Best social media strategies for photographers Promoting your photography through social media


It’s tough for photographers to build a noteworthy presence on social media when there’s so much high-quality content out there. But since social networking is the most effective way to promote your photography brand, this should be a high priority task on every photographer’s to-do list. 

Promoting your photography through social media isn’t hard if you follow a few simple steps while posting – whichever social media platform you prefer.

Here’s a list of strategies to follow to make sure your photography page gains a lot of traction from interested individuals. 


7 best social media strategies for photographers

1. Find a niche

It’s easier to stand out from the rest of the photography pages when you can offer a niche appeal. For example, a wedding photographer is more likely to get the attention of couples rather than a general photography page. When you can narrow down your audience to a niche, you can target your posts at only those who will be interested.


2. Use trending hashtags

The fastest way to engage in social media promotion is to use relevant and currently trending hashtags so that a larger audience can easily find your page. There are plenty of hashtags that are dedicated specifically to the photography industry. Popular hashtags for photographers on social media include #shutterbug and #photographerlife.


3. Interact with your followers

The whole point of social media is to be sociable! This means creating engaging content and interacting with your followers. Nobody wants to follow a drab page that just posts photographs. They want to be involved in the page, so ask questions to your followers, and respond to their comments, to let them know they play an integral role on the page. 


4. Adapt to different platforms

Every social media platform demands different forms of content. For example, Instagram wants more visually appealing content while Facebook prefers conversational content. So it’s important to alter your content for every platform to appeal to the audience present on that particular social media site. 


5. Run contests

People love winning free stuff on social media contests, so if you’re a photographer looking to gain more followers you can make ‘following’ your social media pages a part of entering the contest. For prizes, you can offer a free photoshoot session or even a free print of your photographs to take home.


6. Post frequently

To make sure people take notice of your work, you’ve got to post frequently, so that you’re constantly calling attention to your photography. At least once a day should do the trick but don’t go overboard and spam your followers with 10 or 20 photographs every day. 


7. Share your best work

Your social media page can act as a portfolio to potential clients so make sure you post your absolute best. Most individuals judge social media sites by their weakest link so add photos that are of the highest quality and share your photography vision. One look at your page should help clients see your professionalism and talent.


If you want your name out there in the world of social media, you’re going to need to find the right balance of photography and marketing. In this modern, digital age, the best way to do so is by creating your social media strategy for photography.

Social media websites such as Instagram and Facebook can be really helpful tools to promote your photography and find potential leads, so use them to your best ability. Now that you know about these secret strategies to promote your pictures on social media, go on and try them until you find the perfect strategy that suits your brand. 


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