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Like any creative task, art is a way for people, no matter their age, to express their emotions. And for children, art is a great way for them to connect with their creative side. Having children join an art club can lead them on a path to have a career in the creative world. With art, children might grow up into make-up artists or an architect. Any art club would love to be the one to teach children the love that art can hold, but the way to obtain students is through marketing. 

Being about to promote an art club is one of the steps to having a successful business. 


What is art?

In many people’s minds, they believe that art is just painting on a canvas, when they think of an artist they might mention Vincent Van Gogh, one of the most famous artists. However, art is a lot more diverse than that. Art is a range of activities for people to use creative imagination to express beauty, emotions or conceptual ideas. In art, many different materials can be used to create a masterpiece – we have paint, chalk, clay and a lot more. And something that surprises a few people is that art can be found in anything.


Art clubs for children


What to show during your marketing

As mentioned before, art is vast and a lot more diverse than many of us realises, which means when it comes to promoting your art club it is ideal to show how broad art actually is. Doing this will help parents truly understand how the creative world is a great place for children to express feelings in a different way. 

Here are a few topics to think about when it comes to marketing.



In art, there are many themes for children to explore that will help them dive into the world of art. Showing the different types of themes that an art club will cover is something that parents would love to learn about as it’s a way for them to see what they are paying for. Each theme helps children explore their creative side in a new way, resulting in them growing even more creative. 

There are many different themes to show when promoting your art club – a couple of examples are:


Still life

This theme may seem as boring and not the one to heighten a child’s creativity, but that isn’t actually true. People in the art world understand that still life is actually a great way to improve concentration, as a child has to focus on the main piece and copy it. Showing this theme to parents is also nice for them to see how their child can improve a skill that is important for their future as well as knowing they will be having fun.



The beauty of art is that it is varied, and art doesn’t have to be picture-perfect, it can be a mixture of colours swirling together as one. Abstract art is the perfect way for children to dive into their creativity in a new and exciting way. Snapping a photo of children’s abstract work is an amazing way to show parents, who want their child to go to an art club, just like yours, that art is a way to help children communicate their feelings in a different way than they normally would, and that a story can be told in many artistic ways. 


People can be inspired to create a piece of art by anything in the world, and children are exactly the same. Showing where inspiration can come from when marketing is a great way for parents to understand that the world is one big canvas ready to be drawn on with colours. Parents also love being able to see all the excitement that the children are having and to see where their drawings might come from. 

If they are allowed to go outside, take photos to show how the children use nature when it comes to their drawings. 


Different Mediums

Not every child will like to use paint when it comes to building a piece of art. It is important to shows the different materials that are used during the art sessions as parents want to make sure that children won’t be doing the same thing over and over again. 


Marketing children's art clubs


Where to market your art club

Marketing has changed a lot within the past decade, and just like art, it is much more vast than it once was. Promoting in today’s society can reach out to more people than ever before and that is all thanks to the online world. Technology has connected us all in ways that we never knew could, and businesses won’t be surprised that when using this to their advantage, their marketing system will attract many new parents who want their children to explore their creative side. 



Nowadays, every company should have a website as this is a clever way for parents to learn about everything an art club does. Having a website is the perfect place for an art club to show how creative they are, using complementing colours to enchant parents to carry on looking at their website. This is also the best place to have an art gallery where parents have the chance to see all the different themes their children will explore, to learn where their children will find inspiration and understand that their children will learn different ways to create art. 


Social media

Having a social media account, whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram, is a great way to reach out to many parents. Quite a few businesses upload their website in their bio on their social media account. The reason for this, is because in many cases, people tend to find different companies through social media. If they like what is shown on a business account, they are more likely to click on the website to learn more about the art club. 


How does the Splento App help with marketing your art club?

Marketing is a must for any company to have customers and have a successful business, but it can sometimes be time-consuming and take longer than staff members want it to be. This is due to many reasons, such as the art teacher needing to remember to take photos of the children enjoying their creative time. Not only that, but some parents do not want their children’s pictures posted online for anyone to see, therefore staff members will have to manually double-check what photos can and can’t be used. 

This is where the Splento App comes in. 

We understand that marketing can be stressful due to all the different steps of finding the perfect visual content to use. But with using the Splento App, employees won’t be surprised with how much time is cut. Art teachers will send out an invite code, that we create, to parents for them to be able to receive photos of their child from the art club. As a parent signs up they put in their permissions, stating whether or not the photos can be used for promoting purposes. 

The Splento App registers all of this, meaning the art club’s marketing team will only receive photos if parents are fine with them being used on the website or social media. Spending less time on double-checking the parents’ permissions means the marketing team has a longer time to find the perfect photos. 

Through the Splento App, the marketing team will be able to filter to find specific photos quicker, for example, fruit, this will show all the photos that have drawings of fruit. 


Excitedly, the Splento App is also a tool to connect with parents and to show them what their children are doing throughout their art session. Many parents love this type of engagement and this might make them end up talking to their friends about it, without even realising they are promoting your art club. 

Are you hoping to cut downtime when it comes to marketing your art club? Then you can always have a demo with us to learn and understand all the features that the Splento App has and how it will benefit you and your art club. 

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