March 2019 Update



What did Mobile World Congress, Downing Street, The Houses of Parliament, a US Democratic Presidential Candidate, Prince Andrew and broadcaster Jon Snow all have in common in the past seven days?

Read on for the answer!

Continuing with my new tradition of writing Splento’s monthly updates on signification week days (instead of the last day of the month), I’ve chosen the 8 March for a very particular reason.

More than 70% of our clients are women and 8 March is International Women’s Day (IWD).

For some strange reason, in the Western World, IWD lags behind Christmas, Mothers and Fathers Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter and other celebrations in its significance. But in the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic, where I grew up in the 90s, it was a huge thing! 8 March was at the very top with the New Year’s Eve and Jaanipäev (Midsummer’s Eve).

So from team Splento and me personally: dear wives, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriends, partners, associates and colleagues – have an amazing 8 March!!!

1) ZOOM / Recent Update:

So, going back to the question I started with, what did Mobile World Congress, Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament, US Democratic Presidential Candidate, Prince Andrew and Jon Snow all have in common?

SPLENTO! Of course!

In the past seven days alone we’ve photographed, recorded and live streamed incredible people at amazing events – from our beloved Wayra and Prince Andrew’s Pitch@Palace, to the enormous Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a series of IWD-related events at Downing Street and The Houses of Parliament. Well done, Splentoites!

Have a look at the video we shot yesterday at 10 Downing Street: https://youtu.be/SibKrsATNSs and delivered to the client last night.

2) FOCUS / Looking Ahead:

Last month we’ve quietly launched our Live Streaming service and have already delivered more than 10 successful live streams. At £199 per hour – we are 5-10 times cheaper than the competition.

This has been soft launched, so we haven’t even begun marketing the service yet. In March we look forward to streaming terabytes of amazing videos for our clients around the world.

3) EXPOSURE / Ask:

Unusually, I have not just one, but two asks for you this time.

a) If you know any event/conference organisers who are currently paying £1,000-£10,000 for Live Streaming of their events, please feel free to forward my email to them. If Downing Street and US Presidential Candidate are happy with us, your friends would be grateful to you for the introduction.

b) Not all things that came out of the USSR are bad. IWD (8 March) tradition is awesome! So please join me in celebrating all the significant women in our lives and please buy them some flowers… just because!

Kind regards


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