Best 360 virtual tour software for 2021 (If you want to go the DIY route for your 360 video production)


Estate agents are facing a lot of extra challenges closing deals during the pandemic. With COVID restrictions, in-person viewings have declined significantly. So the real estate world saw a new solution rise to popularity in 2020 – 360 virtual tour videos. This digital alternative allows buyers to walk themselves through a house and look around at every detail, with the help of virtual reality. 

It’s no secret that 360 virtual tours are ground-breaking advancements in the real estate industry – so many of the most successful agents are working on creating these videos for their listings as well.

Editing (post production) of 360 videos is similar to normal film editing, but with a few extras. For truly polished, professional video production – get a professional (at least for the editing), however, if you want to have a go yourself – here is a brief roundup of some of the better software packages available in 2020 for 360 virtual tour videos.


1. My360

My360 is one of the favourites of most real estate agents because it is both affordable and creates great content. This cost-effective virtual tour software is compatible with any 360-degree camera and offers features like white label tours, floorplans, and virtual tour analytics. They offer separate packages for different professions so that you aren’t paying for features that aren’t relevant to your field. 

My360 also offers analytics so that you can assess and change your tour according to buyer interactions. The best part – My360 offers a 2-week trial, so you can dip your toe into the water before diving into creating your 360 virtual reality tours. 


2. Kuula

Kuula is an easy-to-use, budget-friendly software for 360 virtual tours for real estate professionals. Using Kuula you can create 360 virtual tours, edit and share them for potential buyers to view online. You can also link 360 images and add hotspots with text, photos or videos. Kuula is popular in the 360 virtual tours realm, as it offers a professional, comprehensive product within an affordable price range.


3. Matterport

Matterport is famous for its dollhouse effect model and floor plan view which perfectly suits the needs of real estate virtual tours. Create a 3D walkthrough, get accurate measurements, add interactive tags and so much more with this all-inclusive 3D platform. A realtor with no prior knowledge can easily use this interface for impressive results. 


4. Klapty

Klapty is free to use and allows realtors to create, edit and share 360 virtual tours online like a social network platform. Klapty is compatible with any 360-degree camera, so simply upload your image and get started. You can add hotspots and 2D images to make your tour more interactive and simple for viewers.  


 5. CloudPano

CloudPano is another easy to use 360 virtual tour software which charges a one-time fee for each tour. This software allows you to create white label virtual tours, embed on your website, and use unlimited 360 photos. The CloudPano editor is user-friendly and visually appealing. The software is highly geared towards lead generation, so it is perfect for real estate applications.


The virtual reality market has software for every need and price range. A realtor simply has to capture his property photos and 360 videos and upload them into the software to start editing.

If you are uncertain about creating your own virtual tour, read more here to get started. 

For a professional touch, Splento can also help you create virtual tours, 360 floor plans and 3D images for your property. We have property photo and video professionals who can shoot and create your perfect 360 vitual tour videos for you.

We also have a team of professional editors who will polish and complete any video required within 48 hours – meaning less time in post-production and more time selling the property.

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