10 types of video content to master in 2021


Video – the saviour of 2021.

The pandemic has been a smack in the face for companies all over the globe. Where we would once find ourselves strolling down aisle after aisle browsing the latest product releases, instead we’re sat at home behind television screens, computer monitors and mobile phones: the perfect place to watch some videos.

Did you know that a whopping 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool? On top of that, 91% of marketing professionals think that video has become even more important for brands over the past year and over 99% of current video marketers plan to continue using video in 2021, most even planning to increase their video budget!

If you’re interested in more details about how valuable video is, our full Video Content Webinar explores even more facts and statistics. 

With this in mind, there’s never been a better time to jump in and get ahead of the competition with the top 10 types of video content to master in 2021:


1 – Webinars

Unsurprisingly, the popularity of webinars has shot up recently, with more and more people using them to connect to teachers, students and even employees.

Web seminars, or webinars, are fantastic videos for teaching a group of people or pitching a product. They’re not only low in cost, but highly valuable sources to learn from. With the ability to provide information live, webinars are great at teaching an audience while encouraging interactivity via things such as text chats. You can even record your webinar for future use so that anyone can watch your video anytime, anywhere.

Speaking of anywhere, unlike your traditional seminar, webinars can reach anywhere in the world, making them an especially great tool when we can’t travel.


2 – Livestreams

Livestreams have become increasingly popular over the past as proven by streaming services such as Twitch.tv and even social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

As more and more people have become interested in seeing events live, companies can hold presentations such as product reveals, launches as well as entertainment. Much like webinars, live streams also encourage engagement via built-in features such as text chat.

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Types of video content


3 – Interactive Videos

Consumers crave interaction.

Whether it’s a high-tech choose-your-own-adventure like Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, or even a shoppable video where consumers can easily purchase items directly from the video itself, customers are more likely to get reeled in and focus more intently on the video.

Expected to be one of the biggest marketing trends in 2021, there’s no better time to jump in on this new marketing trend.


4 – Behind the Scenes

Consumers are also curious.

People like to know what they’re getting into or what they’re investing in. By presenting them with an exclusive look at what happens behind the scenes, they’re more likely to feel comfortable and understanding of your product.

In cases where your product is an entertainment feature, such as a movie, show or video game, a behind the scenes video not only entertains consumers and promotes your product, but is also likely to spread online as people love to know how things are made, furthering your reach.

For a great example of how a behind the scenes video works, as well as an example of an interactive video, check out this behind the scenes of Disney’s The Jungle Book.


5 – Animation

Animation provides the opportunity to open up a world of stories that both children and adults love. They present fun ways to sell your product or to tell a story, or can even act as simple ways to offer tutorials creatively.

This popular video technique has been popular for years now and is very unlikely to disappear any time soon.


6 – 360-degree Videos

360-degree videos have been taking off more and more recently, especially as we’ve been trapped indoors in lockdown. Presenting consumers with a good look at the whole product and letting them get a feel for what the product actually is, 360-degree videos are a great alternative to physical shopping.

This modern technology will not only show off the details of your product but make your business appear innovative and fresh, promoting customer confidence.

For more information about how you can boost your sales, check out how to spin videos in 360-degrees to show off your whole product.


7 – Virtual Tours

Did you know that 73% of homeowners say that they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who uses video? Did you also know that only 9% of agents current create listing videos?

With such a supply and such little demand, there’s never been a better time to start uploading virtual tours of your properties.


Video content


8 – Personalised Video

Personalised videos are a great way to make your product stand out in the sea of adverts we’re thrown into every day.

Usually created by creating one basic video then editing in personal information such as names and even pictures, these videos are an easy way to cut through the crowd.

These types of videos are often featured by platforms such as Facebook to promote their website when you hit a milestone, or by companies such as Cadbury’s who found their personalised videos were watched to completion by 90% of their viewers.

This year, we’ve fallen short of the amount of interaction we’re all used to, so it’s a great opportunity to throw out some personalised videos to make your consumers feel valued.


9 – Social Media Video

No surprise to anyone, social media continues to grow day by day and is now full of videos from companies everywhere. With new sites such as TikTok which exploded last year, it’s easy to see why businesses are looking for a piece of the action.

Following trends and creating their own series, social media advertising is a great way to connect with your target audience while racking in the views. With social media showing no sign of slowing down, starting your own social media video campaign has never been a better idea.


10 – Vlogs

Anyone interested in producing their own content might decide to start vlogging their hobbies or even their lives to gain subscribers and followers. Social media such as YouTube proves that if you’re willing to show yourself off to the world, the world is more than willing to show an interest. This might even lead to producing your own merchandise, and eventually, you might even be able to turn that hobby into a profit!

Businesses shouldn’t feel left out either, as vloggers love to show off their new products and video their days out. Vlog sponsorships are a great way to create sincere product videos to advertise your company.


Whether it’s for fun or to promote your business, these are just 10 of the top types of video content you should be looking into this year.

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