How to ask an event photographer for prices and a discount Event photographer prices and how to get the best deal


So, you have found a potential event photographer that you want to work with for your big upcoming event but are unsure how to navigate asking for the event photographer’s prices? 

Event photographers’ prices can vary quite significantly so it is understandable if you require a little guidance when you reach the part of the process of booking an event photographer. Some event photographers do visibly disclose their pricing on their website, but there are a few more simple steps involved if they don’t, and you must therefore take the lead and inquire yourself.

If you are unsure how to ask an event photographer for their event photography prices do not worry! This article will provide you with guidance on: 

    • How to ask the price of an event photographer – through message, Instagram DM, or call
    • How to ask your event photographer for a discount


How to ask the price of an event photographer 

It is really up to you how you choose to contact an event photographer once you have found one that you believe to be a perfect fit for your event. You might wish to call, message (text or WhatsApp), or DM your event photographer on Instagram. Alternatively, you could find their address on their portfolio and pop in and see them in person if you perceive this to be an option. Meeting in person from the beginning can certainly give you an immediate assessment of your event photographer’s character. Yet, you can still get all your questions and price queries answered via direct message or call. 

Here are a few sample conversations to guide you in what to ask a photographer:

How to call an event photographer

‘Hey (event photographer’s name), 

How are you? I am (your name)

I have a (event type) booked and have been looking for an event photographer to take some photos for me. It is on (date of event), is there any chance we can discuss your availability and pricing? I have seen your portfolio and think that you would be a great fit.’

How to message an event photographer 

‘Hello (event photographer’s name), 

I am (your name) and I have a (event type) booked on (event date). I am looking for an event photographer to take some photos for me and stumbled across your portfolio. I think you would be a great fit! Is there any chance we can discuss your availability and pricing?’ 

How to DM a photographer on Instagram

You can follow the same message format for an Instagram DM as a text message, but you do not need to explain where you got their social media details from like you do a text message, because it is most likely that you have found them through casual scrolling.

Once you have had a chat with the event photographer and they have given you a quote, thank them for their time and have a think about the deal you have just been offered.


Event photographer discount


How to ask your event photographer for a discount

If you find that the price is coming up near the top of your event budget, but you are still very enthusiastic that this particular event photographer is the perfect fit for your event, you can potentially save yourself a bit of money by asking them if they currently have any discounts or promotions running. 

It’s never a problem to ask – so be confident (not apologetic); explain that you really would like to work with them, but you have a limit on your budget and could you explore ways together to make it work for both of you.

Approaching this way achieves two things. First, you are not demanding a discount without reason and second, by suggesting to work together on the problem, you are letting them know that you understand there is room for some give and take on both sides. In other words, you are asking for a reduced price, but are showing that you may be happy to compromise on an aspect of the service in exchange. This not only shows respect to the professional (a much better way to start negotiations) but it gives them the flexibility to then make a suggestion that suits you both (ie. maybe fewer edited photos, slower delivery time, or something else that works for them as well).

Conversely, simply asking for a discount because you want one shows a lack of respect and is more likely to lead to rejection.

Finally, although it’s not a problem to ask, it’s also not a problem if the photographer says no. So if that’s what you get, then the best answer is “No harm in asking – thanks for listening” and then decide if you can shift your budget around. This is their professional work and they have a minimum value they attach to it. 


We hope that our guide on how to ask your event photographer for their prices (and a discount!) proves useful to you.

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