Spin Videos in 360 Degrees Winning tips to make great product videography


Without a doubt, 360 product spin videography is becoming the next big thing for eCommerce.  

It’s fair to say that when shopping, we tend to observe every possible detail a product has to offer.  Sometimes that means picking it up, spinning it around in our hands, just generally giving it a good look until we eventually think, yes, this is something I’d be happy to buy.  

Unfortunately these days, that’s quite difficult to do.  With the pandemic outbreak affecting us in so many ways, the majority of the globe has resorted to online shopping which in some instances can make buying the right product a bit challenging.  This ability to observe something in great detail, moving it around and checking every angle has been taken away from us.  Bring in 360-degree spin videography and your problem is solved.


What are the advantages of 360-degree product videography?

360-degree product videography: Picture a video, your product slowly spinning around in the centre of the shot, showing off each and every angle, each detail in a clear shot – everything you’re working hard to sell in view in just one single video.

Now imagine that same video being controlled by your customer, so they can use their mouse to move your product around and look at what they want to see, from the angle they want to see it. It’s the next best thing to holding it in your hand!  

In our post How 360 videos can boost your eCommerce sales, you’ll discover that a massive 91% of medium-to-heavy consumers online believe a 360-degree product viewer is a must-have. And giving customers what they want is your must-have.

While shopping for products, it’s good to know exactly what it is that we’re getting ourselves into.  360-degree makes the online shopping experience as personal as possible as if we were able to reach out and look at the product ourselves.  This experience makes us more confident in the things we buy.

To put it into perspective, if we were to look at two products – one with a 360 video and another without – we’ll learn more about the one with video, and would therefore be more likely to buy it, compared to the other. 

Seeing and knowing exactly how a product moves or works, we will be more confident to decide whether or not it fits our needs. Without the information that 360 video gives, we’ll be less sure about buying.  This uncertainty can spiral until we make our final decision that it’s safer to just miss out.


360 degree video


The best ways to make a 360-degree product video

Fingers crossed, the global pandemic will be behind us soon enough, but the popularised 360 product videography is here to stay.  To help you start off with your own 360-degree spinning videos, here are a few winning tips to sell your product:


Keep it short and sweet

There’s no need to turn your product video into a small feature film.  The purpose of a 360-degree product video is to show off your product so that your potential customer feels more comfortable buying it.  If the video is too long, your viewer will likely click off the video before they can fully decide that your product is worth investing in.

That being said, make sure that your video is long enough for customers to get a good look at whatever it is they might be buying.  If the video is too short, it might be too difficult for someone to spot the details your product has on offer.

Depending on your product, your video will most likely be under 30 seconds long.  There’s a sweet spot here that isn’t too hard to hit, but it’s important that you do hit it.

More platforms are now providing customer controls to spin the product as they choose – if this is an option for you, then take it. The more the customer can control your product image, the more they already feel as if they own it. 


And keep it simple

Once again, the aim of your video is to show off your whole product in as much detail as possible by showing your viewer a whole 360 degrees.  If you overcomplicate the video, it might be difficult for anyone to get a good look at what you have on offer in detail.

Stick to just one angle.  You might think that by switching between different angles while the camera is already spinning, you’ll show off more of your product to an eager customer.  The reality is, by jumping between multiple angles, it will be harder to concentrate on any aspect of your product.  By sticking to just one angle, the viewer can move between each detail voluntarily and won’t need any time to process any camera jump.  If you’re so eager to show off multiple angles, include another scene after the first which offers the alternate view.  


Rotate the turntable clockwise

Prop tip: This is more of a tip to make your life easier for post-production.  Most software for 360-degree videos is set to clockwise as a default.  Rotate your turntable clockwise to help out your future video-editing self.


Spin video for product


Post-production is just as important as ever

Anyone who’s ever dabbled in product videography before knows just how important post-production is.  Now, with the added bonus of 360 degrees for consumers to look through, each frame needs to be right.

We’re talking cropping out any unnecessary space to save room on the picture.  About making the background pure white so that your viewer can focus on every detail of your product, allowing every colour to pop.

With the increased popularity surrounding 360-degree videos, there are several editing software to choose from, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X.  Play around and see what works for you.

360 view videography is slowly becoming more of a must-have when it comes to eCommerce.  Many companies are beginning to feel that they need to utilise product videography to remain competitive, and as new techniques becoming more popular by the day, it’s no wonder why.

By understanding how to make the best 360 videos, you can boost your sales while improving consumer confidence regarding your product.

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