Top 10 startups disrupting the property market Some of the best real estate businesses doing 2020 right



The property market is as old as homes themselves, but we’re now in 2020, and some startup real estate businesses are disrupting things a little.

Here are 10 to keep an eye on for the future (especially, perhaps,  if you are looking to sell your home).


Using AI to crunch the numbers on life event triggers, Revaluate helps their clients target potential home movers and increase ROI by allowing them to focus on contact and conversion down their sales funnels instead of lead generation. By analysing data in this way, Revaluate are essentially providing their customers with a database optimised towards those most likely to be considering a move in the near future.

Revaluate Logo

Founded:  2013

By: Chris Drayer, Max Galka, Tim Segraves

Total funding: $580.2k

Web: www.revaluate.com


With a Bank of Ireland Retail Startup of the Year award under their belt, Popertee work in the pop-up and short-term let market – having hundreds of locations across the UK and Ireland. By the clever use of ID recognition, they supply clients with footfall data which can identify unique visitors to locations, arrival time, dwell time and a host of other demographics which can be used to boost trade and pop-up success.

Popertee Logo

Founded:  2016

By: Lucinda Kelly

Total funding: €500k

Web: www.popertee.com


Propy describe themselves as automating the real estate closing process for all participants to make closing faster, easier, and more secure. Their products help brokers, agents and title companies migrate to paperless remote closing. Their mission is self-driving transactions for brokerages, agents, home buyers and sellers

Propy Logo

Founded:  2016

By: Denitza Tyufekchieva, Maria Angelova, Natalia Karayaneva

Total funding: $15.5m

Web: www.propy.com


The oldest company on this list, Homesnap is an online mobile platform providing real estate services to agents, brokers and consumers. A provides a real estate mobile app combining property tax records, census data, geographic boundaries and much more. The portal aims to provide consumers with direct access to the most comprehensive, timely, and complete property information available.


Founded:  2008

By: Guy Wolcott, John Mazur, Steve Barnes

Total funding: $32m

Web: www.homesnap.com


Based in London, Proportunity is a tech mortgage lender, but with a unique twist. The company A.I. predicts a property’s future value and allows the buyer to borrow against the estimate. The software is used to accurately predict the future values of properties in up and coming areas. Proportunity will invest an up to £90k equity loan alongside the client’s deposit, with a mortgage provider supply the rest of the funds, which are repaid as usual. This effectively boosts buying power by up to £90k above current budget.

Proportunity Logo

Founded:  2016

By: Stefan Boronea, Vadim Toader

Total funding: $4.3m

Web: www.proportunity.co


Lavanda provides a SaaS platform which is designed to optimise a client’s real estate assets. It has created a platform which allows property managers and landlords access to the short and medium-term rental demand and gives them full control over pricing, availability and much more – in essence, it means that a landlord with multiple short-term let properties can run their entire business on the platform – even from a mobile.

Lavanda Logo

Founded:  2014

By: Frank Breckner, Guy Westlake

Total funding: $8.3m

Web: www.getlavanda.com


Fundrise enables customers to invest in a low-cost, diversified portfolio of quality real estate. They combine state-of-the-art technology with in-house expertise to reduce fees and maximize investment long-term return potential. It is a real estate crowdfunding platform giving people with no knowledge of real estate and very little money access to property investment. They keep their fees low by developing bespoke software that makes dozens of expensive, albeit necessary, property purchasing processes much cheaper at scale.

Fundrise Logo

Founded:  2010

By: Benjamin Miller, Brandon Jenkins, Daniel Miller, Kenny Shin

Total funding: $55.5m

Web: www.fundrise.com


Flyhomes is one of those simple business propositions that just makes sense to its customers. Flyhomes will take the client property that is listed for sale and turn it into cash – meaning the client is now a cash-buyer and a much more attractive proposition for property sellers. Flyhomes break the chain. They then prep and market the customer’s old home for sale and if it’s not sold in 90 days – they buy it from them.

Flyhomes Logo

Founded:  2015

By: Stephen Lane, Tushar Garg

Total funding: $160m

Web: www.flyhomes.com


IMMO buys individual’s properties on behalf of large, professional investors, so long as it fits their criteria. This gives the customer the certainty of an immediate sale and the assurance of timely payment of the purchase price. IMMO’s standard process includes conveyancing costs and the completion date can be when the client chooses. It simplifies and speeds up the property selling process for the seller.


Founded:  2017

By: Avinav Nigam, Hans-Christian Zappel, Samantha Kempe, Wouter Van Der Gaag

Total funding: €14m

Web: www.immo.co.uk


Reali are working hard to bring real estate sales online. They offer a service to buyers and sellers and low costs across the board. Their claim is that by selling through them, clients can sell their home up to 14 days faster and for 3-5% more (than average). And their fees start at just 1%. Reali could just turn out to be the real estate disruptors that many agencies have been worrying about.

Reali Logo

Founded:  2015

By: Ami Avrahami, Amit Haller

Total funding: $42.2m

Web: reali.com


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