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The Splento App has many different features that will benefit different businesses that cater towards children, just like your art club. All of these aspects that the Splento App holds is to help make everything less stressful and easier to run a business in different areas. 

When using the Splento App, employees won’t be surprised by how easier marketing becomes. 

In this blog, we will discuss the different features of the Splento App, these are:

    • Safety
    • Marketing 
    • Parent Engagement 
    • Who can use the Splento App?


Marketing art clubs


How is the Splento App safe and secure?

There’s always a question that forms in our mind whenever a new app comes on the scene, and that is how safe is it? This question is valid and especially important to ask when an art club is for children. Many of us know the dangers of the online world, this is why at the Splento App, we have made sure that this app is as safe as possible. 

We also would like to state that privacy and security are our top priorities and due to this belief, we will never, under any circumstances, sell data to third parties – something that other apps, unfortunately, do. 

For us, safety starts at the beginning of a person signing up to become a user of the Splento App. When parents join, after they put in their details, they create a profile for their child and here is where they declare whether or not other parents and the marketing team are allowed to see the photos and videos of their children. If they say no, only that parent will be able to see the photos of their child and no one else. 

The way we make sure that the correct image is sent to the right parent is through our facial recognition system – an element that many smartphones now have when logging in. This system is created at the start when a parent makes the profile of their child, at this step they will have to take a picture of them. This feature makes sure that parents only receive photos and videos from an art club if their child is in them. 

We have also added an invite code that we will generate for an art club to send to the parents whose children attend their group. This feature helps keep everything private, and to make sure that only the parents who are connected with the art club see the photos and not a random person. 

Understandably, there is the worry of how to take photos of children in a safe way due to all the laws to protect them. This is why, on the staff account, photos can only be taken and cannot be downloaded onto the devices. Art teachers will be able to take the photo, and once they upload it for the parents to see, it vanishes from their eyes, only for the marketing team to see if the parents have given them permission to. 


How does the Splento App help with marketing purposes?

Marketing is an important area for any company if they want to thrive and be successful. However, it can sometimes be tedious due to the long hours it takes to find the right photos to upload. That’s not the only step for marketing, staff members need to remember to take the photos, but they also have to double-check if the photo can be used. 

Right now, many clubs that cater for children do things manually. With the Splento App, all of this can be done digitally, making it easier and less stressful. Instead of having a lot of documents where parents sign their permissions, all of this detail can be registered through the Splento App. The benefit of this affects art clubs immensely, as the marketing team will only see the photos if they can use them as visual content for their website or social media account. 

The safety feature of parents giving their permission doesn’t only keep them safe but helps the marketing team be able to spend more time on finding the perfect photos, rather than having to double-check what photos they can use. 

This is not all, on the marketing account we have different aspects to make sure the marketing team has an easier time finding the photos that they want. No company wants to post photos that aren’t sharp and clear, because it seems like they do not care when the truth is we know that they do. 

With our filtering feature, the marketing team will be able to click on ‘eyes open’ and the account will then refresh and show all of the images with the children who have their eyes open. The benefit of this means that the employees do not have to click through every single photo, making their job a little less stressful. 

Due to the Splento App helping make the marketing system slightly easier, it will mean that art clubs will have enough photos to use throughout the year – doesn’t that sound amazing?


How does the Splento App help with parent engagement?

Parent engagement is known to help children improve their skills due to the supportive feeling that they have from their parents. When children join an art club, it normally means that they have found enjoyment in this creative world and want to grow in an artist way. Involving parents helps them learn what their child is up to during their art sessions. This is the perfect way for them to understand what their child is doing and help them carry on this creativity when they are back at home. 

With the Splento App, employees of an art club won’t be surprised by how healthy their relationship is with a parent.

We understand that employees might be anxious to engage parents due to the worry that parents might end up wanting to know everything their child does, or in case a parent has some kind of negative behaviour. 

This is where the Splento App can help employees not feel like this. With our feature that allows staff members to take photos and upload them to the app, it means parents will be able to have an insight into what happens during the art sessions. If the children are doing some type of fun activity, such as finger painting, then parents will be able to see all the steps that take place.

As parents like this aspect of engagement, it will also help with marketing purposes. This feature can end up leading parents to talk to their friends about how great an art club is due to the use of the Splento App. And just like that, without realising, the parent is marketing your art club to their friend. 


Marketing art clubs for children


Who can use the Splento App?

The art club will be the one to decide who can use the Splento App to collect the photos, but here at Splento, we will create three different accounts for your art club. Our first one is the admin account, which is normally for the leader of the club, on this account, they will be able to state who can take the photos.

We then have the marketing account, this is for the marketing team to see all the visual content they can use. Here they can find the perfect photos and download the ones they want to upload to their website and social media account. 

Finally, we will create the staff account. This is for the art teachers to be able to capture the photos of the children having fun as they learn more about their creative side. 


If you are interested in this app, we have some great news to add on top of this and that is the price for all of this. 

It is completely free. 

This might shock you, and make you think, why offer all of this for free?

In our eyes, we believe that memories are created to be kept close to us forever. Meaning the memories that children make at your art club should be something they keep without paying for. 


After learning about the price of this app and if you are still interested, you can also book a demo with us to have an insight into how all of these features work. 

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