Top 10 reasons why estate agents should use property videos How you can leverage the impact of property videos


Property videos are a god-send for real estate agents, especially during the pandemic. If you’re stuck at home due to the lockdown, or because you’re too busy, don’t let it keep you from running your business. With lockdown regulations changing almost daily, both in the UK and abroad, many people are switching to remote viewing of properties.

Real estate businesses are now taking things up a notch with virtual tours of their property, and if you aren’t one of them, here’s a list of reasons why you should start immediately.


10 reasons to use property videos

1. Wider reach

Having property videos for your real estate listings helps increase your reach to the digital world. This means clients across geographic borders can view and express their interest in a property without actually visiting physically. Property videos are an affordable way to create a larger client base for real estate agents. 


2. Save time and money

Property videos can save the time and effort of both the real estate agent as well as buyers. Realtors no longer have to show the house to every interested onlooker, and buyers won’t have to travel long distances to get a good look at the property. 


3. Capture the layout

Videos do a much better job than photographs when it comes to relaying the layout and size of a property. Wide shots of rooms can do a great job at giving an idea of depth and placement, which is the next best thing to actually being there in person. 


4. All-day access

With the help of property videos, sellers no longer have to worry about scheduling viewings. Potential buyers can view the property video 24/7 and can do so at their convenience. 


5. Emotional value

Property videos can also convey more sentiment than a couple of photographs. Adding music and weaving a story around the house can do wonders in selling the property.

6. Improves SEO ranking

Search engines look for quality content to display on their results, and nothing declares quality to search engines quite like video. Posting a video with your listing can increase your property’s online visibility to buyers who search on the internet.


7. Faster sale

Property videos can help weed out casual onlookers and make sure that only interested buyers are shown the house in-person. This can save quite a bit of time and make the property-buying process go faster. 


8. Showcase property in style

As an agent or even a homeowner, it can be a tedious job to ensure the property looks spick and span all the time. With property videos you just have to do it once, get it on film and then share the video to buyers. 


9. Shoot with advanced technology

Your property videos can give a better view than the human eye with some of the new technology available for filming. Using 4K technology, drones and panoramic cameras, your potential buyers can have the most authentic virtual tour of the property. 


10. Easy to make

Everything about property videos sounds so great; there must be a catch, right? Wrong. Property videos are fairly simple to make and don’t require a lot of investment from the agency. In fact, with a decent smartphone, the realtor can sometimes film the property video themselves – although professional editing is always recommended.


Every real estate agent knows that the first impression plays a huge role in selling property. Videos are a great way to control how buyers see the property and create a great first impression for the digital world. 

Bonus tip: As an alternative – and if you are on a tight budget – you can still produce a great video from the still images you already have! Read about Splento’s 60 seconds in a Day video for more details.

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