How to Set Your Prices as a Professional Photographer 5 Key Factors for Efficient Event Photography Pricing


We recognise that it can be difficult to gauge the going rate when you are just starting out as a photographer – the world of event photography pricing can be a real minefield! Because photography is an art form, as well as a profession, professional event photography pricing is rarely discussed in creative circles. 

This event photography pricing guide will help you to consider the 5 key factors that should influence your photography pricing calculation and know what to charge.

Professional event photography prices, on the face of it, vary from person to person quite significantly and can make this task look daunting at first. Follow this guide, note your expenses in each section (they will be different for everybody) and you will then be able to calculate what is the correct figure for your own event photography pricing.


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Event Photography Prices Tips: 5 Key Factors

1. Cost of Labour 

It can be easy when you turn a passion project into work (as many photographers often do) to not view what you are doing as actual work. We are here to tell you that your work as a photographer (whether that be event photography or otherwise) is work. Make sure that what you are charging is a suitable hourly wage, by calculating the amount of time you spend as a professional on the job.

Splento Top Tip: Do not undersell yourself!


2. Cost of Materials 

It goes without saying that you need to ensure your income is more than your outgoings to make a profit from your event photography services. So don’t let the materials you use come out of your own pocket.

Materials associated with your photography services might include postage and packaging for print images and the costs associated with printing itself if this is the path you and your clients choose to go down.

Also, you need to consider the ‘hidden’ costs – those not directly related to a particular booking. Capital investment in equipment and its ongoing maintenance, premises, professional insurances (public liability, income protection etc). You should have a sum in mind each year to cover these expenses.


3. Cost of Marketing

You also must consider any potential marketing/ advertising costs. If you are just starting out offering your event photography services it is quite likely you will need to spread the word and sell yourself in order to attract a client base.

 We have discussed both photo and video advertising techniques on the blog previously if this is something you would be interested in checking out.


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4. Cost of Travel 

If you have to travel a considerable distance to photograph an event, then you must consider including your travel costs in your event photography package so that once again this does not come out of your own pocket. 

It is sensible to consider how far you are willing to travel for your event photography business, and if there is a limit to this, then include your travel radius in your advertising. You don’t want to be spending all your income on petrol!


5. Selling Print vs Digital 

If you are selling your photography services as a package it is important to consider whether you will be selling the photos digitally or in print. 

Selling digitally significantly reduces your costs because you do not have to pay for the printing, packaging, and shipping like you do with physical prints. 

It is, however, most common to at least offer photographs both digitally and in print so that your client can use their event images for their numerous marketing needs. 

Regardless of whether you do sell your photos in print, digitally, or both, photo editing should be included in the price to maximise your sales. 

For instance, Splento’s event photography pricing always includes photo editing, and these photos are delivered to an online gallery within 24 hours.

By working out the costs of these 5 key factors we have broken down, and by looking at the prices being charged by your competitors, you should now be able to calculate the best pricing for your professional photography. You have created, in essence, your own photography pricing calculator, not only for events, but also for any other type of photography that you do professionally.

To find out more about average professional event photography pricing, check out our article on event photography pricing.


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