How to script videos for Social Media in 4 steps How and why you should script your content


Videos are an integral part of your social media marketing campaigns and a source of engagement – but only if done the right way. There are millions of active users on Facebook and Instagram, who are consuming lots of content daily. Hence, your video content must be appealing enough for a person to stop scrolling and watch your content. 


Video Marketing Statistics 

The importance of videos on social media is inescapable. Let’s have a look at a few stats to know better about the importance of video content: 

    • 54% of consumers like to see video content from a brand they support 
    • 72% of video marketing is used to raise brand awareness.
    • 87% of marketers believe in the power of videos for marketing 
    • 66% annual boost in leads is via video marketing 
    • 93% of marketers got a new customer because of a video on social media
    • 4% of people were convinced to download a software/ app after watching their videos 

The above-mentioned stats indicate that there is a huge impact of video content on social media. If you are into digital marketing and looking for ways to improve your video content, this article covers 4 easy and well-explained steps through which you can script videos for social media. 


The power of video as a marketing channel

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Outline Your Goals

The first step is to plan what you want to convey through your videos. Rather than diving straight into making content, you first need to sort your goals and objectives. A few questions can help you get a better idea: 

    • Why are we creating this video? 
    • What would the view gain after watching this video?  
    • Who would be the audience of this video? 
    • Are we providing valuable content? 

Once you have the answer to these questions, you have much more clarity and can take it up from there. You can then focus on your basics and how you want to put your ideas into a vision. 


After you have a storyline of your video content, you should think of the details and how to make it engaging for the audience. You must ensure that your video is a breath of fresh air for the audience. If you kept copying things from others, there would be no organic appeal.

 A few of the ideas are mentioned below: 

  • Hook From the Start 

Usually, people scroll down if they don’t find your video interesting from the beginning, which is why you must keep them hooked from the start. Start your video with an appealing visual or text. You can use a Buzzfeed-style heading to grab the attention of the audience. 

You can either use an attention-grabbing visual or a headline to keep the audience engaged. 

  • Give Your Most Valuable Information/ Visual At The Beginning

Another way to keep your engagement rate higher with video content is to give your interesting information in the beginning, so the audience stays focused. No one has the time to wait long for the interesting part; hence you need to keep your video small and valuable. 

  • Focus On One Message 

Don’t try to put a lot of information into one video as it can confuse the viewer. Try to think of the storyline and just focus on a single thing and plan your animation, script, and data around it.

  • Design For Sound Off 

Another thing that you must keep in mind before creating your video content is to design it for sound off. Too often, people are watching videos in public places and prefer to keep the volume low or even silent. 

Whether inside an office, on public transport or simply somewhere where they cannot turn the volume up, 85% of Facebook videos are played without sound. Hence you must add captions or make it textual so people can enjoy the video without sound as well.

Scripting videos for social media



Call-to-action is when you ask your viewers to make an action, such as click on the website link, comment, or watch another video. This is how you make your video interactive and engage your audience. A call-to-action button is often available on social media channels before you post your content. 

You can add a link to another video with relevant information or simply link it to your e-store, so if the person wants to buy the product, they are watching the video of, they can instantly do it. Think like a viewer and keep your video’s content in a way that the viewer wouldn’t immediately scroll down, but rather stay connected with your video even after watching it. 

You can also do giveaways or contests by making the users comment on your video or by sharing it. This way, you are asking your viewers to comment, and hence the reach improves with better engagement.


Taking feedback always helps you improve your content and get a fresh perspective. After writing your video’s script, you must get feedback from your team or those with experience. It helps you improve your content from a third person’s perspective and helps you identify the issues. 

Taking feedback also helps you with any grammatical mistakes as well. There are multiple pros of getting feedback as it helps you strengthen your content. You can also take help from guides on the internet to improve your script. 

Remember, the better your scripts, the more powerful your content turns out. Content is powerful only if you do it the right way, and it is important to execute your ideas into visually appealing videos to take maximum benefit. 



Summing up the article, I would like to emphasise planning ahead. In this fast-paced world, you need to be ahead of time to succeed in your strategies. The more effort you put into your work, the better results you will gain. Social media is booming, and the masses are hooked to it, which gives businesses an amazing opportunity to market their products. 

Having a strong strategy and a team that can work towards creating authentic and genuine content can help you succeed in no time. You must focus on developing a strong strategy to ace your video content for social media.

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