Top Crowdcube crowdfunding projects Just a few of the many success stories than have come from the popular crowdfunding platform


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Who is Crowdcube?

Crowdcube is the world’s largest equity crowdfunding platform, founded in 2011.

The platform opens up the possibility of investing in startups to the general population, with investments starting at just €10. They enable small and everyday investors to spread their funds across numerous businesses and, perhaps most importantly, they make it easy.

Since their beginnings, they have helped more than 1,300 companies raise funding and investment to help them get to the next level. They currently have over 1,000,000 members representing over £1bn of investment through their platform.

Here are just 20 of some of the amazing crowdfunding businesses that have raised capital investment through Crowdcube:




Raised: £2,916,020

1Rebel is a no contract, high intensity, dual studio fitness concept in the City of London offering a fitness experience targeted at the millennial generation. The London-based health and fitness startup was founded by Giles Dean, James Balfour and James Bamford in 2014.

1Rebel raised £2,916,020 from 433 investors on Crowdcube.



Raised: £312,455

Ailuna is a platform and sustainability training app. It was created to make it fun for users to develop habits that are good for them and the planet. The Wokingham-based mobile platform was founded in 2019 by Helene Nordhild Rønning and Lars Nordhild Rønning.

Ailuna raised £312,455.08 from 319 investors on Crowdcube.



Raised: £72,754,050

Multinational brewery and pub chain BrewDog was founded in 2007 by James Watt and Martin Dickie, and is based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

The BrewDog equity crowdfunding project raised £72,754,050 from 117,917 investors via Crowdcube and Proprietary.



Raised: £3,370,000

Chilango is an online Mexican food ordering platform, enabling its users to look for restaurants based on the location or postal code. The food and drink company was founded in London in 2006 by Dan Houghton and Eric Partaker.

Chilango’s crowdfunding project raised £3,370,000 from 1,432 investors on Crowdcube.



Raised: £2,622,360

eMoov is an industry-first online real estate solution that is helping clients to sell their households more easily using technology. The London-based real estate startup was founded by Ivan Ramirez and Russell Quirk in 2010.

eMoov raised £2,622,360 from 765 investors on Crowdcube.



Raised: £1,499,999

Fettle is a company that is reinventing the bike repair experience with the aim of a streamlined service. Fettle uses smart tech solutions to meet customer expectations. The London-based startup was founded in 2019 by Jeyda Heselton.

Fettle raised £1,499,999.35 from 1,069 investors on Crowdcube.



Raised: £3,999,000

goHenry is a money management application designed for kids to enable them to take part in the digital economy suitably. The FinTech startup was founded in 2012 by Alex Zivoder, Dean Brauer and Louise Hill in London.

Gohenry raised £3,999,000 from 2,209 investors through Crowdcube.

Gripit Fixings

Gripit Fixings

Raised: £4,100,000

Gripit Fixings is the manufacturer of an innovative new solution to wall hangings on plasterboard. The Gripit plasterboard fixing provides secure anchorage and weight distribution. Gripit Fixings was founded by Jordan Daykin in Wiltshire in 2008.

Gripit Fixings raised £4,100,000 from 1,941 investors on Crowdcube.

Hab Housing

Hab Housing

Raised: £1,972,560

Hab Housing is a housing developer aiming to create sustainable housing within the custom build market. The architecture startup was founded by Kevin McCloud in 2007, in Somerset.

Hab Housing raised £1,972,560 from 640 investors on Crowdcube.



Raised: £3,514,110

JustPark is a parking app reinventing parking for the digital era, helping drivers to find parking in seconds, showing available parking spaces and providing real-time information on price, availability, restrictions and directions. The mobile app startup was founded by Anthony Eskinazi in 2006, in London.

JustPark raised £3,514,110 from 2,702 investors on Crowdcube.



Raised: £714,461

Levistor is the developer of a patented durable energy storage technology pioneered to fast-charge electric vehicles. This technology gives electric vehicles 100 miles of charge in 5 minutes. Levistor was founded in Kingston upon Thames in 2021.

Levistor raised £714,461.44 from 1,085 investors on Crowdcube.



Raised: £1,193,927

Lounges.tv is a platform looking to disrupt the $70bn streaming market. Lounges.tv rewards creators with 80% of the stream revenue, and pays creators within 24hrs. Content creators can host immersive pay per view live streams. Lounges.tv was founded by Craig Gardner and Scott Green and is set to launch in 2022.

Lounges.tv raised £1,193,927.60 from 730 investors on Crowdcube.



Raised: £1,562,960

LoveSpace is the UK’s first storage-by-the-box company. The consumer storage company collects items from your home or office, keeps them for as long as you require, and returns your items whenever you decide, by the next day. London-based Lovespace was founded by Brett Akker in 2011.

Lovespace raised £1,562,960 from 257 investors on Crowdcube.



Raised: £7,150,067

Plum is a savings and investment platform designed to help users effortlessly grow their wealth through automated technology.  The smart FinTech solution monitors the daily spending of users and automatically sets money aside that the user won’t need to help them save. Plum was founded in London, by Alex Michael and Victor Trokoudes in 2016.

Plum raised £7,150,067.42 from 10,947 investors via Crowdcube.

Pod Point

Pod Point

Raised: £3,713,450

Pod Point is a CleanTech company that is building a network of electric vehicle charge points across the UK and Europe. The idea behind this is to create the infrastructure needed for the mass adoption of electric vehicles in the UK and Europe. Pod Point was founded in 2010, in London by Erik Fairbairn.

Pod Point raised £3,713,450 from 1,748 investors on Crowdcube.



Raised: £77,642

PRYNTD is an immersive on-demand and live-streaming platform. PRYNTD allows content creators to share live streams as immersive experiences. PRYNTD was founded by Berne Omolafe in London in 2020.

PRYNTD raised £77,642.50 from 157 investors on Crowdcube.


Rype Office

Raised: £550,428

Rype Office creates workspaces and furniture, by integrating and remanufacturing clients’ existing furniture. Their low carbon office furniture is eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

Rype Office raised £550,428.15 from 240 investors on Crowdcube.



Raised: £3,388,150

Sugru is a DIY company that manufactures a mouldable glue designed to make fixing and crafting easy and fun. Sugru was founded by Jane Dhulchaointigh and Roger Ashby in 2004 in London.

Sugru raised £3,388,150 from 2,374 investors on Crowdcube.



Raised: £945,873

Thermulon is the developer of a ground-breaking nanoporous building insulation material, with its novel chemical solution. Their insulation materials are engineered to fight climate and fire-safety emergencies. Thermulon was founded in Durham by Alexander Murdock, Dr Sam Cryer and Rozalie Ryclova in 2019.

Thermulon raised £945,873.15 from 1,066 on Crowdcube.

Witt Energy

Witt Energy

Raised: £2,386,030

Witt Limited is the developer of the ground-breaking WITT technology which converts motional energy into electricity. This clean energy source is derived from different kinds of motions in the land, sea, and air. The renewable energy startup is based in Plymouth. The company was founded by Mairi Wickett and Martin Wickett in 2013.

Witt Energy raised £2,386,030 from 1,567 investors on Crowdcube.

The list above is a brief look at a few of the successful startups that have raised investment capital through Crowdcube.

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