Complete guide to architecture photography Everything you need to know about architecture photography


The last decade has seen a revolution in architecture and interior design, as our living and workspaces have evolved to their best forms. Along with this architectural transformation, architecture photography has grown as well. If an architect does their job well, it’s only fair if a photographer can do justice to their work. 


What is architecture photography?

Architecture photography is photography that focuses on buildings or other structures either externally or internally. This photography form can be either for purely artistic pleasures or a career path shooting for big clients such as architecture firms or magazines. 

Architecture is a complex art to capture for even the most expert of photographers since no two structures are alike and shooting from different angles can give completely opposing views. Architectural beauties exist across the globe and architecture photographers do their part in enunciating this beauty to the rest of the world.


Architecture photography


Tips to perfect your architecture photography

1. Know your purpose

The first thing you need to know if you’re planning on getting into architecture photography is that the photos captured for the purpose of selling are different from those captured to appreciate the structure. You need to have clarity about why you’re photographing a building as this can completely alter what features you choose to focus on.


2. Building composition

Unlike regular photography, architecture photographers do not have the power to pose their subjects. This restricts what you can fit into your frame with the equipment you have in hand. If you’re trying to figure out the composition and traditional rules don’t work, simply try a different angle until you’re happy with the outcome. 


3. Befriend the weather

The beauty of architecture photography is that, come rain or storm, buildings will stand strong and proud even against the harshest of weathers. In fact, a common sunny day shot might actually be quite boring. Try to capture a structure when a storm is brewing and you’ll see the true essence of the structure.


4. Maximise on natural lighting

There’s no lighting kit in the world that can help you capture the perfect image of the exteriors of a massive building. Don’t expect to wait around all day for the light to hit the building just right. Sometimes this may work, other times you’ll just waste time waiting. Appreciate what you already have to work with and try to maximise on that. 


Architecture photography ideas


5. Emphasize interesting features

Most architectural wonders are loaded with features that make them interesting. Some buildings may look bland from the outside so you can capture the interiors to show off what makes it stunning. 


6. Read up on the building

Once you’ve chosen the structure you want to capture, spend some time getting to know the history of the building. The building carries significant meaning there could be a way of incorporating some of its personality into your photography. 


7. Don’t worry about distortion

Lens distortion can be a huge issue in architecture photography. Fortunately, in digital photography, this won’t be much of a problem. With editing software like Photoshop, you can easily use the lens correction options to fix any distortion in your image. 


If you enjoy architecture photography enough to pursue a career in it, don’t stop yourself. The field has a high demand and can be truly satisfying for someone with a deep passion for structural marvels. 

Start building your portfolios so that clients can easily have a look online. Your photography may not be perfect now but with a little nudge from our helpful tips, you’ll soon progress through your career in architectural photography. 


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