10 Ways Professional Photography Can Make or Break Your Business

10 Ways Professional Photography Can Make or Break Your Business


In our digitalised era, photography has become an essential tool for social media marketing. Nowadays nearly 60% of consumers are more likely to consider a business when a professional high quality image shows up in the search results. In fact, articles with images get almost 95% more total views than the ones without imagery at all.

That is why the majority of successful companies use photographic services of Splento to market their businesses. Splento is the leading platform for hiring professional photographers that makes it easy to book top experts for any of your needs even at a very short notice.

If you have a blog, submit press releases or just have a LinkedIn or Facebook business “page”, then here are 10 simple ways to use images and photos as part of your business marketing campaign.

  1. Headshots

Every successful business owner knows that headshots photography can literally make or break your business. Moreover, professional headshots photography is considered to be a powerful PR tool for boosting your business reputation by a huge number of marketers. Its main goal is not only to form the right first impression about you personally, but also to represent your brand properly.

Simon Burton, Chief Executive Manager at Exposure Communications, says “I genuinely despair at the number of people who in the digital and social media age still don’t understand the importance and power of a professionally taken headshot. Frequently your headshot is the first thing people see when they are searching for more information about you, it therefore needs to convey what you want to say about your professional self and in that context selfies simply don’t cut it.”

Fortunately, Splento can provide you with excellent quality images, be it portraits or LinkedIn profile pictures, to suit your needs and help your business thrive.

headshots professional photography business

  1.    Social media

With the increased use of social media channels, companies are getting more chances to increase their sales and engage with the customers. That is why it is absolutely essential to stand out with an attractive and maybe even provocative marketing campaign. Companies should use all social media channels they have access to. Of course, visual based content is the key, since an eye-catching ad is something that will attract attention of customers immediately.

Here you could resort to the help of Splento, which will help you create excellent photos for your Social Media use. Affordable professional event photography is something that you should definitely consider whilst preparing your marketing campaign plan.

  1.    Marketing materials

Even though digital marketing is getting more and more popular nowadays, printed marketing hasn’t lost its relevance. Even though it might be quite complicated to get new customers using only printed materials, but it is certainly a great way to engage and keep an interest of existing ones.

Sales is petrol that fuels the business engine and excellent photography is an essential ingredient of that perol. That is why for advertising campaigns, merchandising or product placements, you need someone like Splento to be on hand and at short notice to suit all your needs, from brochures and leaflets, to property and architecture, from fashion to e-commerce photography.

  1.    Product photography

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of product photography, as it can help your business stand out from the competition. Whatever you sell, from antique furniture to hand-made clothing, there are probably a lot of websites out there offering the same service and product, and quite possibly even at lower prices. That is why high quality product photography has never been more important for small and large online retailers.

For specialist product photography, website or magazine catalogue, Splento photographers are available at short notice to fulfill your ecommerce brief. From start to finish, Splento photographers can provide you with quality images for shoewear, jewellery, clothing shots and other accessories.

  1.    Press releases

Press releases are powerful branding instruments, because they can help you reach increasing number of prospective clients. Successful marketers claim that in order to issue an effective press release you should include high quality images in it. Imagery can not only optimize visibility of your press release, but it can also make it more aesthetically attractive for your readers. Read our case study “Why bespoke on demand photography is the key to smart marketing content – The Aspers case” here.

  1.    Hosting an event

Large companies are known for regularly lots of various events. However, as a small business owner, you also need to consider hosting an event and that can be done without spending large budgets or manpower. Indeed, if these big companies are taking advantage of events as a means of marketing, then there’s certainly no reason why small businesses shouldn’t.

Marketing specialists recommend hiring a professional event photographer who will take great shots for you and your customers. You can use these photos later for your business and online marketing needs, for example, posting them on your blog or your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram accounts. For this purpose, Splento is your best choice and should be your first point of call! Professional event photographers on demand can help you collect all these splendid mementos quickly and easily.

You can find some tips for getting people to share your event on social media here.

headshots professional photography business

  1.    Showing off your staff

Corporate photography used as part of branding involves images that will appear on websites, in brochures and on social media. However, these images should not only include headshots of the company leaders, but also team photos and staff headshots. Whether it is your chef or shop assistant, post a picture and maybe a short bio of your employees to introduce your staff to your clients. Moreover, many successful businesses already use services of professional headshots photographers to help them build up their reputation.

  1.    Email newsletter

Research has shown that it is much easier (and cheaper!) to market to existing clients, than to acquire new ones. Therefore, company newsletter is extremely important for maintaining ongoing connections with existing customers and keeping your brand in front of those, who have already bought your product and interacted with your brand.

Depending on your business activity and goals, you can send out newsletters weekly, monthly or quarterly. However, do not be intrusive, as your emails will simply end up in your clients’ spam folder. But let them know, may be once a week or once a month, about any changes or special offers. Always be informative and concise.

Remember that in order to make your newsletter visually appealing – there should be a good balance of text and images. For example, add a picture of an employee that you plan to highlight or include a shot of your newest product.

  1.  Business cards

Of course, nowadays when everyone carries around a smartphone, some people consider business cards impractical or even useless. However, marketers claim that your business card is absolutely necessary for your business, as it represents your brand. Moreover, it provides an easy way for other people to get in touch with you and can help make it easy for people you meet to refer you. Therefore, make sure that you always have your business cards with you, so that when opportunity comes you are already prepared.

When it comes to the design itself, memorable business cards are either all about minimalism or maximum creativity. Thus, the best option for your business card is to choose an iconic image that really represents your style.

  1.  Property Photography

Real estate sector is a very competitive industry. In order to succeed in sales, one not only needs to have the gift of the gab, but also to know how to attract the attention of your potential clients. That is when proper marketing strategies become highly important. However, very few people realize that high quality photography plays a crucial role in sales process.

For this purpose, you might also consider booking a professional property photographer with Splento. Available on demand for all your property photography needs, from extensive interior designs to exterior property structure photography, Splento photographers provide you with amazing professional property imagery, including professional editing and retouching within 48 hours.

By the way, this option might be useful not only for the real estate agents. Whether being a restaurant or office manager, you might also consider hiring a property photographer in order to show off your working space, where you want to invite potential customers.

property professional photography business

Summing up, marketing materials are absolutely necessary for any type of business. At Splento, we understand that quality is key and we are on hand to get the job done with precision and excellence. Hopefully you can put these tips to good use!

If you have anything to add to this list, do not hesitate to write your ideas in the comments down below!


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