10 creative photoshoot ideas for Halloween Spooky and fun photos to take this holiday!


October has finally arrived, which means the spooky season is here. During this time, frightening movies are on show, people have the chance to wear scary outfits, and chilling settings covered with spiderwebs and skeletons, and cauldrons filled with potions are created.

The best part about Halloween is the fascinating pictures that are captured where people have the chance to dress up. 

In this blog, we will look at ten creative photoshoot ideas for you for Halloween. 


Halloween photography ideas

Whatever photos you decide to take – remember to use some great props!

For some types of photoshoot,  thinking about what kind of props to use can be difficult, but luckily for photographers, there are endless props to use during Halloween. Don’t forget to get the props out, as including a few of these will add a new level to your Halloween photos.

Here are some great prop ideas to use in your photoshoot:

    • Wands
    • Pumpkins
    • Brooms
    • Fake headstones
    • Fake spiderwebs
    • Plastic bones


Halloween photoshoot ideas


1. Silhouette

Using silhouettes can help make mundane elements appear spooky as it creates a mysterious feel. By exposing the background, the subject of the picture will plunge into darkness, leaving the viewer to only see them by their outline. 

When using silhouettes, remember to not have your subject merge into other areas of the picture, as this will take away the sharp outline that the silhouettes create.


2. Pumpkin photoshoots

When the Halloween season begins, it means it’s time to buy pumpkins. Get those carving knives out and cut the pumpkins to make terrifying faces, or even other images. Don’t just stick with the cliche faces – although those are perfect, as well – but think creatively. Carve a witch silhouette or a haunted house into your pumpkin for an extra-special display. 

After doing the messy part, it’s time to get out your candles and create the perfect Halloween photograph.

Bonus tip: Make sure the background is dark – preferably nighttime – this helps the viewers see the light shining out of the pumpkin and highlights your carving.

3. Black and white shots

Halloween is the chance for everyone to step into the scarier side, and a spooky photoshoot idea is to edit your photos with a black and white filter. Converting images from colour to black and white fits right in with the Halloween theme and adds a new level of mysteriousness to your pictures. 


4. Think scary

A Halloween photograph idea for adults is to focus on the more frightening side. For children, Halloween is a chance to have fun and dress up. For adults, Halloween is a chance to dress up, have fun, but with an added scary layer.


5. How to make a photoshoot scary?

Use plenty of make-up. Don’t hold back on the fake blood and gore, and use darker eyeshadows to enhance your spooky illusion. 


Halloween photoshoot


6. Take in a spooky scenery 

Spookiness is all around us during the Halloween season. The days are shorter, the mist is out, and the spiderwebs huddle all over the trees and hedges. Take a walk with some friends, explore the woods and capture the darkness that covers the land. If you live in a city, many of them offer haunted walks during this month, where you can safely tour around abandoned buildings. If you are planning to partake in an attraction like this, make sure to have a camera ready!


7. Bring in your furry friends

If you have a cat or dog, and they do not mind wearing a costume, then dress them up too, and capture adorable pictures of your furry friends. Many shops, especially pet shops, have Halloween costumes for pets. Dress them up as a pirate, ghost and more – and don’t forget to upload the photos onto your social media account. 


8. Capture the costumes

When planning your Halloween photoshoot ideas for the family, don’t forget to do a group photo showing off all your costumes together. Halloween is the chance to dress up as scary characters or even your favourite celebrity. Capturing the costumes that you and your family and friends wore is an ideal way to forever remember the fun time you had – and how great you looked!


9. Add smoke

So, you have the costume, the make-up, the props, but there is one element that you feel you might be missing – one that will give your scenery another layer. Smoke gives a misty vibe, and coloured smoke bombs can help give a really nice visual effect. An idea on how to use smoke to your benefit is having it coming out of a carved pumpkin, or if you want to follow the cliche, have green smoke come out of a cauldron. 


Halloween photo tips


10. Pumpkin patch – a classic

You might have seen those cliche photos of people taking pictures in front of a pumpkin patch. And sometimes, taking a classic picture is perfect to do – even if you do it just once. Pumpkin patches are all over England during October. So, go online and find the one closest to you, grab your scarf and hat and have a fun day out at the pumpkin patches with your friends. 

Pick a pumpkin to take home with you to carve – and don’t forget to take a handful of pictures to remember this fun day out with your friends. 


Whatever you decide to do this year – have fun, take some great photos and we would love to see them if you want to share them with us!

Wishing you a very happy holiday!


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