Top 10 key online advertising trends in 2021 Best digital trends to get in on this year


The year 2020 was a rough year for marketers, but it truly reshaped the functioning of digital advertising. As a result, 2021 will bear witness to revolutionary changes in the world of online advertising that could prove very useful for businesses across the globe.

Here are some of the top trends in advertising to consider for 2021.


1. Omnichannel digital advertising

The modern age allows customers to make their purchasing decisions from the tip of their fingers using a variety of online tools. Now, there are plenty of opportunities and touch-points for customers to buy a product so businesses must focus on this omnichannel marketing approach in order to provide a seamless customer experience across all available channels.


2. Outstream videos

Have you ever browsed an article and a random video in the middle of it starts playing? That’s outstream video advertising and if it got your attention, it definitely works. These native videos autoplay when a viewer scrolls over it usually while reading an article. At first look, they may seem intrusive – but viewers can easily ignore them by scrolling past, and there is little feedback in terms of ‘annoyance ratings’, which means the benefits are big and the downside is tiny.


3. Remarketing advertisements

Remarketing advertisements are ads that appear to viewers who have previously interacted with the product being advertised. We’ve all experienced remarketing, and if we’re being honest, we all know that it’s effective in selling the product.


4. Semantic search

While businesses struggle to boost their SEO rankings, the concept of semantic searches will be able to make things a tad easier. Now search engines will be able to derive the context and intent of a search and show any relevant answers. So even if the query is grammatically incorrect (or even incomplete) Google will still show accurate results. 


5. Zero click search results

A zero-click search result shows the answers to a query directly, without having to click onto a website. Google offers this feature with direct answers accompanied by statistics and videos snippets. Make sure you create videos and publish to YouTube so that you stand a chance at making it on to this highly effective page.


6. Responsive search ads

Another great online advertising trend, responsive search ads allow businesses to feed in multiple headlines and descriptions so that the most optimal combination is shown to your customers. It adapts your content to better match a potential customer’s query to improve your advertisement’s performance.


7. Social advertising

As social media continues to experience immense growth, marketers are pouring more money into social advertising. Using paid ad features on social media platforms can help you target your content at specific demographics. 


8. Advertising tools

Automated tools like marketing analytics allow businesses to constantly adapt their advertisements to see what works for them and what doesn’t. For email, tools exist that can study a customer’s behaviour and send automated messages to them, based on their responses and other behaviours. 


9. Google AMP

Google has released its AMP (accelerated mobile pages) project to improve user experience by speeding up mobile web for users. This project allows designers to create pages that load at lightning-fast rates on mobile devices.


10. Personalisation – Content Experience

If your aim is to stand out of the crowd of marketing gimmicks, you have to start personalising your marketing. Look at how Netflix recommends shows based on the user’s behaviour and taste. This is the kind of tailor-made content that actually gets through to a customer and makes them click. We highlighted this a year ago – but didn’t expect it to become so important so quickly! 

If you want to know one of the top digital advertising trends – this is it!



The future of online advertising is bright. It doesn’t matter if your marketing strategy last year didn’t work out – 2020 was an unexpected year for everyone.

However, new year, new marketing strategy. We know what to expect this time around (more or less, anyway).

Keeping these trends in online advertising to mind, you might want to adopt some of them into your playbook in 2021.

Online advertising has never been more effective and convenient, so get ahead of the curve with some of these trends and ensure you deliver relevant and valuable content to your prospective clients. 


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