Activities to do in the North West of England Fun times to be had whether you are local or visiting


This summer, why not try something new or visit a place that you never have been to before. We are still in the middle of the pandemic, and even though the borders are open to some countries, this summer is still different to other summers. 

If you live in the North West of England, you might be wondering what to do this summer. So here for you, this blog will dive into ten fun activities to do in the North West of England. 


Blackpool Zoo, Blackpool

With over 1,500 animals, everyone will find enjoyment when going to Blackpool Zoo, after all, it has won awards for being a family-friendly zoo. There is a whole range of animals to be found here – Gorillas, Penguins, Alderan Tortoises and a lot more. They also hold different exhibits for visitors to see these amazing animals, but remember to check which exhibits are open, as some may be closed due to Covid-19. If you come here for a family day out, there is a play area for your children to play in and pretend they are monkeys as well. 


North west England activities


Kingfisher Cruise, Lancaster

Try something new and take a mini-cruise along the Lancaster canal. Here, people will have the chance to relax and take in the beautiful scenery that surrounds them. If you are lucky, you might see the water creatures in motion – witness the ducks and swans glide around the canal. When booking, do check the information button to see what type of Kingfisher Cruise you’ll be going on. Some offer fish and chips, whilst others offer afternoon tea. 


Levens Hall, Kendal 

Before arriving at Levens Hall, remember to book your tickets. At the world’s oldest topiary, tours around the house is a must if you would love to step into the past. During the tour, people will have the chance to learn about the history of this house. Why not even imagine you are a person from the past when wandering through the rooms? Don’t forget to enjoy the garden as well and take beautiful photos in front of the trees that all have unique cuts. Here, you will find the rose garden and even a willow labyrinth. People also have the chance to learn how this garden has changed and grown throughout the years. 


Treasure Hunt, Chester

See Chester in a fun and different way through a Treasure Hunt. As your group solve clues and follow a treasure map, you will have the chance to see all the different areas that make up Chester. During this activity, you have a chance to see hidden gems that you might not normally notice. Don’t worry, you do not have to rush around, you can take your time and even stop for a while in a cafe. 


Tour Man United Stadium, Manchester

Are you a fan of Man United? Then why not go on a tour around the stadium that is home to the Man United team. During your tour, you’ll have the chance to walk down the players’ tunnel, pretending that you’re are a football player walking onto the pitch ready for the game. Be at the place where many of the famous football players have been before, such as David Beckham and Marcus Rashford. 


Activities in the north west


Shiverpool, Liverpool

October isn’t the only time for ghosts and ghouls, and Shiverpool agrees. In Liverpool, ghost tours are an ongoing activity throughout the year, and if you are in this city, why not join in? Throughout the 90 minutes tour, everyone in the group will hear the gruesome stories and witness immersive entertainment. And, yes, you might end up screaming. 


Stanley Park, Blackpool

Blackpool’s main park is the place for visitors to relax, have a picnic, and take part in different activities. Visitors can end up spending their whole day here as they enjoy the activities that this park offers. Here, visitors can hire a boat, play crazy golf, even have a game of tennis and there is a lot more that they can do. Just remember to listen out for the horn – when that goes off, visitors have fifteen minutes until the park closes. 


Ruff Wood, Ormskirk

If you have a dog and love to take them on your visits, then Ruff Wood is the place to go. As you take a stroll around the woods, you might have the chance to see a red squirrel – these are rare in England. Here, people can have picnics in specific seating areas. There are also many different sculptures hidden between the trees. Why not bring a pencil and a drawing pad to sketch the scenery?


Beatles Statue, Liverpool

The Beatles are known to be one of the most famous bands to have come out of Liverpool. If you find yourself in this city, why not go to Pierhead to see The Beatles statue? This bronze sculpture is blessed with a blue hue after sunset – the perfect place to take a photo. After visiting this statue, why not go on The Beatles tour around Liverpool, a way to learn more about this band.


Activities in north west England


Indoor Skydiving, Manchester

If you would love to try sky diving, but the thought of jumping out of a plane worries you, we know the perfect place for you to visit. IFly offers indoor sky diving for anyone who wants to feel the thrill without actually having to scare themselves. Everyone has a training session, and after that, you will meet your instructor supervisor. After all of this, you finally have the chance to feel the rush of the wind as if you were actually sky diving outside. 


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