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Anyone who’s been on the internet can agree that videos are the most eye-catching format of consumer content. So plenty of businesses are adopting video marketing into their toolkit in order to reach out to a wider consumer base. 

Businesses often employ the help of professional video production companies to help them market their products with videos. This means outsourcing the whole process of video making from actually filming the video all the way to post-production editing.

If you’re a company fighting to stand out, your video can’t just have a good message; it has to look great as well. This can be done by editing your video to enhance its visual appeal. Nobody is going to watch your video if it is edited in a poor manner. 

There’s a lot of creative ways to edit your video to make the final output fit your vision and the options only seem to grow year by year. Let’s take a look at the top trends in video editing to watch out for in 2021.


Video editing trends to follow in 2021

Mobile editing

You may no longer always need some fancy software on your desktop to edit your video productions. There are a number of video editing applications available on smartphones which allow small-scale videographers to complete their post-production without any expensive software and equipment. So when you’re working on low-budget projects, there’s still a way to produce quality video content without incurring large expenses. The quality is not up to par of the professionals, perhaps,  but this will get you by.


Social media editing

For a lot of companies as well as individuals out there, sharing video content on social media has become the sole reason for creating them. Sharing videos on platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, open up more opportunities for them to go viral and gain a wider reach. 

There are plenty of filters and editing options on social media platforms so that you can edit your video and directly post it on your page. With the ability to combine video, images and text into the same post, integrating video post-production with social media will become one of the most effective editing trends.

There are a host of online video creation tools available for social media and other platforms. One that we particularly like is Clipchamp, which allows you to create for specific platforms (such as Instagram and YouTube, for example) using their simple and intuitive creative software, which offers a wide range of professional tools.


Motion graphics templates

Motion graphics templates are video elements that have been pre-designed for your ready use. Simply download a template, import it and use it for your own video productions. Motion graphics templates act as a short-cut to video editing by saving the time and effort that would otherwise be spent on mundane video-editing activities. There are hundreds of templates available online to choose from if you ever find yourself short on post-production time.


Virtual reality editing on social media

With social media platforms battling it out on the internet to become the best, a lot of advancements are expected in the near future. One such feature is currently being worked on by Facebook – Surround360 – to produce, edit and publish virtual reality videos directly onto the social media platforms. This is only the start of the integration of VR and social media, there’s plenty more to follow. 


Some of these techniques are easily accessible to novice videographers as well, so if you’re starting out your video journey, why not try a few of these editing trends? You may not be a professional videographer, but that won’t stop you from editing your videos to a professional level. 

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