The complete guide to marketing on Pinterest


The phenomenon of Pinterest

To begin with, let us pay our respects to the idea of Pinterest in the first place. We all know that the main thing about this social media platform is that it is all about pictures. However, unlike Instagram, the resource is not greatly changing its functionality over time. Whereas Instagram is growing its popularity because of adding new functions to its platform, the power of Pinterest is about the images themselves.

They have to be gripping, intriguing, and most importantly, beautiful. Besides, another unusual thing about the pictures on Pinterest is their quantity. It is even hard to begin to imagine a topic which they would have no visuals to accompany.

The images on this platform act as a sort of bookmark. You make your search request, and open the pictures you like the most. Once you open them, you may see that this is the illustration and the link for a certain article. This means that the picture is a sort of bait for the Pinterest users to visit those articles via links.

Thus, we might say that Pinterest is a lot more than just about aesthetics and style. It is a powerful platform for catching attention to get as many people to visit your website as possible.


Why does Pinterest happen to be one of the most popular social media platforms in the world?

As we have already mentioned, Pinterest pictures don’t have to be nice simply to delight your eye and taste, but it is the key thing to get the people to visit your website.

For this reason, the requirements for pictures on Pinterest are high, which also means that most of the images on this platform are really catchy and just stunning, so the users cannot just skip them and keep rolling. You may wonder when you look at them, what is the secret of those pictures; that even a pic of someone’s home office, or the routine in the college library, or a morning smoothie, or anything else that is supposed to be ordinary – why does it all look so fantastic?

And the answer is pretty simple: all the pictures on Pinterest look just great because they are nicely edited. But, of course, you cannot make your pictures look gorgeous with just any editing program. It has to be something exquisite, created specifically for the pictures and videos to look great in this special way. When even the most ordinary things look great and even “juicy”, then you cannot help yourself, but open them and finally visit the website attached, and get familiar with the product.


Pinterest image 1 Pinterest image 2 Pinterest image 3








There are many options for photo editing – which mostly involve doing it yourself. But for everyone else looking to turn their photo or video into a masterpiece, there are professionals available to do it for you. Splento, the only photo and video service you will ever need, offer all the possible functions and options you can imagine for editing. First-class professional editing services and a guaranteed delivery time – 48 hours or less. All this and fixed prices that suit every budget.

Another important thing about the pictures on Pinterest is, of course, that they still have to be both valuable and intriguing, creative, and have this special atmosphere about them, which people just won’t be able to ignore. Take a look at these pictures of the Halloween and Christmas decorations. First of all, we have to stress the abundance of images that almost no other resource can offer. The offered imagery is something you literally will never be able to forget because it is so unique and creative that you will hardly ever find anything similar.

Pinterest image 4a Pinterest image 5a Pinterest image 7a






How does Pinterest work for business?

Now let us talk a little about the advantages of Pinterest in terms of business. The thing here is that even though this platform works great for business, it is quite often extremely underrated. People usually prefer to follow more traditional ways for advertising campaigns, so they go to Facebook and Instagram to promote their products and then, amongst other things, face many challenges due to the tremendous pressure and competition on those platforms.

Besides, there is also a chance that the product won’t even catch at all. Of course, this is far from the best scenario you can think of, whereas Pinterest can actually perform a miracle for your business. All because the thing people visit Pinterest for, in the first place, is an inspiration.

For example, let us imagine planning a backyard party and looking for extraordinary ways to decorate the garden area. You may open Pinterest to look up some ideas and find inspiring options there. When following a picture linked to a website, users suddenly find themselves on online shopping pages with many interesting options for garden decorations. It is quite possible that they may like something there and immediately order it. And this is the power of Pinterest.

So what makes Pinterest different from all other social media platforms is that whereas Pinterest is all about the ideas and inspiration that people share and even find comfort and motivation in, other big social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, are mostly about communicating. Of course, they have a usefulness for business – they may work great in promotion, yet your approach needs to be a lot different.


The most successful marketing strategies to use with Pinterest

Pinterest is a one-stop-shop option that makes your promotion campaign mind-blowingly successful and brings you clients in the shortest time. It is great to be used in combination with other platforms to strengthen the impression of your product or service.

So try to involve Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and other resources too – and make their effects double by using backlinks, which will get even more people to visit your website. It can be a challenge to find a trustworthy backlink service, let alone to create them on your own, so there are services which can benefit you, such as Linksmanagement.com for your content distribution that has never let any of its clients down.

We significantly hope that now you are thinking more positively about using the Pinterest platform for your advertising campaigns and your product will quickly win a huge audience and earn a great reputation.

As with all online promotion, visual content is key, and on Pinterest even more so. It is a visual platform and attracts visual users – so make sure that all your content is premium quality before posting it there.

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