5 proven steps to hire the best corporate event photographer How to hire a good event photographer


If you feel like you have got everything planned for your company’s big corporate event, but you do not have an event photographer, then you are missing a very important step! 

It would almost be wasteful to put so much time and energy into the planning of your corporate event’s setting and presentation and then not have any event photographs to show for it and use in your marketing strategy afterwards. 

If you are now wondering ‘how to hire a corporate event photographer near me?’ then worry no more – we will answer that and all your other questions below! 

Read on for 5 simple tips on hiring a good corporate event photographer: 

    • Set a budget 
    • Build a vision 
    • Check out their portfolio 
    • Ask the right questions 
    • Discuss their turnaround time 


How to hire an event photographer for my event

How to hire a good corporate event photographer 

1. Set a budget 

If you have already done most of the planning for your corporate event, you likely have a good understanding of your current expenditure. Before you begin looking for your corporate event photographer, look back over your spending and calculate what you can afford to spend on an event photographer. 

Splento offers the perfect event photography package for your corporate needs – at a flat fee of just £99 an hour.

2. Build a vision 

We recommend putting together a mood board of event photography styles that you like, and feel would complement the marketing strategy of your corporate event. An easy platform to use is social media giant Pinterest, as it allows you to browse photos of corporate events and pin them to your board, so you have them all in one place to show your event photographer.

3. Check out their portfolio 

To determine whether a corporate event photographer’s work has the look you would like to achieve, be sure to check out their portfolio. They are likely to have their own portfolio web page that you can look through to decide whether they would be an appropriate fit, but you may also find them on Instagram. 


Event photographers near me


4. Ask the right questions 

Before you go ahead and book the corporate event photographer for your big day there are a few questions that you are going to want to ask them. These include: 

    • Do you have a reference I can look at? 
    • Do you have insurance? 
    • What is included in your event photography package? 
    • Have you worked at this venue previously? 

For more potential discussion points check out this guide on 10 questions to ask your event photo team.

5. Discuss their turnaround time

Before the event takes place, you should ensure that you know when you are going to receive your photos. You should be looking for a turnaround time of a day (or 2 days at a push!) so that your corporate event attendees are not waiting an unreasonable amount of time to see them on all your socials. Do not let your event photographer interfere with your marketing schedule through long delivery times. 


Splento’s event photography turnaround time is just 24 hours. With Splento you are guaranteed to receive your expertly retouched photos within this 24-hour time frame. 

So, that is what to know when hiring a corporate event photographer/ hiring a photographer for a large event. Use these 5 proven steps and you will find your event photography should go efficiently and you will end up with some terrific photos as a result.

If you are interested in finding out more about Splento’s corporate event photography, then feel free to check out their cost-effective event photography package.


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