10 startups doing great in content marketing Company branding that positively informs its online content


At Splento, we are always looking for inspiration, and on this occasion, we have been looking at startup companies that, for different reasons, have got great content.

We have focussed purely on website presence. Content marketing covers many aspects of a wider strategy, including social media, of course, but for this list we have restricted ourselves to only the main business website and what we like about it.

There are so many businesses out there doing such amazing work, so this list is not ‘the 10 best’ but they are ones that do a great job of representing their style.

We hope you enjoy it. If you want to look in more detail, click on any of the company logos to visit their site.

Content needs to adapt to trends, business developments and customer needs, and we have seen these change faster in 2020 than at any previous time.

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So here are 10 startups that we think are doing content marketing right:


1. Carbon 3D


Founded in 2013, Carbon is changing the way additive manufacturing (3D printing) is being used worldwide, by using cutting edge 3D printing technologies.

The website is extensive and relies heavily on video and photography to explain concepts that are difficult to put into words (have a look to see what we mean).

In addition, they also have a one-hour webinar on designing and developing 3D products.

Why we like it: Great looking, modern, informative and understandable for what could otherwise be a hugely confusing website.

2. Bluehost


The Bluehost website is simple but beautifully presented; the images are uniformly in the same style so the whole site flows together and even on the blog pages you have a simple, block structure to the articles, tied together with their chosen colour palette. It’s not flashy or glitzy – but is clearly professional and says ‘reliable’.

While there is only limited use of video, but there are one or two to discover if you browse around the site. There are also some great user guides in the form of downloadable pdfs, created with the same style and imagery as the rest of the site.

Why we like it: It promotes a professional, dependable brand that has been around since 2003, and it does this with a confident, understated style.

3. Ethos Life

Ethos Life

A new (2016) life insurance startup whose website focus is very clear – it makes great use of a wide number of photo images, which understandably revolve mostly around family and children.

The written content is in uncomplicated and this makes it accessible to anyone for what is a very important service.

An open origin story is well presented in the site video.

Why we like it: Simple, straightforward, everything you need is easy to find thanks to the website layout.

4. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

Created in 2008, Elegant Themes is a website development company that builds beautiful WordPress themes and adds in a great support system for its customers.

They produce a number of tools that make website creation simple and effective. As you’d expect, their own website is stunning, and makes extensive use of high-quality video content as well as being beautifully laid out.

Why we like it: A beautiful website with amazing content – video, photo and graphics.

5. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight

Founded in 2010, Hotel Tonight was acquired by Airbnb in 2019.

Although the website is very content light, we’ve included it in this list because it highlights the importance of those instances where a single image can be more important than reams of writing.

Customers searching for a hotel to stay in do not initially need detailed descriptions – they want a few quality photos to look at and will decide from that whether the hotel warrants further investigation.

Why we like it: It’s a great example of allowing a picture to do all the talking.

6. Evernote


The oldest company in this list (founded in 2000), Evernote is now 20 years old. Evernote is one of the most well-known information-organising apps available.

The website is clearly laid out, using images well for clear explanations of features and demonstrations. It has an incredibly detailed help section, which describes every aspect of the app in detail, often using helpful photographs to enhance the explanations.

They also cleverly use a very different style of video from its founder, Stepan Pachikov, which is captivating.

Why we like it: It’s a great product and a great website. The use of the signature green with yellow highlights and lots of whitespace, creates a fresh, clean environment

7. Impossible foods

Impossible Logo

Since 2011, Impossible Foods have been working to make meat from plants.

The website content is bold, colourful, and attractive. It uses bright, even dramatic, colours and a lot of tempting-looking food photography.

The site presents a lot of information, is easy to navigate, with information sources as well as recipes – which are also all photographed in rich colours

The site also makes great use of video.

Why we like it: The food looks amazing! What else do we need to say?

8. Voxy


Voxy launched in 2010 and provides personalized English language teaching and instruction to corporations and educational institutions.

It does this through its own mobile technology, developed to adapt lessons in real time and with personalized live instruction.

There is a lot of content on this site – yet it manages to present it in an understandable way (as it does its English lessons, we assume).

Voxy Video

Why we like it: Dotted around the website are some great examples of different types of video content use – from an intro video through explainer videos and on to interviews to highlight key features.

9. Verishop


A new startup in 2018, Verishop is a premium lifestyle destination for everyday luxury in fashion, beauty, home and more.

Like all good ideas, they say, Verishop came out of a need for a more inspiring place to shop online, fast (and free!) shipping and an exciting way to discover new brands.

Being an eCommerce platform, visual content is key to the business success, so it needs to be right all the time.

Why we like it: There are a huge number of products here – but the site is well organised and has some great video and photo content.

10. Splento

Splento Logo

Since 2015, Splento has been providing professional photography and videography around the world, with no binding contracts, no minimum spends and delivery the same day.

We cater to private as well as commercial customers and, thanks to Splento Platform, our services are scalable worldwide. Our website has many examples of our professionals’ work and booking us online is as easy as hailing a cab – even at short notice.

The world is moving online, and Splento is here to help you visualise it. We are the only photography and videography service you’ll ever need

Why we like us: What’s not to like?


As well as this list, we’ve also brought together some previous great examples of brand-refreshes to give you further content inspiration.

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