Wedding photography or wedding videography? Pros and cons - which to choose for your wedding


So you’ve fixed the date and you’re all set to spend the rest of your life with your loved one – but there’s still plenty of important decisions to make. And one of those is this: wedding photography or videography? Planning a wedding can be an expensive affair for anyone. So if you’re looking to decide between hiring a photographer or a videographer, then it’s good to know the pros and cons of both before making that decision. 


Should I have photography at my wedding?

Photographs are an incredibly integral element of a wedding and it’s pretty rare to spot one without a photographer. Every couple wants to sit down years after the wedding and nostalgically go through their wedding album to relive those initial sparks. 

Photographers are often cheaper than videographers and can provide a lot of depth to your wedding story. Capturing the first look the groom takes if the bride, the father-daughter dance or even a still of the guests laughing is a magical moment that speaks a thousand words. 

While videographers spend hours capturing the entire wedding to tell the whole story, expert photographers wait to capture the right moments that the couple can put up in their homes or post on social media that tells their love story at one glance.


Should I have videography at my wedding? 

Photographs are priceless and will forever be revered by the happy couple, but there’s a different joy that comes with actually hearing the wedding speech, or watching the guests dance at the reception. 

If you ask a couple what their favourite part of their wedding was, they’ll probably say they barely remember it because it went by in a flash. Photographs may be hung up in big frames, but videos can transport the couple straight back to their wedding day. 

Filming your wedding ceremony can be a great way to involve those of your friends and family who couldn’t make it on your big day. Simply share your video online and you can share your special day with anyone- even if they lie halfway across the world. 

While wedding videos weren’t all that popular back in the day, it’s become a viable and affordable option for most weddings these days. So go ahead and film those raw, genuine moments shared between the bride and groom.


Why can’t I have both?

Having only one of the two at your wedding can be a tough decision so make sure you evaluate your needs before deciding. Would like good quality photos or a professional level video of your big day?

We know we were supposed to break down photography and videography so that you could choose one. But honestly, they’re both so great and essential for a wedding, why not have both?

The catch is usually a couple’s budget, but there’s plenty of ways to work within your budget and include both a photographer and videographer. You can always compromise on one by hiring a low-budget production service if you’re eager to have both at your wedding. 

Another option is to hire a professional videographer and ask your guests to take as many photographs as possible so you can later assemble your own album as a crowd-sourced project. 

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life; you should get everything you want, even if it’s just for a day. So whether you want a wedding photographer or a wedding videographer, or both, Splento can help you out. 

Our team of photographers and videographers can provide excellent services and probably fit your budget so that you can enjoy both. Before you start celebrating, go ahead and contact Splento now so that you can create splendid mementoes of the perfect wedding you’ve always dreamed of. 


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