Why creative content matters in mobile advertising Being creative with your social media content


We are looking at creative content matter because…well…creative content matters.

Mobile advertising is not what it was five years ago – heck, it’s not even what it was five months (minutes?) ago!

It’s an old cliché to state that people are carrying their mobile devices around with them as a permanent attachment – but the fact remains that mobiles – social media platforms – are being checked into dozens of times per day by every smartphone user – and that’s just the average!

The Cambridge dictionary defines creativity as the ability to produce or use original and unusual ideas.

What the world constantly demands more of with their content is exactly that – original ideas and the unusual – people love to discover something new, and quickly tire of the routine, regular and mundane ‘formulaic’ advertising.

Creativity matters – here’s a great video that demonstrates why. This is what not to do:

That is why being creative with your content matters – here are some thoughts to consider when planning your social media marketing campaign for mobiles.


Remember that mobile is different

As you start to create new, original content, first keep in mind where it is going to be seen.

The mobile (smartphone, tablet or even notebook) is a very different device over which to transmit advertising – different from print, television and even computers.

It is the mobile nature of the device that marks it as different; we carry it with us, we check it more often and, as smartphones have become increasingly powerful, we have integrated them into our lives more and more.

People now depend on them. For communication, for relationships, for information, for work, and many social interactions.

Since early 2020, this dependency has been magnified.

The mobile device offers opportunities that are very different from all other types of advertising media. It is limited in size, but almost unlimited in the ways we can use it to communicate, interact and engage.

When it comes to creativity, in other words, we have physical limitation but limitless possibilities.

Advertising must be constrained by size and control method (a touchscreen) but freed of limiting imaginations.

It is an interesting paradox. Creativity is essential to the advertising development process for mobile devices (and, in a vast majority of cases, this means social media interactions).

For more ideas on developing your approach to planning, take a look at this useful article – How to create a social media strategy.


Use immersive content experiences

We have gone back and looked at this topic previously, but we stand by our predictions on the immersive experience, as noted in 7 marketplace trends to watch out for in 2020.

There, we discussed immersive marketing, so will not repeat that here – you can go and read it for yourself using the link above – but somewhere between there and consumer-led marketing is the line we are now treading.

The effects of the crisis of 2020 have only been to accelerate the trends which were already on their way.

Watching an advertisement on television is now more usually an off-putting experience. It is the very time when consumers turn to their mobile devices to be entertained – only to be engaged and caught up in advertising experiences on that instead.

The penny, as they say, hasn’t quite dropped on that one yet!

Viewing a commercial is not fun; actively engaging in one is.

Mobile advertising needs to allow users to become a part of the advert to get engagement.

This is what we call Content Experience.


Stick to the point

Mobile content in advertising needs to be short and punchy and make its point – so have one simple message and state it clearly.

This is not the same environment as long-read blog posts or even printed advertising. You have maybe one or two seconds to get the viewer attention, then maybe 10 seconds more to get your message across.

If your ad is really entertaining, then you may get 30 seconds more.

Some advertising formats only give you 5 seconds total – so plan carefully, deliver your message and make sure that there is only one of them. More than that and you will either confuse the viewer of just get switched off, which is even worse.

Here’s a great example from Apple (what was then) their new iPhone. 30 seconds of captivating content guaranteed to hold the attention, beautifully shot and with one simple, powerful message at the end.


Engage your audience

Be interactive.

Use games, quizzes, ask for a response, offer prizes. Do something to get the audience involved interactively.

If you have a video, make it mobile clickable – give the viewer choices to make and engage them.

Mobiles have developed rapidly in the last few years, so try to use unexpected features of the amazing technology that they hold in their hands.

There are some incredibly AR developments that have just been built into the latest mobile tech, but you also have GPS location, movement sensors, built-in cameras, light sensors, microphones – all this tech is available to be used in unique and interesting ways, if you have the creativity to envision it.


Times Square style city advertising boards


Know your aims

Always keep in mind where you are heading with the advert – clearly define your desired outcome for it and make sure the final result delivers.

What end outcome do you want? Maybe it is an increase in brand awareness, or perhaps gathering the user’s email address or a request for further information.

The advert should have one message (as we said above) and one purpose – the desired outcome. There isn’t the time or space for anything more, so focus on that.

Planning the outcome means that there is a far better chance of getting it. At the same time, also make sure that you have in place a system for measuring the results – whether that is extra subscribers, extra sales or an increase in awareness – whatever it is, you need to be able to track the result back to the advert to know whether it succeeded.

You can find some helpful ideas for measuring metrics in the report on measuring the ROI of brand videos.

This feedback is invaluable, as it will inform your future marketing, budget allocations and everything else to do with subsequent advertising.

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