The importance of advertising photography Here’s why your business needs advertising photography


Advertising photography can be a challenging field to get into. As a photographer, you not only have to be highly adept at different visual styles but also have a comprehensive understanding of the client’s tastes and preferences. 

The right use of photography can tie an entire advertising campaign together. Branding and advertising are all about the first impression and photographs are a great way of grabbing the audience’s attention. You can send 500 emails a day but one stunning advertising photo on Instagram can blow everything else out of the water. 


What is advertising photography?

When you look at an advertisement, what’s the first thing that catches your eye? The image, obviously. The image is what then determines if the viewer will continue to study the advertisement and get more details about the brand. 

Advertising photos are high-quality and eye-catching so that the brand’s message is delivered through customers engaging with the advert. The digital age has introduced effective solutions that can leverage the innate power of photo advertising and display them to wider audiences for additional attention. 

Marketing photography

Benefits of advertising photography

Gets the message across quick

Advertising photography doesn’t have to be complex and time-consuming. You don’t need to add a hundred little hints in the image and have customers solve a puzzle. A simple and easy-on-the-eye image can do a great job sending the message across. If that doesn’t drive it home, just add a couple of lines of text to ensure the message is crystal clear. 


Photos carry branding

Your advertising photographs can be altered to convey the tone and voice of the brand. Consistency breeds familiarity so releasing multiple advertisements with consistent colour tones and similar messages, can help build brand awareness


Viral potential

As advertising photography takes to digital platforms, its potential for going viral has improved. Social media is a potential gold mine for advertising photos; it’s the ideal place to get noticed and build a following for your brand. That said, don’t expect every advertisement photo to go viral overnight. To gain attention you need to post regularly, with good quality content and not spam, leverage influencers in your industry, and one day you might just get lucky.


Inspires purchase decision

As descriptive as words can be, it’s just not enough to persuade people into buying your products. If you really want to advertise, an image can speak a thousand words about your product and even more about your brand. When prospects can actually see what their product may look like or the lifestyle it aims to sell, they may be tempted to buy it. 

Photos for advertising

Inexpensive to shoot

Advertising photography may be expensive, but not as expensive as a video advertisement. Photos can get the job done quickly and can be as impactful as a video. In fact, images are more engaging as they don’t need viewers to commit time to watch them. 

If you’re a business starting out and you don’t have a hefty budget for advertising, go with photography and then work your way up. 


The advertisement photo should invite the audience to know more about your product. Executing a marketing strategy and campaign can be a daunting task, but with a good advertising photographer, you can grab the attention of your targeted customers.

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