Exploring the Splento App for drama clubs How drama clubs and members can both benefit


At Splento, we know the many features that the Splento App holds. However, you most likely do not know them, nor understand how this app works, it’s necessary for you to learn how these features will benefit your drama club.

This is why, in this blog, we will explore:

    • Marketing
    • Parent Engagement 
    • Security
    • Who can use this app?


How does the Splento App help with marketing?

For children, drama clubs are the place for them to gain confidence as well as having the chance to find an interest in acting. For drama clubs, being about to show all of this to parents is vital if they want new customers to join them. However, marketing can be difficult and stressful due to it being very time-consuming. There are many different steps when it comes to promoting a drama club. First, staff members need to be snapping photos. Then the marketing team have to find the perfects photos – make sure they aren’t blurry and that the children have their eyes open. Finally, they have to manually double-check if the parents have said that it is fine to use the photos for marketing purposes. 

Luckily for drama clubs, the Splento App can help reduce stress levels and cut out time, meaning that the marketing team won’t have to spend hours trying to find the visual content to upload onto their website or social media account.

We do this by giving the parents full control when it comes to the Splento App. This happens from the very start, when parents sign up, they have to put in their permissions status whether or not other people are allowed to see the photos that their child is in. 

This benefits drama clubs highly, as all a drama teacher has to do is snap a photo on their staff account and if the photo is allowed to be seen by others, it will be sent to the marketing account straight away for them to use if wanted. 

This feature means parents do not have to manually sign a document stating if their child’s photos can be used for marketing. It also means that the marketing team will have more time in other areas to find the perfect photos, as they don’t have to double-check the parents’ permissions. 

This is not the only way the Splento App can help with promoting a drama club. The app also helps the marketing team find the perfect photo through our filtering stage. When it comes to visual content, it needs to be clear and sharp – if the photos are blurry, parents won’t send their children to the drama club. With this marketing feature, employees will be able to click on ‘unblurry’ and it will automatically saw them all the crystal clear photos. 

With these features, drama clubs won’t be surprised by how easy it is to promote themselves throughout the year. 


How does the Splento App help with parent engagement?

Having a healthy parent relationship helps with marketing, if they like what a drama club does and how it involves others, they will end up promoting the drama club, without realising it, to their friends. 

But parent engagement doesn’t only do that, it also helps drive the children into improving their acting skills. When parents have a chance to see what is happening during the drama sessions, they have more of an understanding of what their child enjoys. This leads to parents being even more supportive, even when they already are, due to this support it makes the child love drama even more. 

Drama clubs can end up snapping photos throughout their drama sessions, upload them to the Splento App for parents to see straight away. This type of engagement helps with keeping a healthy relationship with parents, as they can have true insight into all the thrilling activities their child is doing. This feature is also a great way to heighten parents excitement for the main show that the children are preparing for. 

Not only that, but as life can be very spontaneous, parents might not always be able to see the live show due to complications that can affect any parent. This feature can make sure that every parent can still see their child’s performance even if they, unfortunately, cannot attend. 


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The safety of the Splento App

One of the most important aspects of Splento is that privacy and security is our top priority. Although this digital world has made us become closer to one another, it has made many of us worry about privacy and most importantly, child safety. 

This is why we have added many features to help keep the Splento App secure, one of the ways that we do this is never selling any of the data to third parties, this is something that some apps do, unfortunately. 

From the start, the Splento App is safe, we’ve done this by giving the parents the control. As mentioned before, when parents sign up, they state whether or not other parents and the marketing team can see the photos of their children. On top of this, parents will have to take a photo of their child, this is for facial recognition – the exact same system that many smartphones now have when logging in. This feature allows the Splento App to recognise the child and send the photo to the correct parent. 

To add on top of this, drama clubs will have to send an invite code to the parents to link their child to the drama club. This is to make sure the drama club only send the photos to the parents whose children attend this group. 

Finally, the account that the drama teachers will use to take the visual content cannot save any of the photos onto their device. This protects both the children and the staff members, and means the children can enjoy their time as they learn new dramatical skills. 

These safety features are something that many parents will like, this then helps with marketing, because if a parent likes something they want other parents to know as well. 


Who can use the Splento App?

At Splento, we create three different accounts for a drama club to use. They will have an admin account, this is normally the leader and they are the one who states who is allowed to take the photos. We then have the marketing account, this is for the marketing team to find all the photos to use for promoting. Finally, the staff account is for the drama teachers to take the photos on. 


As you can see the Splento App has many features that will benefit your drama club immensely. You might be wondering, how much does this all costs? We have some exciting news, it doesn’t cost anything. Yes, you heard it here first, the Splento App is for free. 


Because when memories of children falling in love with the acting world are created, they should be shared with family for free. 


If you are interested, then why not sign up today to have a demo with us? You’ll have a chance to see how all of these features truly work. 

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