Sell your company culture to potential employees How to use visuals to promote your company’s culture


Did you know that 80% of people listed the people and environment as one of their top five priorities when looking for a job?

When it comes to advertising your business, it isn’t just important to boost product visibility but also to promote your company’s brand and culture. That can be, for example, advertising great events within the company, charity drives, or even just a comfortable place for employees to work.

By selling your company to your future employees as the perfect way to work, you’re persuading the best and more innovative minds to choose your company out of the ocean of businesses trying to swallow them up.

Interested? Read on, as we explore:

    • How you can promote your company culture
    • What events you can hold to entice potential staff
    • Your company’s branding and visuals


Selling your work environment


How to build your culture

The first step in selling your company to new employees is, of course, to actually have a culture.

How you choose to build this is entirely up to you, and will likely vary depending on the type of business you run. For example, Google’s company culture is heavily linked to employee engagement, with 86% of employees saying that they’re satisfied with their job. To attract potential employees and keep morale increased, Google utilises fun perks to the extent where Hollywood even produced a film about them in The Internship.

This model has proved itself to be so effective that more and more companies are embracing new perks and developed cultures to the point where they’ve begun to use this to sell their brand online. A great example of this is Blizzard Entertainment, a AAA game developer who not only features a campus and reward scheme but frequently posts about their events and work on social media such as Instagram. By advertising their culture, Blizzard is not only able to showcase the many different events they have on offer but can inspire fans and students to work hard to earn a place at such an interesting company.

With this in mind, you’ll want to create the right culture to create the same effect for your industry. The question is, how can you make your company stand out?

Events are always the best place to start. It doesn’t have to be anything big – maybe even just a monthly get together for staff members to mingle and enjoy a nice evening meal without the influence of work. Remember to embrace holidays too, creating the right theme and mood for the year to keep spirits high.

Charity drive events are also fantastic ways to bring your employees together for a good cause. These are also a great way to bring the community into the picture, encouraging donations or even participation while boosting your brand’s name. Charity events are fantastic at attracting the types of people your employees would love to be around – people with kind hearts and a will to work.

Or maybe you even want to take the big step and offer perks to your employees for their time working with you. Small trinkets such as company mugs or gift cards when staff members reach a new milestone in their employment can make them feel valued, boosting morale and give your employees a willingness to strive. This also gives any potential employees another reason to look forward to working for your company and a reason to choose your company over the competition.

Even something as little as showing your company headshots online helps develop the rapport between the existing company and potential employees.


Company branding and visuals

Your company’s branding is a key aspect of selling your company to new employees. Beyond looking for an interesting and fun place to work, many people expect their company to be professional and successful. If you have an uninspired logo or company name, for example, job seekers will likely shun you off as a small company with no future or scope. Of course, this most likely isn’t the case.

To get your branding past this first hurdle of prejudice, give yourself a memorable company name and invest in an eye-catching logo to stand out amongst the competition. A memorable name keeps you at the forefront of someone’s mind, and when they’re trying to think about a product, you could very well be the first business that comes to mind. Likewise, a good eye-catching logo ensures that you stand out against all others in the sea of companies.

By focusing on your logo and company name, perhaps even a slogan, your company become memorable and to many people, worth talking about. Say you decided to go ahead with that charity event, more people will recall you and bring your event up in conversation, bolstering your culture.

If you want to find out more on how to get a great logo, check out the top logo design trends for 2021.


Company marketing


How to advertise your company’s culture

So let’s assume you’ve decided what exactly you’re going to do to build your new company’s culture. The next question is, how are you going to sell it?

Taking photos and videos of your business, work and events are excellent ways to capture your company in action. Photos of your campus can sell your business location and working atmosphere. Videos of your work behind the scenes can show potential employees how your current staff achieves the great work they do. You can even put clips and photos of your events on social media, boosting the number of people who see your culture as people are free to comment, like and share.

If you’re interested in seeing how your company can be videoed and photographed, why not take a look at our gallery? There you can find examples of conferences and events among other things. 


As you might have now realised, company culture is a great way to promote not just your branding and products but to promote your company as a great place to work. In turn, customers will feel more connected to your company and more likely to purchase from you, while job seekers and students might strive to earn a spot at your company above anyone else’s.

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