The ultimate list of London-based investors 2021 Top investors working their capital in the UK's capital


Startup funding has changed in the past few years; even 10 years ago, a large percentage of startup capital initially would come from an FFF round.

As more funding sources have evolved in the past decade, so have the options for startups looking to fundraise.

The following list are some of the top London-based investors who, between them, probably understand more about this subject than anyone, and have certainly helped shape the way that startup investing occurs today.


Adam Edgell-Bush

Adam Edgell-Bush is the CEO and Founder of Homyze, a marketplace and developer of a mobile app for home service professionals such as electricians and plumbers. Bush has invested $6.4 billion in Homyze.


Adrian Lloyd

Adrian Lloyd is a Partner at Episode1 Ventures, a venture capital fund set up to invest in early-stage technology companies based in the UK. Lloyd has 4 portfolio companies and has made 4 investments. In 2020, Episode1 invested £9 million in eMoov, an online real estate agent that helps its clients with technology tools to sell their households.


Adrien Motte

Adrien Motte is the Director of Hellman & Friedman, one of the oldest and most experienced private equity investment firms operating today. Motte focuses on late-stage growth and large-cap private equity investments at Hellman & Friedman’s European office in London and focusing on high-quality, growing companies. H&F’s target equity investment ranges from €500m to in excess of €2bn+.


Akhil Paul

Akhil Paul is a Strategy Advisor at Caparo. Caparo is a British company involved mainly in the steel industry, primarily in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of steel engineering. Paul is also an active angel investor, having made 6 investments since 2020. Paul invested approximately $37 million in LocoNav, a full-stack fleet software company used to deliver a single platform to run and manage fleet operations with ease.


Alan Morgan

Alan Morgan is the Chairman and Co-Founder of MMC Ventures. MMC Ventures is an investment firm that invests in technology companies at Seed and Series A. Morgan has 7 portfolio companies, in which he has made 9 investments in total. In 2018, he invested approximately $7 million in QRails, a technology that enables payroll providers, fintechs, and other financial services businesses to deploy innovative payment solutions.


Alex Hoye

Alex Hoye is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Faction Collective, a company specialising in the manufacturing of high-performance freeride and freestyle skis. Hoye is also an active angel investor, investing at the seed stage. Hoye has 10 portfolio companies and has made 11 investments. The Faction Collective has raised a total of $17.7 million.


Alex Ikonn

Alex Ikonn is the Co-Founder of Luxy Hair, an e-commerce company specializing in clip-in hair extensions. Ikonn’s most recent investment was in Lunata Hair, a company specialising in wireless and portable styling products including hair straighteners and curling wands; contributing towards fundraising of $750,000.


Alex Khein

Alex Khein is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BlueCove, a new scientific asset management firm. Khein is also an angel investor, investing at the seed stage. Khein has 4 portfolio companies and has made a total of 5 investments. Khein’s most recent investment was $1.5M in MediaCore. 


Alex van Klaveren

Alex van Klaveren is the Founder and CEO of Kandidate. Kandidate is a company that places candidates in their next commercial role and guides them through their startup career at fast-growing, VC-backed companies.


Alexandre Sagakian

Alexandre Sagakian is the CEO and Founder of Blend My Day. Blend my day delivers functional frozen breakfast and snacks directly to consumers. Blend My Day has raised a total fund of €150K.


Amadeo Brenninkmeijer

Amadeo Brenninkmeijer is the CEO of Abreziel Holding AG, a venture capital firm. Brenninkmeijer currently has 15 portfolio companies and has made 17 investments. Brenninkmeijer’s most recent investment was £475,000 in Little Black Door. Little Black Door is an app that enables its users to upload, see, style, and share their wardrobes with friends and their fashion community.


Andreas Koukorinis

Andreas Koukorinis is the Co-Founder, CEO, and Head of Trading at Stratagem Technologies Ltd. Stratagem provides unique and proprietary insight on over 6,500 football events per season with a global year of more than 65 analysts. Koukorinis is also an angel investor, investing at the seed stage. His most recent investment was in Gobbler, the largest marketplace for subscription pro-audio plugins; contributing towards fundraising of $1.8 million.


Andrew Bredon

Andrew Bredon is the Founder of What’s In My Handbag. What’s in My Handbag is an online social platform that enables users to discover and try luxury beauty products. Bredon has made 2 investments, with his latest investment being $3.7 million in Zesty.


Anton Pasechnikov

Anton Pasechnikov is the CEO and Founder of TRDATA. TRDATA is a communication platform for financial professionals providing free access to real-time market data on Emerging Markets. TRDATA has raised $1.4 million in funding.


Barrie Heptonstall

Barrie Heptonstall Barrie has 30 years of experience working in senior management roles for a large American tech company. Heptonstall angel invests in startups in the UK and California. His most recent investment was in Unitu which was valued at £25,000. Unitu enables universities to increase student satisfaction and student retention by effectively listening and acting on feedback in real-time.


Ben Holmes

Ben Holmes was previously the General Partner at Index Ventures, in addition to serving on the board of multiple companies. His primary organisation is now Kry, where he acts as a Board Member. Holmes is an active angel investor, with 5 portfolio companies, where he has invested approximately $11 million.


Benjamin Ling

Benjamin Ling is the Founder and General Partner of Bling Capital, which primarily invests in consumer tech, internet, mobile, marketplace, data, fintech, SaaS, and automation sectors. Ling has 70 portfolio companies and has made 72 investments. Ling’s most recent investment was $3.5M in Vise. Vise is an AI-driven portfolio management platform for financial advisors.


Brent Hoberman

Brent Hoberman is the Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Founders Factory, a global corporate-backed venture studio and accelerator which invests in companies during their seed rounds. 

Hoberman currently has 17 portfolio companies and his $3.3 million in Airly, an internet company that specializes in providing hyper-local data about air pollution. As an investor, Hoberman has contributed to the fundraising of £577 million.


Charles Wiles

Charles Wiles is the CEO of Zzish, a company developing a valuable classroom digital teaching tool for teachers that provides real-time feedback on the progress of their students. Wiles is also an angel investor, investing at the seed stage in tech startups. He has made 3 investments, with his most recent investment of $255,000 in Of Course Learning. Of Course Learning is a curated marketplace for personal development, where genuine industry experts and upload and host short, video-led courses in their area of expertise.


Investors from London


Charlie Kemper

Charlie Kemper is the Partner at Beta Bridge Capital. Beta Bridge Capital is a seed-stage venture capital fund focused on emerging ecosystems. Kemper has made 3 investments, with his most recent being £11.6 million in Juggle, in 2020. Juggle is an information technology company that offers a SaaS platform for the future of work.


Chennakeshav Adya

Chennakeshav Adya is a Partner at Adan Corporate. Adan provides a wide range of bespoke advisory services to small and medium-sized enterprises at every step of the value creation journey.


Chris Adelsbach

Chris Adelsbach is the Venture Partner at TechStars, a global platform that provides investment and innovation. Adelsbach has 63 portfolio companies and has made 82 investments. In 2021, Adelsbach invested $2 million in ZELF. ZELF is a neobank targeting Gen Z to bring money in their messengers with AI-powered voice control over most of the financial operations.


Christine Tsai

Christine Tsai is the Founding Partner and CEO of 500 Startups, a global venture capital firm with a network of startup programs for founders, mentors, and investors. Tsai’s most recent investment Christine Tsai was $125,000 in Barn & Willow.


Claude Ritter

Claude Ritter is the Managing Partner at Cavalry Ventures, an early-stage Venture Capital fund. As an investment partner, he has made 3 investments. Ritter’s latest investment contributed towards $20 million in Caroobi. Caroobi is an integrated marketplace for automotive aftersales.


Dimitris Vranopoulos

Dimitris Vranopoulos is the Co-Founder of FlexFin. Flexfin group is a new online business lender. Vranopoulos is also an angel investor with 5 portfolio companies and 5 investments. His most recent investment was €800,000 in Forky, a local food delivery platform.


Dmitry Shakin

Dmitry Shakin is a Quantitative Traderat XTX Markets, a leading electronic trading firm partnering with exchanges and e-trading venues globally. Shakin has made 11 investments ranging from $50,000 to $100,000.


Eileen Burbidge

Eileen Burbidge is the Partner at Passion Capital. Passion Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm based in London. Burbidge has 11 portfolio companies and has made 13 investments. Burbidge’s latest investment was $1.5 million in YHANGRY. YHANGRY is a private chef platform where users can book a professional chef to come to cook for them at home.


Errol Damelin

Errol Damelin is an angel investor, investing in companies in their seed and early stages. Damelin currently has 28 portfolio companies and has made 30 investments. His most recent investment was £1 million in Trilo, a consumer-led digital payment network.

After more than a decade in trading, investing, advising startups, and building a few businesses, he became involved with Wintermute Trading, an algorithmic liquidity provider in the crypto space.


Federico Pirzio-Biroli

Federico Pirzio-Biroli is the Founder and Chairman of Playfair Capital. Playfair Capital is an early-stage fund backing founders building technology that changes the way people live and work. 

Pirzio-Biroli is also an angel investor with 7 portfolio companies. His most recent investment was $200,000 in Bibblio. Bibblio is digital publishing content recommendation technology to increase user engagement, grow revenues and drive new audiences.


Firat Ileri

Firat Ileri is a Partner at Hummingbird Ventures, a venture capital fund for high-growth digital media and software companies. As an investment partner, he invests during the early stages of companies. Ileri has made 11 partner investments with a Series A investment in BillionToOne, where $15 million was raised. BillionToOne is a precision diagnostics company that makes molecular diagnostics accurate, efficient, and accessible for all.


James Wise

James Wise is a Partner at Balderton Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm focused exclusively on backing European-founded startups. Wise currently has 26 portfolio companies where he has invested approximately $3.0 billion. 


Jason Seats

Jason Seats is the Managing Partner at TechStars, a global platform that provides investment and innovation. Seats has 17 portfolio companies and has made 18 investments. Seats’ most recent investment was $3 million in JOANY. JOANY is a web platform of healthcare concierge services that simplifies buying and using health insurance.


Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathon Goodwin is the Founder of Lepe Partners, an independent merchant bank focused on the media, consumer and technology sectors. 

Goodwin is a seed-stage investor and currently has 4 portfolio companies. Goodwin contributed towards an investment of $1.8 million in Signal AI. Signal AI is an artificial intelligence company that transforms the world’s information into accessible, actionable business knowledge.


Jose Marin

Jose Marin is the Co-Founder of FJ Labs, a stage-agnostic investment firm that focuses on marketplaces and consumer-facing startups. Marin has made 59 investments, and his most recent was in $2.3 million in Dostavista. Dostavista is a global crowdsourced same-day delivery service.


Jude Gomila

Jude Gomila is the Founder and CEO of Golden. Golden is a developer of a self-constructing knowledge database used to accelerate discovery and education. 

Gomila has 24 portfolio companies and has made 26 investments. Gomila’s most recent investment was $250 million in Astranis. Astranis is a space startup that builds small and low-cost telecommunications satellites to provide internet access in remote regions.


Julie Meyer

Julie Meyer is the CEO of VIVA Investment Partners, a Venture Capital founded by successful entrepreneurs and VC investors. Meyer is also an active angel investor. Meyer’s most recent personal investment was $1.2 million in Lime & Tonic.


Julien Codorniou

Julien Codorniou is the Vice President of Facebook, and also an angel investor. Codorniou has made 24 investments. Codorniou’s most recent investment was $24 million in Sundayapp; a payment processing app.


Matt Henderson

Matt Henderson is the Founder of Rangespan, a technology company that is providing supplier management and market data systems for retailers. Henderson has made 29 investments.


Meeta Gournay

Meeta Gournay is a Partner at Prehype, a venture development firm, co-creating startups with the world’s finest corporations and entrepreneurs. Gournay has made 7 investments ranging from $1,000 to $50,000.


London city investors


Michael Birch

Michael Birch is the Founder of Monkey Inferno. Monkey Inferno is a personal tech incubator that develops internet projects into successful businesses. 

Birch has made 47 investments. Birch’s latest investment was $10 million in Whatifi in 2020. Whatifi is the story hacking app where friends watch original movies together, crack jokes, and decide what happens next.


Michael van der Meer

Michael van der Meer is the Founder of RobecoSAM, an investment specialist focused exclusively on Sustainability Investing. Van de Meer’s most recent investment was in Farmdrop; a provider of an ethical online supermarket designed to remove wholesalers and retailers from the supply chain. The company’s supermarket permits users to order groceries online, directly from farmers and producers.


Neil Hutchinson

Neil Hutchinson is the Founder of NEON Adventures, a single-family office with interests across technology, property, lifestyle and philanthropy. Hutchinson has 5 portfolio companies, into which he has invested approximately £1 billion.


Nicolas Debock

Nicolas Debock is the Managing Director of Eurazeo, a leading global investment group. Debock has 10 years of experience in Venture Capital, investing in European startups at seed, A, and B rounds. He has made 8 investments, ranging from $10,000 to $50,000.


Peter Dubens

Peter Dubens is the Founder and Managing Partner of Oakley Capital, a mid-market private equity investor. Dubens has contributed towards fundraising of £13 million for Dexters, a UK-based real estate agency chain, as an investment partner.


Peter Rading

Peter Rading is a Senior Advisor at Voltaire Capital, a trading business specialized in Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange, with offices in Chicago and London. Rading is also an active angel investor, investing in companies at the seed stage. Rading’s most recent investment was invested £2 million in Multiply. Multiply is an information services platform working with the Financial Conduct Authority’s Advice Unit to get fully regulated and become one of the first automated financial advice solutions.


Robin Klein

Robin Klein is the Founding Partner and Associate of Creative Destruction Lab, which delivers an objectives-based program for massively scalable, seed-stage, science- and technology-based companies. 

Klein invests as both a partner and an angel investor and has made 10 investments. Klein’s most recent investment was $10 million in Trouva. Trouva is an online marketplace for unique products from the best curators around the world.


Rupert Ralston

Rupert Ralston is the Managing Director at Pure Biofuel, a company specialising in the wholesale and distribution of Premium Wood Pellets. Ralston invests both as a partner, and individually, investing at the seed stage. He has made 3 partner investments and 1 personal investment. Ralston invested in Filmzu, contributing towards fundraising of $50,000. Filmzu is an online technology company enabling filmmakers and fans to interact in creating and discovering new video content.


Saad Alsogair

Saad AlSogair is a Dermatologist and an Angel Investor from Saudi Arabia with over 200 investments in Silicon Valley. Alsogair’s most recent investment was $12 million in Abra, a digital wallet that supports bitcoin and over 50 fiat currencies.


Sascha Wilkens

Sascha Wilkens is a Strategic Banking Professional at BNP Paribas. Wilkens is also an active investor working in seed financing and venture capital for start-ups across a broad spectrum of industries such as the health and technology sectors.  Sascha has made 9 investments ranging from $10,000 to $100,000.


Siavash Mahdavi

Siavash Mahdavi is the CEO of AI Music, a software that is exploring the relationship between music and AI to enable a new age of music consumption. Mahdavi has made 7 investments ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000.


Simon Squibb

Simon Squibb is the Co-Founder of Nest. Nest operates corporate accelerator programmes, invests in startups, and runs a global entrepreneurial community called Mettā. As an investment partner, Squibb has invested in I Love. I Love is a startup that connects brands with consumers by offering marketing services and products.


Stan Stalnaker

Stan Stalnaker is the Founding Director of Hub Culture, an ecosystem that includes the Ven the digital currency, Ultra Exchange, AQUA quarantine system, and HubID digital identity. Stalnaker has made 7 investments ranging from $25,000 to $1,000,000.


Stefan Glänzer

Stefan Glänzer is the Founder of White Bear Yard, a hub for startups, digital technology, and media companies. Glänzer has made 29 investments. Glänzer’s most recent investment was $1 million in ClickClickDrive. ClickClickDrive is a developer of a search engine designed for users to find driving schools.


Taavet Hinrikus

Taavet Hinrikus is the Founder and CEO of Wise; a money transfer service allowing private individuals and businesses to send money abroad without hidden charges. 

Hinrikus has 57 portfolio companies and has made 71 investments, totalling approximately $50 million. In 2021, Hinrikus invested in BukuKas, a digital ledger app designed to assist micro and small businesses in their cash management.


Tibor Nagygyörgy

Tibor Nagygyörgy is the Founder and CEO of  Biggeorge Holding, a real estate development company.  Nagygyörgy is also an angel investor who has made 2 investments. His most recent investment was $4 million in AssetAvenue. AssetAvenue is a financial services company that offers an online lender for real estate investment properties.


Tim Jackson

Tim Jackson is the Partner at Walking Ventures, which is a seed fund investing in early-stage Internet and other technology startups based in Europe. Jackson is also an angel investor who has made 14 investments. Jackson’s most recent investment was $2.2 million in Joint Academy, a digital clinic that provides digital treatment for patients with osteoarthritis and chronic joint pain.


Tom Teichman

Tom Teichman is the Chairman and Executive Director of Spark Ventures, an early-stage venture capital investor in Europe. Teichman holds 5 portfolio companies currently. In 2016, Teichman invested $1.5 millon in Simba Sleep; an e-commerce company that offers a variety of mattresses.


Warner C. Leedy

Warner Leedy is an options trader and private investor. He has made 15 investments and has recently invested in the tech startup Cerebras, which is on a mission to change the computing landscape by accelerating artificial intelligence.


Yoann Turpin

Yoann Turpin is the Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at Wintermute, an algorithmic liquidity provider in the crypto space. Turpin has raised 17 investments ranging from $1,000 to $100,000.


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