The best photography portfolio ideas for students


How do you convince potential clients to work with you? The best way to do this is to show them your work. That is, give them a link to your photography portfolio.

A portfolio is the first thing to consider if you are a beginner photographer. Once you have at least one photograph to be proud of, you can already start building a gallery of your masterpieces.

If you’re an experienced photographer, you probably already have a photography portfolio. In that case, always keep it in mind and update it constantly. A photography portfolio should not sit idle for months. It’s a web document that is continuously changing, supplemented with your best work.

But if you want to become an experienced photographer and learn how to take professional photos and add them to your portfolio, you need a knowledge base. Before leveling up your skills, it doesn’t hurt to start with theoretical practice. The StudoCu resource gives you access to thousands of student materials that might be helpful in your endeavors.


Add your best photography to the portfolio

It seems like a given, but if you haven’t updated your photography portfolio in a long time, you may find that the best photography in your portfolio is no longer your best photography. You’re gaining skills and experience day by day, so the photography you were once proud of may no longer be as impressive.

Don’t forget about your photography portfolio. Update it constantly. Every few months, review it for irrelevant photography examples. When you finish working on a new order, consider whether it deserves a place in your portfolio.


Show how you have solved tasks of a client in your photography portfolio

Have you just mastered another skill in product photography? Or perhaps your photography solved a customer’s problem?

All of these achievements may well be a selling point for you, but only if they become known. So in your photography portfolio, show examples of solved problems, demonstrate the skills you’ve acquired and talk about them.


Portfolio of photographs


Add descriptions to the photos in your portfolio

Your portfolio can be filled with great photography examples. Even so, you never know if your visitors will get the message you put into a particular photograph.

Add a description to the examples of your work. This will help show the behind-the-scenes work and explain why your photography is so important and exciting. You can also use these descriptions to showcase your skills. You might even collaborate with an essay writing service to craft compelling, professional descriptions that truly highlight your work. For example, you can make a section devoted to conference photos in the portfolio. You have mastered this skill, and now your potential customers know about it.

For example, you can make a section devoted to conference photos in the portfolio. You have mastered this skill, and now your potential customers know about it.


Add contact information to your photography portfolio

Ideally, potential clients should come to your website or blog from which they will then find your portfolio. And as long as your website contains your contact information, they will know how to find you. Except that the world isn’t perfect.

Often visitors will arrive straight on your photography portfolio page. For example, if a blogger refers directly to the portfolio, or a satisfied client gives a link to a colleague. Your portfolio should also contain feedback information, including links to social network accounts.


Add your logo to your photography portfolio

A logo is a critical element if you’ve taken on the task of designing your photography portfolio. It should be on every page of your photography portfolio, as should your contact information. 

Remember, however, that your main goal is to showcase your work, so if you have a logo, it shouldn’t take up the main space.


Photography Portfolio


Add awards and diplomas to your photography portfolio

A photography portfolio should include your achievements, which will only encourage clients to want to hire you even more. First and foremost, of course, is your work.

However, this is something that many photographers forget. These are awards and diplomas that you received at competitions or after training. They can be a deciding factor when choosing between you and your competitor.

Information about your achievements can be placed directly in your photography portfolio. If the list of awards and diplomas is long, make a separate page with a link from the portfolio.


Add a short bio to your photography portfolio

People like to understand who they’re dealing with. Your potential clients are no exception, and that’s why a short story about yourself can help sell your services.

You don’t have to tell your full life story. Just write a few sentences about who you are and why your photography work is special.



After creating a photography portfolio, don’t neglect its promotion. There are many free ways to share on the Web. There are also special websites to create a portfolio and using them can benefit you. Additionally, these websites usually have a lot of visitors to whom you can show your portfolio.

In general, it would be great to put your photography portfolio on your own website, where you have complete control over it. It makes sense to share your best work on websites where your colleagues and potential customers gather.

Photographic Portfolio

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