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Dear Splento photographers, videographers, service providers, PROs. We’ve called you many names, but from now I’ll call you Splento Associates, as we are in it together and without you – Splento wouldn’t be Splento!

As you know, for us – customer satisfaction is key. We measure it by TrustPilot reviews: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.splento.com

Our London based photographer, Charlie, has suggested an idea that we reward photographers after they get 10 five-star TrustPilot reviews in a row mentioning them (i.e. no complaints and unsatisfactory reviews in the meantime).

I said it’s going to be difficult – as on average only 5% of clients leave reviews on TrustPilot and even smaller number mention a specific photographer, so it’s going to take forever to get those reviews and photographers will lose track and interest.

I was wrong – Charlie did it! We have 10 five-star reviews on TrustPilot mentioning him since we had that bet less than two months ago.

Splento has just paid Charlie £50 as a reward.

And as a consequence of this bet, we are implementing a new policy:

Splento will pay our photographers £50 for 10 five-star reviews in a row on TrustPilot mentioning that particular photographer.

As Charlie said, it’s not about the money – the reviews on their own motivate me so much to always want to improve and do better in order to offer the client the ultimate experience.

Please keep up this great work!

With love, hugs and communist kisses,

Yours truly,


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