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The year 2020 has been undeniably rough on pretty much the entire world, and being cooped up at home gave us no choice but to escape to our safe space – the internet. One place, in particular, has been blowing up in 2020 as more and more content creators have been popping up during the pandemic. 

YouTube has always been home to high-quality visual content that individuals flock to when they’re bored or curious. In 2020, viewers saw a whole range of videos stirring up a mass of conversation. Excluding music videos, these top trending videos got a whole lot of attention, not to mention views, and now you can see for yourself what the big deal is all about.


Top trending YouTube videos of 2020

1. Some Good News With John Krasinski Ep.1

In the midst of a world pandemic, John Krasinski managed to do what no other could – he encouraged us to focus on the bright side of things. He launched his unofficial news show featuring good things going on across the globe to put a smile on our faces. The first episode came at the right time when things were starting to look dull for a lot of us, and teaming up with his co-star from The Office – Steve Carell, only made us want to watch it more.


2. First Debate Cold Open – SNL

Saturday Night Live was perhaps the first to immediately recreate the presidential debate of 2020 with Alec Baldwin and Jim Carrey taking the role of Donald Trump and Joe Biden respectively. If the actual debate wasn’t a big enough joke, SNL took it all the way and made a hilarious skit of it – gaining over 30 million views on YouTube. 


3. We Broke Up.

Internet icon Jeffree Star had big news this year as he announced his break up with long-time boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt. The 17-minute video features the make-up mogul on his pink bed addressing his fans’ questions regarding the sudden disappearance of Nathan from Star’s videos. Star has utilized his social media as a tool to update his fans on matters of mental well-being and fans responded with the deepest of sympathies. 


4. I’m Coming Out.

Beauty vlogger – Nikkie Tutorials – released a moving video coming out as a transgender woman that caused an emotional wave over YouTube fans. The popular YouTuber revealed that she made the video in response to being blackmailed by individuals threatening to leak the information. It was a big moment for the transgender community and it seems like plenty of people wanted to be a part of it. 


5. Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters – GRAND FINALE

The gaming community of YouTube has always done well on the platform, and this video from Dream only proves it. This 41- minute video of Minecraft features Dream trying to beat the game while his three friends try to stop him. 2020 was YouTube’s biggest gaming year ever, so it’s no wonder that this video got over 60 million views.  


There you have it – the most-watched and most talked-about videos on YouTube in 2020. The list only goes to show the kind of amazingly diverse content you can discover on the platform from wholesome quarantine revelations to exciting gaming battles. 

Now we find ourselves at the start of 2021 and it seems like things aren’t going to be changing for a while. So if you find yourself bored of the usual content you stream, feel free to go through these trending videos on YouTube – there’s plenty more to come. 

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