How to make a 360 tour video for property A realtor’s guide to creating virtual tours


The best way to sell property is to create a truly remarkable experience for your buyer and one way to do that is through 360 tour videos. These videos are a great tool for realtors as it creates an immersive visual experience of the house for potential buyers. Of course making a virtual tour video is not child’s play. But with the right tools and guidance, you can create a flawless 360 tour video of your property which both looks amazing and is easy to navigate. Here’s our realtor’s guide to creating a 360 tour video.


1. Choose the right equipment

The reason why most realtors shy away from 360 tour videos, is because they associate virtual reality with complicated technology. In reality, all they need is to buy a panoramic or 360-degree camera which is surprisingly inexpensive. Real estate businesses should consider buying one if they’re planning on shooting 360 videos on a regular basis. Research in-depth by reading reviews of the best 360-degree cameras in the market. Compare prices and features, and make sure you choose a camera best suited to the kind of tour you want to create. 


2. Plan your video

It’s important to know before you start what kind of a virtual tour you’d like to make. What are the amenities you want to display? Which rooms do you want to focus on? Plan every step of the tour along with camera placements to make sure you capture all the features. You can do a quick test shot of the rooms to see if it needs any adjustments for the final video. 


3. Stage the property

Since the 360 tour video will be the buyer’s first impression of the property, it’s vital to make it perfect. Clean up the property, set the scene, adjust the lighting and remove anything in the way of the camera to get a clear shot of the room. The video should ideally give buyers a sense of living in the house, so feel free to add props that can enhance this feeling.


4. Setting up audio

If the video tour includes the realtor’s guiding voice, make sure you use additional microphones. No matter how high-end the camera is, the sound won’t be crisp and clear unless you have an external recorder. You can simply synchronize both video and audio in post-production. 


5. Capturing the video

Once everything is set up, you can finally start shooting. Usually, the camera is placed in the centre of the room to capture all features accurately. But if you’d like to draw more attention to something, place the camera closer to it. Whereas if you’d like your buyers to not focus on a specific feature, simply place the camera further away from it.


6. Post-production

While making a 360 virtual tour video, the most important step is post-production as this is where you use special software to stitch your shots together and add special effects. There are numerous editing software packages available to suit various prices. See if the camera you bought is best compatible with specific software. Be careful to not add too many animations so as to not distract the viewer from the actual features of the house. 


Once you’re done creating your very own 360 virtual tours, you can upload it on the internet and share it on relevant platforms. For security reasons, ensure the video isn’t visible to everyone on the internet but only to potential buyers. If you think all these steps are going way over your head, contact Splento to create 360 virtual tours for you.

Another great idea is to outsource your first few 360 tour videos for property before committing to the purchase of equipment and post-production training. This way, you can try before you buy and have a yardstick for quality which you can refer to.

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