How to choose the best music background for your video Control your narrative with music


The best part of using video over photographs is the former allows you to dictate the mood by adding the element of music. This is why the choice of music can be a very important decision. The wrong choice can completely change the message of the video and convey the wrong sentiment to the viewers. 

So how does one go about such an important decision? There are plenty of factors to consider before choosing music for your video. But we’ve put together the top tips to help you pick the right track.


Choosing the best background music for your video

1. Understand the purpose of the music

The first thing to do is ask yourself what role you want music to play in your video. Should music control or support the narrative? Whether you’re looking to entertain or inform, there’s music for every mood, so decide what mood you want to set before choosing your video. You don’t want to end up playing pop songs in a funeral setting unless of course, you’re going for a surreal, whacky vibe. 


2. Select the right genre

Always narrow down your options to a genre so that your decision becomes easier. Different genres elicit varying emotions so you can first decide what kind of emotional reaction you expect from your viewers and then choose a fitting genre. For example, hip hop sets an edgy, fast-paced mood while acoustic songs are for a more melancholic setting.


3. Legally acquire the music

There are plenty of sources to find music for your video but before you use it, make sure your choice of music is legal for you to use. If you find the perfect song for your video, you can reach out to the artist for permission to use it. If you don’t want to go through all that trouble, look for royalty-free music for your video.


4. Feel free to repeat music

If the music you find for your video isn’t long enough to cover the whole span of the video, you may be faced with the dilemma of running it in a loop or selecting another song to cover the rest. If the music isn’t overpowering the scene and drawing a lot of attention, feel free to use it on a loop instead of putting yourself through the ordeal of finding another song. 


5. Vocal or instrumentals

It’s a tough choice to decide between vocal or instrumental music and ultimately comes down to how you want the scene to play out. While making this choice, it’s key to not allow the music to overpower your video. If someone is talking in the background it’s best not to draw attention away from the script with strong vocals. A soft instrumental can go a long way in setting the tone and yet maintaining the audience’s focus on the primary subject. 


Remember to set a budget before you set out to choose your background music. You can use free music or even create your own composition depending on your video’s requirements. Don’t just jump on the first harmony train that comes your way; explore your options and then decide on music that you believe is right for your video. 

Music plays an integral role in videos and can be such a powerful element in moving the audience. If you choose just the right music, some of your viewers will be humming it for days, having your film stuck in their head along with the song. 


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