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If you are travelling to the North East of England or live in this location and trying to think about what to do this summer, then this is the blog for you. The North East of England has loads to offer, from fun activities to do with friends and family to learning about the history of the area. 

No matter what your interests are, everyone will find something exciting to do when they are in the North East of England. 


Botanic Garden, Durham University

The beauty of nature is that it is everywhere, and the Botanic Garden at Durham University is open for the public to witness this beautiful scenery. It is open every day from 10 am to 3 pm, giving plenty of time to stroll around the variety of landscapes that this Botanic Garden holds. Remember to keep an eye on the unique sculptures that surround the gardens – they are hidden in the twist and turns of the plants. And if you are a fan of creepy crawlers, then it has a glasshouse that is perfect for you. Here, visitors will find the tropical bugs and insects that roam around the world. If you are lucky, you might even have a chance to hold a tarantula. 


Bubble Football, Newcastle

NE Bubble Football offers this game and many other activities, such as Nerf Rival, Beer Goggle games, and a lot more. During this game of football-with-a-twist, you might end up looking silly as you wear an inflatable bubble around your body, but this activity is a bundle of fun. When wearing this, people will have a chance to crash and bounce against one another as they try to steal the ball. This activity makes many people feel that they are a child again due to the amount of fun that they have.


North east England activities


Karting North East, Sunderland

This is known to be one of the largest karting circuits in the United Kingdom. To be able to take part, everyone needs to be at least 14+ to be able to enjoy the go-karting experience. At NE Karting, before starting the race, everyone has around fifteen minutes of practising. After getting used to the steering, the head to head race will start – and if you win, you could receive a prize. 


The Creative Chicken, Kirkharle

Get your creativity on with the Creative Chicken. Here, people have the chance to paint different types of pottery. This activity is suitable for any age. England is prone to rain, and if the weather is drizzly, then this activity is perfect to do. During the workshop, everyone will have the opportunity to choose between thirty different colours. After everyone is done painting, the staff will keep them to glaze the pottery and put them into the kiln. They can either send your pottery to you, or you can pick it up if you are near the area. 


Fun in the north east


The Valley Climbing Centre, Newcastle

You do not have to be an expert to take part in this activity. If you are a beginner, the Valley Climbing Centre holds a beginner session before letting everyone enjoy their climbing for two hours. At this place, many people will have the chance to feel like an adventurous hero as they climb up the walls. 


Bamburgh Castle, Bamburgh

Step into the past as you explore this castle that sits on the coast of Bamburgh beach. This castle is known to be the first in the world to fall to gunpowder during the War of Roses. It holds many myths, even some about dragons. If you have a dog, why not take them with you whilst exploring this castle? 


Alnwick Treehouse, Alnwick

If you have a love for food and the outside world, then this is the place for you. Why not make a day out of it? At the Alnwick Treehouse, you can have your lunch or dinner whilst admiring the magical scenery of nature. After or before your meal, you can have the chance to explore the gardens and take as many photos as you want. This is even the place that holds the poisonous garden and a bamboo maze. 


WWT Washington Wetland, Washington

Have a day out and learn all about the different types of wetland creatures, from flamingos to otters. Not only do visitors have the chance to see these beautiful creatures, but they also learn about wetlands and how to add one to a garden. At WWT Washington Wetland, learning in a fun way is the best way to do it. There are also little parks to play in if you come here with children. 


Family days out in the north east


South Shields Museum and Art Gallery, South Shields

Learn the history of South Tyneside as you wander through this museum. Before it became a museum it was known to be a public library, but now it holds different exhibits, a little cafe and art. This museum is free to visit, which means you can spend your money on the treats and at the gift shop. Many people enjoy visiting this place, no matter if they are a teenager or in their 60s. 


Binchester Roman Fort, Bishop Auckland

The Romans invaded Britain in 43 AD, and even after all these years their history still lives on. Visitors have the chance to learn how the Romans lived in the countryside thousands of years ago. Walk around where many Romans have walked before, take a peek in the two Roman baths and see if you can find the ‘Beast of Binchester’.


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