The importance of event photography as information support Review, reflect and rollout your future events - with all the visuals you need


As an event organiser, event photography can seem like the least of your concerns. When you have a budget to think of and a long list of arrangements, photography can seem inconsequential. But this is actually a huge oversight made by many event organisers. Event photography is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal, as it not only improves your brand image but can be used as information to support your event attendees. 

All types of event photography can be used for different stages of attendee engagement. The benefits of event photography even extend to after your event, as you can produce an event photo report for reviewing and assessment.

To improve your event planning it is essential that you understand the importance of event photography so that you can use it for your success.  In this article we will look at:

    • Using event photography before your event
    • Using event photography during your event
    • Using event photography after your event


Support information for events


Using event photography before your event

Event photography is essential for the initial stages of event planning. Information is the first stage of distribution for organisers.

Event attendees require information sources to make an informed decision about an event. Photography counts as visual information – when potential attendees have a taste of what an event is going to be like from photos, they can decide whether to attend or not. Therefore, event photography is crucial for the success of an event. Not only is it necessary to attract clientele, but using the right type of photography can be used to attract your target audience.

In today’s society where people are faced with a constant barrage of information, it can be difficult to market events successfully and increase event attendance when there are so many events competing for peoples’ attention. Attendee engagement is extremely important for the success of your event. According to EventMB, 39% of event professionals agree that ‘engaging attendees’ is the most crucial element of an event.

Therefore, it is important to have photography to create marketing materials to promote the event and to engage potential attendees.

It is incredibly important to have event photos for:

    • Your website
    • Email marketing
    • Print advertising
    • Publicity
    • Social media
    • Promotional videos 

Using event photography during your event

Having an event photographer at your event is also useful as you can document your event throughout. Documenting the event through photography is useful as it captures the atmosphere and excitement of the event. 

As we all know, social media has revolutionised the landscape of marketing and therefore plays an important role in event promotion and attendee engagement. Sharing event photography in real-time on social media helps to keep morale high and the momentum of the event going. Attendees can share these images to their social media accounts, raising awareness of the event and piquing the interest of more potential future attendees.


Using event photography after your event

Photography becomes most relevant after your event, as you can use it for:

Event support photo information


Post-event attendee engagement

To ensure success for future events you should have a post-event strategy in place to make sure your attendees leave your event with a good feeling about their experience. Event photography can and should be used as post-event thank you emails, your social media posts, and your post-event page.


Post-event report

A post-event report should be created after your event to gauge the success of the event and to highlight areas for improvement. Event photography can be a very important informative visual asset to provide insights, both into what went right, and what could be improved. You can use your event photography contents to comprise part of your report.


Event publicity

If any media outlets pick up on your event for a news story, they will require photographs. Having an event photographer takes care of this issue, and by providing the visuals yourself, you can guarantee the best images are used.


Marketing your next event

Once have photographic materials from your event, you can use this to show your event planning success and launch your next event.


Organising your next event

Once you have documented your event with images that reflect the experiences of the event you can use these images reusing when organising future events and approaching funding bodies of sponsors to assist the event.

As you can see, the benefits of event photography go far beyond creating special memories of your event. They can also be used to strategically grow and improve your business. 

We hope you found the benefits of event photography as informationn support useful!

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