FAQ for Kickstart Scheme Answering the most important questions for Kickstart Scheme candidates for Splento openings.


1. Do I need to apply for the job scheme or just individual jobs?

You will be able to apply for all jobs registered under the Kickstart Scheme as soon as businesses are approved and their jobs advertised on the Jobcentre webpage. This is expected to be at the end of October/beginning of November.

2. How many jobs do I need to apply for?

You can apply for as many job opportunities as you like. But you will need to inform your jobcentre Work Coach that you are willing to be involved in the Kickstart scheme first.

3. Do I apply for the job on the Universal Credit website?

No, you will be applying through the jobcentre webpage. Make sure you are registered with them and have been allocated a Work Coach.

4. Do I have to apply for universal credit to then be able to apply for jobs at Splento?

Yes, you have to be registered for Universal Credit to be eligible to apply for our current roles, which are exclusively available through the Kickstart Scheme and were created on that basis.

5. How do I get alerts for jobs supported by the Kickstart Scheme?

You first need to be registered for Universal Credit, then be allocated your Work Coach from the jobcentre and then ask them to put you forward for the Kickstart Scheme.

6. Will you be sending me the list of jobs to choose from?

No, we will not be sending the jobs we are planning to fill through the Kickstart Scheme. We have to advertise them through the jobcentre as part of the scheme. You will be advised of them by the jobcentre though if you are registered for the Kickstart Scheme.

7. When is the start date for starting the job with you?

There is no specific start date yet, as we are still waiting for government approval for the scheme. We will update you asap.

8. When will the scheme be starting?

The scheme is open now but it will take time for the Government to approve the businesses interested in the scheme. As soon as businesses are approved you will start receiving job alerts from the jobcentre.

You can find a more detailed explanation about the program in the Ultimate Guide to the Kickstart Scheme.


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