Splento has just been nominated as a key UK travel industry innovator As the new year begins, thoughts are once again turning to future travel plans


Lifney.com – the travel guide people – are in the business of offering travel insights and tips to make your travelling experience truly memorable.

We are happy to say that they have just picked Splento as one of the top UK companies that have helped to innovate the travel industry.

While we all know that travel has been almost impossible for most during the past year, now that 2021 has begun, and an end to the global problems starts to appear in the distance, thoughts are once again turning to travel plans for later in the year and on into 2022.

Up until the beginning of 2020, Splento were at the forefront of travel and leisure/sports photography, with innovative features and superfast guaranteed services.

As the travel industry begins to find its feet again – and we all know it will be a slow, cautious process – at Splento we are looking forward to playing our part in helping it recover.

Whether it is stunning photography for travel companies from around the globe, or whether you want to create personal, family memories – when you are finally able to have that next special holiday.

Splento has photographers and videographers on the ground wherever you are – and wherever you plan to go.

So when you are finally able to make that trip – and for everyone, the first one is going to be extra special – consider creating some extra special memories to keep – with Splento.

For more information on our tourism services, take a trip to Splento.com.

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