your audience to visit a landing page or website for a special offer. Use YouTube’s tagging feature that determines how relevant your videos are.  If you are not familiar with content optimizations, a SEO company can help you make the changes to increase website traffic.

The tagging feature helps to group videos that are similar so that someone can be alerted about a related video during their view. To optimise a video for search, you need to choose a good video hosting platform, by considering why you want the video to rank. 

Include a video transcript to make the video more accessible and scrapable by search bots. Also, ensure that the thumbnail image you want to use is engaging. A video searcher will see the video thumbnail when the video is indexed and can have a powerful influence on whether people click to view it, or not. 



Videos should form part of your marketing strategy because they can create a larger impact, by keeping the audience engaged with your brand. You don’t have to be an expert in creating videos, but you can engage experts where necessary. Incorporate the above tips in your strategy and create brand awareness and conversions in your business. 

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