Top female angel investors in Europe


In the world of startups, entrepreneurs and investors, there are many who come and go – some make their mark on the world, others do not.

Here is a celebratory list of some of the top female angel investors in Europe who have most definitely made their mark, and continue to do so. They have either created, invested in, or contributed in some other way, to businesses that touch all of our lives in one way or another.

This list is, of course, not exhaustive, but it does represent a small percentage of the many creative and brilliant women who are all making a difference for the rest of us.

You can find more information – and more winning women in this album – check it out today!

Ellie Asgari – UK

In addition to her medical career as a Consultant Nephrologist for Guy’s and St Thomas’ ​NHS Foundation Trust, Ellie Asgari is an angel investor in the areas of health tech and sustainability. Asgari has invested in: Fungi Alert, a disease management device designed to offer detection of plant pathogens, Good Life Sorted, an online platform intended to help the ageing population to live independently at home, and ImproveWell, an app designed to democratise quality improvement across the NHS.

Ebi Atawodi  – The Netherlands

Ebi Atawoodi is currently leading the EMEA payments team at Netflix, and previously worked as the Head of Product leading the Amsterdam Product team and Financial Products at Uber. She brings this expertise to her work as an angel investor with Operator Exchange and Origin. Atawoodi has invested in Origin, Memri, and Shackle.

Gloria Baeuerlein – Germany

Gloria Baeuerlein is a Berlin-based startup operator and angel investor. She is the COO of Back, as well as investing in other companies. Baeuerlein invests in the B2B SaaS, Digital Health, FinTech sectors. She has invested in Sofia Salud, Datapeople, Pigment, Planetly, Soda, Fiberplane, Quine, Tagr, Remi, and Exakt Health.

Vera Elizabeth Baker – France

Vera Baker is a Paris-based entrepreneur, operator, and investor pushing for diversity in the European tech ecosystem. Baker is an angel investor for Atomico and works directly with budding startups as a Director at the Founders Institute, Paris Chapter. Baker also mentors underrepresented founders in the Unconventional Accelerator in the Nordics and the Colors Accelerator in Paris. Baker’s favoured areas of investment are Sustainable solutions, future of food, future of work and broadening access to care.

Chantal Baudron – France

Chantal Boudron is the CEO of Chantal Baudron SAS, an executive search firm which she founded. In addition to this role, Baudron is an active business angel investor. Baudron has invested in a range of startup companies such as Flease, a company providing a flexible long-term rental service to VSEs and SMEs, and Singulart, the digital space for bringing transparency and equity to the art market.

Aurore Belfrage – Sweden

Aurore Belfrage is a prominent Swedish tech investor, who is passionate about geopolitics, climate change, sustainability, and impact investing. According to Belfrage, it has never been more exciting to build tech as we digitalise and transform to a fossil-free economy. Belfrage is a founding member of BCB Ventures, a Stockholm advisory firm, which has these values at heart. BCB Ventures has invested in companies such as Tangy Market, a marketplace that lets anyone invest in and share songs from the music industry, Eat Grim, a platform for surplus fruit and veg that doesn’t meet supermarket aesthetic standards, and Equality Check, a community-based platform of reviews about equality and diversity in the workplace.

Saloni Bhojwani  – UK

Saloni Bhojwani is a UK-based investor who invests with Founders Factory, a global corporate-

backed venture studio, and accelerator. Bhojwani also invests with VCs Alma Angels, and Parla. Bhojwani has a diverse investment portfolio, investing in the areas of gender data gap, FemTech, consumer, and B2B SaaS. Notably, she has invested in wild.AI, Parla, Rubies in the Rubble, ScaleXP, and MPowder.

Emma Blackburn – UK

Emma Blackburn is a UK-based angel investor, bringing 20 years of finance experience to her roles. Blackburn is the CFO of Ascension Ventures, an early-stage VC designed to launch tech and impact founders; supporting UK businesses from Seed to Series A. Blackburn is also a Venture Partner at 7BC Venture Capital, which invests in AI, FinTech, and software technologies. Blackburn has invested in businesses such as Lick Home, Monolith AI, Mobilus Labs, Spoke World, Sxollie, and more.

Paola Bonomo – Italy

Paola Bonomo is a Senior executive and Non-Executive Director in Technology, Media and Telecommunications, and was named one of the 50 most inspiring women in European Tech in 2015 and 2016. She brings this impressive experience to her investments in Breadcrumbs.io, Clearbox.ai, Xingu.tech, and Conio.

Christina Caljé– The Netherlands

Christina Caljé is the co-founder of Autheos, a marketing technology platform that uses artificial intelligence to personalise the consumer’s video experience. As well as founding a startup, Caljé is a prolific angel investor, informed by her own entrepreneurial experience in the finance and tech sectors. Her preferred areas of investment are eCommerce, FinTech, AdTech, and AI-based systems. Caljé has invested in Unless, Isthmuus, Beazy, Odin, and Pipe.

Yenny Cheung – Germany

Yenny Cheung is a Berlin-based investor, in addition to being the Engineering Manager at Rasa. Yenny is an angel investor with Alma Angels, a community of angel investors who are passionate about actively investing in and supporting ambitious female founders, building companies with global scale. Cheung’s preferred investment sectors are European startups, Open Source, AI, SaaS, AdTech, and FinTech.

Anika Chojnacka – Poland

Anika Chojnacka is a standout investor in Poland. Most recently, she has worked as the Venture Partner at Alfabeat, a specialist seed-stage and early-stage VC for enterprise software developers located in Central and Eastern Europe. She is also the Founder and Managing Partner of STARVISORY, which offers consultancy services to tech startups and investors to help them scale up and have a sustainable strategy for growth. STARVISORY supports startups across Poland, Luxembourg, the UK, Switzerland, and Scandinavia.

Anh-Tho Chuong Degroote – France

Anh-Tho Chuong Degroote is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Lago, the no-code tool for growth teams, to segment and sync customer data. In addition to this role, Chuong Degroote is an active angel investor. Chuong Degroote’s investment niche is FinTech and SaaS, and she has recently invested in Karbon Card, a new age corporate bank built specifically for Indian companies, Cycle App, the all-in-one tool dedicated to product-centric teams, and Claap, the SaaS which powers synchronous meetings for teams.

Lea-Sophie Cramer – Germany

Lea-Sophie Cramer is a Berlin-based entrepreneur and investor. Cramer was named one of Forbes 30 under 30 for founding Amorelie, the fashionable e-commerce store for your love life, in 2013. In 2020, the company achieved a level of success where Cramer felt comfortable stepping down as the CEO and remains there as a Member of the Board of Advisors. Recently, Cramer invested in the FinTech Alice App, which aims to help women to optimise their finances.

Jo Dalton – UK

Jo Dalton is a founder and investor, based in London. Dalton’s expertise lies in the advisory of high growth, ‘tech fuelled’ entrepreneurial-led startups and scaleups. Dalton is a member of the Alma Angels and is passionate about assisting female-founded businesses to achieve success. In addition to female founders, Dalton’s preferred areas of investment are sustainability, health and wellness, and tech for good. Dalton’s investments include SignoftheTimes (wearesott.com), Participay, Companiion, and NowSitDown.

Sarah Drinkwater – UK

Sarah Drinkwater is currently the Director of the Tech and Society Solutions Lab at Omidyar Network, a VC that works to invest and co-create in tech, which helps the industry maximise its positive impact. Drinkwater is also one of the investors who chose to participate in Atomico’s 2020 angel program. Drinkwater’s investment interests include Community-led B2B and B2C. She has invested in Progression, Untangle, Anyone, and Stack World.

Ilaria Fava – Italy

Ilaria Fava is a corporate lawyer by trade and brings her extensive experience in corporate partnering and strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, and private equity transactions to her investing. Fava is a member of the Roma Startup Board and invests with Italian Angels for Growth. Fava has invested in Georadio (Loquis), Big profiles, V-Nova, and Hotbox.

Carolina Gianardi – Italy

Carolina Gianardi is an angel investor, based in Rome. Gianardi has a strong financial skill set, developed over 25 years of experience in financial services. Gianardi has a strong knowledge of transaction banking, payment system, lending, and insurance which informs her investments in the areas of digital, FemTech, and life science. Gianardi has invested in Rentuu, Aortilab, Cellply, Deephound, and Winegrid.

Elissa Grey – UK

Elissa Grey is a global strategist with over 20 years of experience and expertise in working with Boards and CEOs in both start-up and FTSE 100 environments, working out of Italy and the UK. Grey invests in the fields of GreenTech, HealthTech, AgeTech, and Femtech. Grey has invested in Hapi, a platform to solve data streaming challenges for the hotel industry, Climate X, a risk management company, and Compare Ethics, a sustainable consumer goods platform.

Mariana Grigorian – Switzerland

Mariana Grigorian is an angel investor and digital marketing strategist who is passionate about the future of education. Grigorian is the co-founder of SPOK, an AI-based mobile application, introducing a conversational language tutor who helps youth and adults learn English most naturally, through spoken conversations. Grigorian brings this enthusiasm and practical experience to her work as a Startup Advisor at Loyal VC, a Canadian Venture Capital for startups. Grigorian’s preferred areas of investment are EdTech and consumer, and she has invested in SeekSophie, ForgeFiction, and Waitrr.

Ainomaija Haarla – Finland

Ainomaija Haarla is a board professional, PE and VC advisor, angel investor, and academic. Haarla’s career has been non-linear and diverse, ranging from bio-products and related technology, pulp, paper and carton board, biofuels, high protein plant food and packaging, ICT, design, and higher education. She is future-oriented and backs young talent, sustainable solutions, and impact investing, which is apparent in her board work and investments.

Donna Hanafi – Sweden

Donna Hanafi is considered a digital industry leader in Sweden, and is the product owner of the Lassie App; a Lassie is a digital animal insurance for Swedish users. Hanafi brings this practical experience to her work as an investor, and she has been an investor and Board Member with Mindmore since 2020. Hanafi’s ideal investment sector is consumer, and she has invested in Mindmore and Imagilabs, which is a community for teenage girls to share their interest in coding, where they can build gadgets by coding through an app.

Triin Hertmann – Estonia

Triin Hertmann is an entrepreneur and angel investor based in Estonia. Hertmann founded Grünfin, a sustainable investment platform for people who care about their impact. By investing with Grünfin users can select a sustainability focus for their investments, and help to contribute to a better world. As well as Grünfin, Hertmann’s portfolio companies include Starship, Salv, Montonio, Fyma, Reverse Resources, Remato, and Yaga.

Anke Huiskes – The Netherlands

Anke Huiskes is a Netherlands-based early-stage investor, operator, and advisor. In 2019, Huiskes founded Aletta Angels, an investment collective that invests in world-class companies led by women. Huiskes is also a Founding Partner of Planet Positive, a climate tech syndicate, and a Venture Partner at Capital T, a seed-stage venture capital fund investing in tech companies. Huiskes has invested in Detail, Vaayu, Memri, and Core.

Victoria Kostic-Nola  – Cyprus

Based in Limassol, Victoria Kostic-Nola is an intrapreneur turned entrepreneur, and an angel investor and advisor in tech startups. Kostic-Nola founded up a boutique advisory VIZ VENTURES, to collaborate with exceptional startups and scale-ups, mainly in the UK and Europe, where she still works as the director, and as a consultant. VIZ VENTURES’ projects include Murka, Kastor, Strawberry Energy, and Fleksy.

Céline Lazorthes – France

Céline Lazorthes is the entrepreneur behind Leetchi and MANGOPAY. She is also a founding member of France Digitale, France FinTech, and SISTA, an NGO which aims to close the funding gap for women. Lazorthes is a prolific investor, having invested in more than 40 companies including Jimmy Fairly, Talent.io, Frichti, Le Slip Français, Tacotax, Pumpkin, Tiller Systems, Yuka, Ivesta, Welcome to the jungle, and Dejbox.

Agnes Le Saux-Narjoz – Belgium

Agnes Le Saux-Narjoz is a Belgian investor who is notable for her 30 years of experience creating, managing, and developing private and Nasdaq-listed tech scale-ups in Europe, California, and Asia. Le Saux-Narjoz’s areas of interest include BioTech, MedTech, and digital eco and impact. She is a Board Member at Be Angels, she is on the Investment Committee at ScaleFund, a pre-venture capital fund, and she is a Co-Founder and Board Member of BeCentral, a digital campus for startups to grow and impact society.

Dinika Mahtani – UK

Dinika Mahtani is the Head of Finance at Kaluza, a technology platform ecosystem, working to build the future of B2B technology-enabled renewable energy platforms, across GTM, fundraising, strategy, pricing, and finance. Mahtani also invests in the areas of FemTech, health, and climate. She has invested in PeopleMatter, a wellness platform, Moody, a digital ecosystem for hormones and moods, and imVitro, a SaaS platform for IVF.

Lian Michelson – UK

Lian Michelson is an angel investor, entrepreneur, and experienced CEO with first-hand knowledge of building technology businesses, managing teams, running operations, and logistics. Michelson is currently working with startups as a mentor and advisor. Michelson’s areas of interest are impact, sustainability, circular economy, BioTech, FoodTech e.g. alternative proteins and materials. Her investments include Ready Burger, Cocoli, one.five, Shift, and Wise.

Gloria Monfrini – UK

Gloria Monfrini is a UK-based investor, specialising in early-stage startups. Monfrini brings her Harvard Business School MBA and experience from her time at Uber to her investments. Monfrini is currently a Venture Partner at Redbus Group, a VC for early-stage ventures and funds. Monfrini has invested in companies such as Untangle, pubX, ClearGlass Analytics, Doddl, and Collective Benefits.

Thish Nadesan – UK

Thish Nadesan is the Chief Operating Officer at Cleo AI, an intelligent financial coach that helps people across the US and UK to manage their money, and an angel investor. Nadesan is passionate about problem-solving and invests in companies that provide innovative solutions. Her preferred areas of investment are consumer and FinTech, and her recent investments are Rail and Roleshare.

Deepali Nangia – UK

Deepali Nangia is a UK-based angel investor whose private equity and investment banking are informed by over a decade of experience. This year, Nangia became a venture partner at VC Speedinvest, a VC focusing on female founders. In 2019, Nangia co-founded Alma Angels, an angel community that supports female founders. Nangia also invested in 10 startups throughout 2020; eight of them being female-founded. Nangia’s most recent investment was in YHANGRY; a private chef platform.

Leena Niemistö – Finland

Leena Niemistö is not only an angel investor but a medical doctor with 30 years of clinical experience, specialising in physical and rehabilitation medicine. Niemistö worked as a CEO in private healthcare company Dextra for 13 years and is currently a board member in several publicly listed companies and startups. She is also an active investor in several HealthTech growth companies and has been recognised as the Business Angel of the year 2016 and the Business Angel -Exit of the year 2019 by FiBAN.

Janneke Niessen – The Netherlands

Janneke Niessen is an Amsterdam-based investor who was named Harper’s Bazaar Woman of the Year. Niessen is the Founding Partner of Capital T, a seed-stage venture fund investing in tech companies. Niessen invests in the sectors of EdTech, health and climate tech, future of work, and new social tech. She has invested in Testgorilla, wisenoze, and block party.

Verena Pausder – Germany

Verena Pausder is an entrepreneur having founded ada, Fox & Sheep, and HABA Digitalwerksätten; and in 2016 she was named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. She also founded Pausder Ventures in 2016, where she currently works as an investor, primarily investing in the fields of EdTech, FemTech, and Consumer technologies. Pausder has recently invested in Wise, Afilio, 8returns, Knowunity, Cleverly, and Alice App.

Silvia Pugi – Italy

Silvia Pugi is a Milan-based angel investor, alongside being the Corporate Social Responsibility Director at ManagerItalia. Pugi is an angel investor with Italian Angels for Growth and Angels4Women, where she invests in and mentors startups. Pugi primarily invests in digital companies. Her investments include Deliveristo, Chitè, Apical, ACBC, Futurely, and Resalis.

Namrata Rastogi – UK

Namrata Rastogi is a former digital health founder, primary care physician, and HealthTech investor. Rastogi brings her 12 years of healthcare experience, including operating experience as founder and COO of Lister and partner of an 8000-patient primary care centre to her investing. Rastogi’s investment specialism is early-stage founders building scalable SaaS solutions. Rastogi’s portfolio companies include OrbitalRX, Memora Health, Lifted Care, Turtletree Labs, and Plum.

Florence Richardson – France

Florence Richardson is an entrepreneur and experienced investor in business startups. Richardson is the President of Femmes Business Angels, a network of female angel investors in France, which is the leading female business network in Europe. Richardson’s area of interest for investment is in female-founded companies; she has invested in Soan, Jubiles, Neta, and Urbassist.

Laura Roguet – France

Laura Roguet is the President of Korelya Capital, a VC focused on late-stage startup investments, for startups located in France, the UK, the Baltics, and Eastern Europe. Roguet’s recent investments include Bolt, Wallapop, the mobile marketplace for buying and selling secondhand goods, and Vestiaire Collective, the global marketplace enabling people to buy and sell luxury, pre-owned fashion products.

Louise Samet – Sweden

Louise Samet is a Swedish investor who has a proven track record of facilitating high-growth companies to rise to success. Samet previously worked for five years as the Group Product Manager of Klarna, the Swedish e-commerce payment solutions platform for merchants and shoppers, which has now achieved unicorn status. Samet’s portfolio companies include LendingHome, Pleo, Anyfin, Bloomcredit, Elsa Science, Grace Health, Legal Monster, and Stravito.

Jannat Shah Rajan – UK

Jannat Shah Rajan is currently the Finance and Strategy Analyst at Hopin, where she actively supports

women-led businesses through angel investment. Rajan has also worked as the Chief Operating Officer of eXate, and the Senior Associate of AXA Venture Partners. Alongside being the Finance and Strategy Analyst at Hopin, Rajan invests in everything but FinTech. She has recently invested in YHangry, InChorus, Dai, and HANX.

Marla Shapiro – UK

Marla Shapiro is an entrepreneur, mentor, angel investor, and supporter of female-founded businesses, specialising in building sustainable businesses. In 2020, Shapiro founded HERmesa, an angel syndicate that supports women angel investors in the UK, and encourages participation by women and men in backing women (co)founded businesses at the seed stage. In addition to female-founded companies, Shapiro’s preferred areas of investment are SaaS, deep science, and sustainability startups. Her portfolio companies include Spoke, Particity, Sxollie, Fungi Alert, and The Shellworks.

Georgie Smallwood – Germany

Georgie Smallwood is a Berlin-based founder and investor. In addition to her role as Chief Product Officer at Tier Mobility, in 2021, Smallwood founded Auxilia Global. Auxilia Global is aimed at women who are interested in founding, co-founding, or joining early-stage teams. Smallwood is passionate about investing in female-founded teams and has invested in HeyFina, remi.so, Oviavo, Sudor.fit, and ment.

Eva Tarasova – UK

Eva Tarasova works as the Communications and Investment Director at Wharton Asset Management Company; a single-family office with interests in Venture Capital and Private Equity. Outside of her position at the family firm, Tarasova actively angel invests with Alma Angels. Her investment interests are Consumer, BioTech, and deep tech. Her portfolio companies include Simba, edgify, wise, and Kair.

Annamaria Tartaglia – Italy

Annamaria Tartaglia is the CEO and Founder of TheBrandSitter, a bespoke consultancy team focused on worldwide strategic business development and brand management for high-end companies, including a hub dedicated to startups. Tartaglia invests in FemTech, FoodTech, and FashionTech companies. She has recently invested in Renoon, Eligo Milano, DressYouCan, and Palatò.

Katja Toropainen – Finland

Katja Toropainen is one of the most influential figures in the Nordic startup space. She has experience in working with startup networks in the San Francisco Bay Area, London, and the Nordics. Toropainen is passionate about inclusive technology, finance, human rights, and inclusion and diversity in tech. These values are apparent in her work as the Founder of Inklusiiv, a community with a mission to create and share knowledge about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and to support organizations to transform it into action. Toropainen is also part of the Atomic Angel Program, and an investor at Alma Angels.

Sarah Turner – UK

Sarah Turner is a UK-based investor who is the CEO and Co-founder of Angel Academe; a network for professional women with extensive business experience who want to support tech entrepreneurs by mentoring them. Turner does not have a specific investment niche, as she has invested in a diverse range of companies such as Dynamx Medical, a medical startup, Provenance, a blockchain platform, and Fiskl, a global SaaS platform for managing micro-SME finances.

Victoria van Lennep – UK

Victoria van Lennep is a UK-based investor who brings her strong educational background to her investing; van Lennep graduated Magna Cum Laude from Solvay Brussels School with a Master’s Degree in Applied Economics, shortly before graduating with Distinction at the University of Oxford

with an MSc in Environmental Economics/Policy. Since then, Van Lennep has been an investor in EdTech, having invested in StudentFinance and Sugar. Van Lennep is also the co-founder of Lendable, a lending platform.

Corinne Vigreux – The Netherlands

Corinne Vigreux is an Amsterdam-based investor who has been a part of the TomTom company, since co-founding it 30 years ago. She now works as the Chief Marketing Officer in the Strategy Office at TomTom. Vigreux is also the Vice-Chair of the supervisory board of Just Eat and the Chairwoman of TechLeap NL. Recently she has invested in Fest Amsterdam, a Dutch home interior brand, and Ace & Tate, a Dutch e-commerce eyewear company.

Jane Walerud – Sweden

Jane Walerud is a serial entrepreneur, private investor, and startup coach. Walerud brings a wealth of experience to her investments, having co-founded and been the CEO of two deep tech startups, and working full time in management. Walerud is the Founding Partner of Walerud Ventures which joins pre-seed and seed-stage companies as investors, advisors, and part-time employees to help get the companies off the ground. Walerud Ventures invests in deep tech, green tech, AI, and impact tech startups.


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