Introduction to the Splento App The exciting new engagement tool for camps, clubs and organisations


Splento has been around for over six years pioneering the photography industry, worldwide.

Having worked with government, events, big tech and many other sectors, we decided to go where we felt our experience was most needed – engaging families.

Ever since the lockdown started in 2020, we have found ourselves speaking with hundreds of parents, camps, clubs, schools and nurseries – and the result of all those conversations is the Splento App.


Who is it for?

The Splento App is specifically for organisations that cater for children and parents. 

Organisations that focus on children’s development, whether it is practical or academic, can be schools, summer camps, football or drama clubs and a lot more. 

These organisations use photos and video to promote their businesses, but more importantly, share them with parents to help them feel they are a part of their children’s development when they are not around, for whatever reason. 

The app is also for parents to be able to store photos of their children in a secure place, and be able to share them with family and friends who they might not be able to see for some reason, such as being separated during the pandemic. 


The Splento App


Security and privacy

Privacy and security are our top priorities, and we understand that many people feel this way too, especially when it comes to their children.

We have added many features to make the Splento App a safe environment for parents, teachers, guardians and more to upload photos of their children and share them only with individuals that they personally allow.


Triple authentication process

To sign in, parents have to go through our highly secure, triple-authentication process. These three stages are to ensure that no unwanted person is able to create an account and pretend to be a parent. 


Two-factor authentication

Once in the Splento App, a parent will be able to have a code sent to their phone to use when signing into the app using a different device (known as two-factor authentication – you may have a similar feature on your bank account).

We have added this feature to make sure that no one is able to hack into any user’s account. 


Parents in control

Parents uploading photos of their children to any online platform is an individual choice; some do not because they fear they have no idea who will end up seeing the photos.

On the Splento App, parents are the ones who decide who is allowed to view the photos that they upload; no one else has access.


Not sharing data

News reports commonly announce that various social media sites have shared their customers’ data. It shouldn’t happen, but it does, as this is the way most platforms generate their revenue.

At Splento we will never share data with any 3rd parties – all your data remains secure and private always.


Parent engagement

Many studies explain how parental engagement benefits their children in many different ways. We believe that the Splento App will help parents be connected in their child’s life at school, clubs and other places, without seeming intrusive or overbearing. 

With the Splento App, parents will be able to see their child achieve their many successes – even if they cannot be there in person. For example, if their child takes part in a science fair at school, then a photo can be snapped and uploaded to the app for parents who couldn’t attend in person. This can enable them to be more involved with their child’s wonderful achievements. And through each of these successes that are snapped from the school, summer camp or other extra-curricula clubs, parents will have the chance to view their child become more confident, more able, or simply enjoying themselves.

Involvement through the app will also give parents the opportunity to see their child making new relationships and share experiences with their friends.

Parents are able to comment on these photos, like and share them with those that they choose – but only those they give access to.


Splento app for schools


Storing the memories

Every single day, hour, minute, we are creating a new memory, and being able to capture a certain experience to remember forever is a beauty that photos have given us. 

With the Splento App, the user is able to have all memories of their child stored in one place, whether they are photos from their birthday party or from their time sitting around a fire with the new friends that they have made at summer camp. It is easy for the parent to find the photos they are looking for as they are all clearly stored in one place, and can even be divided into different albums depending on the event or where the photos have come from, such as from school on the annual photo day.

The beauty of having all these photos stored on one app is that it also enables parents to share these memories with different family members.

Life is very spontaneous and it can change very quickly, (we’ve all learnt that during this past year). But with the unexpected always happening, having a way to share memories of children with their grandparents or other family members in a safe way is important, and it keeps them being a part of their grandchild’s life.

People love photos! We are visual creatures and being able to see a picture of when we were younger brings us a mixture of emotions, not least nostalgia. Having all your photos stored in one safe place makes it easier for parents to share these memories with their children when they are older, to remember all of the exciting experiences they had.


Marketing for organisations

Not only is the Splento App for parents to feel connected with their child’s life, but it is also to make the task of marketing easier for organisations that focus on children’s development.

Parents always have 100% control over the permissions on the app, on who is allowed to see their child’s photos. This means that when they flag a photo as public, the school/organisation is able to use it in their publicity promotions, as they have parental consent. If a parent keeps all photos private, then they will not appear in the pool of images that the organisation can use. 


As a parent, if this has sparked an interest and you want to know more, then Exploring the Splento App for Parents dives even deeper into how the Splento app can benefit you. 


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