360 virtual tours for properties Give your property buyers a memorable experience


If you’re a realtor, you know the struggle of setting up a property to perfection for a viewing or open house – hiring cleaners, renting furniture, baking fresh cookies – the whole nine yards. What if you could avoid doing this every time a prospective buyer expresses interest? With 360 virtual tours, buyers can have an interactive viewing of the property and explore every detail of the place regardless of where they’re located. This way, you don’t have to showcase the house to everyone passing by; just the genuinely interested buyers who already like the place after having had the virtual tour.

Using 360 virtual tours of properties can allow buyers to virtually roam the house taking their own time to check out its amenities. It provides a better understanding of the dimensions and interiors of the property without actually being there. As users can access these videos on any device, including smartphones, international buyers can enter the running as well.


What is the need for 360 virtual tours?

The main objective of a virtual tour is to give buyers an accurate and detailed first viewing of the property without the inconvenience of an in-person viewing. This saves time and money for all parties involved as casual lookers are weeded out and only genuine buyers are given a physical tour of the property. This allows realtors to focus on selling more property and buyers to explore more property options.

Virtual tours also help connect with buyers outside the local community as well as buyers with limited mobility. As virtual tours can be shared easily, anyone can view and express interest in purchasing the property.

The best part of 360 virtual tours, is that it presents the property in perfect condition. This means that when the virtual tour is shot, the property can be tidied up, staged and set in the perfect lighting to create a great impression.

The core purpose of using 360 virtual tours for selling property is to create a memorable experience for your buyers that sets you one notch above your competition.


How to create a 360 virtual tour for your property

The easiest way to make a virtual tour of your property is to hire a professional company that specializes in such video services. A professional VR company will have the necessary equipment, software and expertise to create perfectly presented, high-resolution videos.

If you’d like to create virtual tours on your own, the first step would be to purchase a 360-degree camera along with compatible software to stitch the shots together. You can stage the house and shoot from your preferred angles to capture the best features of the house. For a more detailed guide on creating a 360 virtual tour video for your property check out our coverage on this:  How to make a 360 tour video for property.

It’s always recommended that you go with a professional team to create your virtual tours, or at least the first several times. Once you’re certain of its ability to sell more property, then you can invest in professional cameras and maybe even enrol in a film editing course to improve your skills.

Virtual tours can help realtors sell any kind of property from commercial space to homes. These videos aren’t essential to a successive sale but will always complement and enhance existing marketing strategies. Make the lives of your sellers and buyers easier with the help of this tool. Splento has skilled professionals across the globe who can create virtual tours and 360-degree floor plans for your listed properties.


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