3 Occasions When All Families Should Have a Family Portrait  Create Special Memories To Last


Hiring a professional photographer for your family portrait may seem somewhat redundant when you have a friendly neighbour with a mobile phone to hand, but often these moments disappear into a pile of photos never to be seen again. 

Family Professional Portrait

Family portraits are special triggers to help reminisce about special occasions, or just being together as a family. As time goes on, families often become dispersed, increasing the reasoning behind capturing these ‘together moments’ whenever possible. 

In this blog, we outline three occasions where we believe all families should take the opportunity to freeze time and help savour the memories, through professional family portraits. We can’t imagine having a family portrait taken by experts and feeling regretful of that decision. Any excuse to get everyone together and have fun in the process is always a good one, particularly when you are left with exceptional high-quality photographs and 24-hour delivery. 

1) The Arrival of a New Child

Family portraits can display joy, love, and excitement when a new addition joins a family. During the excitement of having a newborn, you may not have time to think about a photography session, but we expect you will look back on the photographs taken and be thankful you made the investment. 

Portraits act as a lovely piece of memorabilia to cherish as your child develops and family grows. One day, your children may even thank you for making the decision to have a family portrait, full of personality and love.

2) Momentous Occasions

Secondly, major milestones in life such as anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations act as great ‘excuses’ to have that long-awaited family portrait. These are significant occasions in your life that you want to remember. Professional photographers at Splento help capture these memories, in whichever location feels most comfortable. 

Whether it’s your child’s 1st birthday or your nephew’s college graduation, we will capture the happiness and achievement in your family portrait. These are often the occasions that children love to look back on as they grow up. So avoid the possibility of having no photographs to show, and book our family portrait experts today.

3) When Everyone is Together

The rise of globalisation has increased travel opportunities for many of us, resulting in increasingly dispersed communities. This can often mean families live all across the world, reducing the chances to take beautiful photos as a family unit. 

How often do you find your family all under the same roof at once? Increasingly, it is not as often as one might hope. 

If the unexpected get together creeps up on you, our on-demand service is flexible around your needs and availability. Our hassle-free service ensures all you need to do is turn up and we will do the rest. It will be a fun experience, bringing you all together as a family. 

Family holidays are another great opportunity to create lasting memories for generations to come. These expertly taken photographs can be passed down to continually relive happy memories with your nearest and dearest. 


Family Portrait on The Beac


At Splento, we work with only the best family portrait photographers in the industry to provide you with the highest quality photographs to be cherished forever. If you have one of these three significant events looming, feel free to visit our website for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!