ASMR technology in modern video marketing Why ASMR videos are the future of marketing


Why is so oddly satisfying about listening to a knife cutting through Macadamia nuts or someone chewing bubble gum? There are millions of subscribers on social media who follow the trend around Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response better known as ASMR. 

Why is this relevant for your business? Any trend on the internet is worth tapping into as a brand. Video marketing has turned to ASMR for inspiration and plenty of brands have already created their own ASMR ads to attract customers. So if you haven’t made the transition to ASMR advertising yet, chew on this.


What is ASMR?

ASMR is a trending phenomenon induced by sounds and visuals where viewers experience brain tingles, goosebumps and an overall relaxed feeling. Advocates of ASMR say the steady, soothing sounds can help viewers relax, reducing their anxiety. Businesses are now looking to capitalise on this trend.


Why use ASMR for video marketing?

If you think about it ASMR isn’t really a new trend. It was always in the world of advertising with a Coca Cola gently fizzing or the crunch of a KFC burger. It has simply progressed along the way to more distinct singling out of sounds and visuals. 

Customers interact with ASMR because it makes them feel physically connected to the company.  They can feel the sensations that the brand is trying to portray which is not easy to do, but when it works well, it can help your product stand out from the crowd by providing a unique customer experience.  

ASMR not only triggers an innate sensory response, but they’re super easy to make too. You don’t need stunning cinematography, colour correction, or ground-breaking cinematography. Just have a bit of creativity, a good microphone and good shooting and editing skills should do just fine. 


Which brands can use ASMR for video marketing?

Not every product is suitable for ASMR video marketing. Depending on what kind of product you are selling and if that can produce soothing sounds triggering a certain sensory response. If you really want to make ASMR work, the video needs to have a human component, a human element. 

As long as you have a tangible product, you can incorporate ASMR technology into your advertisement. But it’s clear that food and drink brands that can get to grips with this trend, will reap more potential than other products. 


How can brands apply ASMR to video marketing?

As the popularity of ASMR videos grows, its creators on social media are gaining masses of followers reaching almost a celebrity status. A great way to incorporate ASMR into your marketing campaign is to reach out to ASMR influencers and collaborate with them. This way you can combine two of the most effective internet trends- influencer marketing and ASMR.


ASMR videos usually belong to the domain of influencers, and they’re raking in millions of views with long engagement times from viewers that take the content seriously. By teaming up with one of these influencers for ASMR videos of your product, your marketing campaign can achieve so much more than it usually does. 

It’s no secret that companies have been using psychological marketing techniques for a while now and ASMR is just the cherry on top. The trend of using ASMR in advertising looks like it’s here to stay, so get on board before that ship sails. 


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