The Splento Interviews. Sergej – Top London Videographer (Short Films) A short Q & A with Splento's short film specialist

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Sergej’s Bio:

Sergej is extremely passionate about every opportunity to work on video projects and enjoys approaching the different ideas and challenges that we all face every day.

He graduated from the University of Brighton, where he studied FDA Television Production and BA(Hons) in Broadcast Media.

Sergej has a solid 8 years’ experience of filming and editing videos.

Currently, Sergej works as a freelance videographer and video editor, participating in many different projects for various events, creating high-level quality promotional videos and movies, fully utilising his talent and experience.

He is always open for new opportunities and happy to capture the precious moments of your life.


BMPCC4K with Cine 35mm, 85mm and 135mm lenses and Canon 5D MKII with 14mm, 75-300mm and 50mm lenses, combined with dolly slider, glidecam rig and Zhiyun Crane 3s gimbal.


Weddings, Corporate, Live Streaming, Music Videos, Advertisements, Commercial, Short Films

The Interview

How long have you been working as a videographer?

SN:  I began my journey when I was just 15 years old, doing weddings and celebrations in Lithuania. I continued freelancing after I relocated to the UK in 2011, using University of Brighton equipment. After graduation, I relocated to London – and met Splento shortly after that.


What the best thing about being a videographer?

SN: I love helping people to transfer the energy of the present moment to an eternal future. For me, this is what the work is about – this is the purpose of both photo and video – the preservation of – not just memory – but life experience.


 How do you find working with Splento?

SN: I love that it is always different. Each job is a new challenge and an opportunity for me to grow as a professional. Experience is how we learn, and Splento gives me the opportunity to experience types of projects that I otherwise may not get the chance to work on.


What type of videos do you mainly work on? Do you specialise at all?

SN: I enjoy doing everything that involves camera work, from events to film production and beyond. I mostly specialise on one minute highlights after-movies. Capturing the essence of the story or event – conveying that message, and the emotions, and doing all that in 60 seconds. It is very creative work and these can be very powerful.


How have you found working during 2020?

SN: There was less work for me across 2020, so to be honest, it has been difficult. Challenging is probably the best word, as it has been for many people. There have still been ways to work, even under the lockdowns, but it presents many problems.


Can clients take their masks off for filming?

SN: Yes! Especially during interviews. I see no issues there. But we are always careful and make sure to follow the current guidelines.


Do you find most clients are happy to work around these restrictions?

SN: Yes, it is alright. It is nothing special for most of them.


What’s the one thing you want most for Christmas?

SN: Christmas? I just wish for more work in 2021 😊


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