Everything you need to know about video branding The importance of video in building your brand


The most important element of a business is its brand – the reputation it holds and the faith entrusted in it. It’s often challenging to build your brand and even when you do, the benefits aren’t immediately tangible. So many marketers write it off as a lower priority project – and that’s their biggest mistake. 

Branding is vital to keep a business in business! You must have come across companies that go above and beyond their actual business operations. They’re seen as insightful, funny, or genuine because that’s the brand reputation they have made for themselves.

Now, with the help of video, you can create a memorable brand too. 


Video as a brand-building tool

Video branding is the marketing technique of sharing your brand message in a distinctive and memorable way using video. Building your brand from scratch can be tough, but there’s no better way to get the message across to a wide population than through video. 

Branded videos can improve overall brand awareness and help maintain a consistent brand tone throughout a marketing campaign. Something as simple as the brand colours or even the brand ambassador in the videos can be immediately recognizable in the minds of the viewers. 


Video style in brand videos 

The style of brand videos is an important aspect to pay attention to, as this is what determines whether the video makes a mark on the viewer’s mind. Here are some important factors to consider when deciding your brand’s video style:


The tone of the video decides how the audience is supposed to feel once they’ve watched it. As a business, you’re going to need to set a consistent tone so that different videos of the same product don’t evoke different sentiments. Do you want your videos to be fun, informative, or emotional?


The best way to plant your brand in the viewer’s mind is to stick to your brand colours in your videos. This helps viewers immediately recognise your brand when they walk into the store or even when they see someone using it. It’s a great way to constantly remind consumers of your presence. 

Logo placement

Using the company logo in the video is a must to improve brand recognition. What you need to decide is the logo placement. Should it make a significant appearance at the start or end of the video? Or should it be placed in a corner throughout the span of the video?

Distribution platform

Once the videos are ready to release, where will you be distributing it? Your videos can go on all your social media platforms, but some social media sites require different forms of content. So a brand campaign can choose specific distribution channels and stick to them so that their viewers can follow the campaign from start to finish. 


Have you ever had a song stuck in your head because you watched an advertisement? That’s the power of music and you might want to use this to make your brand easily recognizable. 



When you create brand videos ensure that the video content does not contradict your other forms of content. Branding is all about putting up a united front so there is no margin for contrast. 

Video marketing can be your best shot at brand building if you use it strategically and maintain a consistent campaign, rather than going for traditional advertising. You’ll see soon enough how your brand videos gain momentum along the way. 

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