10 video tools for social media Tools and services from startups that are disrupting social media creation


Social platforms demand video – and so you need video tools for social media. Video helps businesses to increase their sales, site traffic and brand awareness.

There is an ever-growing collection of video tools and software platforms out there, and the number is growing almost daily.

Whilst any software tools are a matter of personal taste, here are 10 that are worth a look. The following are all startups that are providing a service or SaaS that will help you in your quest to improve your social media video output.

They include planning and outsourcing services – rather than just being a ‘top 10 video editors’ list as there are already hundreds of those already available online.

Any of these companies have something to offer you that will help you scale and develop the quality of your social platform video output, offer great ROI meaning, therefore, that they will dramatically impact the profitability of your social platform outreach.

Video is your future; here are 10 video tools for social media that will help you to get there.


Matterport enables users to create 3D, virtual reality models of real-world spaces, and then allows people to walk through the digital environment either with a VR headset or on a PC monitor or tablet. Although it has multiple applications, one of its uses is to allow users to visualise homes in 3D for real estate agencies. As well as the software, Matterport provide a range of hardware solutions – 3D cameras – to capture the visual and spatial data used by the system.

Matterport Logo

Founded: 2011

Dave Gausebeck, Matt Bell, Mike Beebe

Total funding: $114m

Web: www.matterport.com


Renderforest is an online video production platform to help you create short videos – from animated explainers, slideshows, music visualizations to video greetings. They have also added a logo designer, product mock-up service, website builder and have more graphic features soon to be added.

Renderforest Logo

Founded: 2013

Narek Safaryan

Total funding: $8.1m

Web: www.renderforest.com


Splento provides professional photography and videography services around the world. No binding contracts, no minimum spends. For eCommerce video tools, they have just launched the M3 product photo and video studio which can create perfect product footage in seconds – automatically. They have also developed a food photography app for the automation of image creating for restaurants. Splento also provide Matterport services globally.

Splento Logo

Founded: 2015

Roman Grigoriev

Total funding: $1m

Web: www.splento.com


Create video memes, add subtitles to your video and more. Kapwing is an online video editing platform for modern creators, brought about with an aim to enable digital storytelling. They describe their editing suite as including the web’s most popular video meme maker, subtitler, trimmer, looper, filters, and more and go on to state that they are reinventing video editing for memes and social media generation.

Kapwing Logo

Founded: 2017

Eric Lu, Julia Enthoven

Total funding: $12.7m

Web: www.kapwing.com


The oldest (and possibly most well-known) company on this list. GoPro’s mobile app – as well as controlling your GoPro device – contains a quick and easy ‘editor’ which enables you to compile video clips and photos into a usable video with just a few taps – all on your smartphone or tablet. Great for on-the-go social media posts, it’s an ideal solution for fast, on-location posting from smartphone and GoPro footage.

GoPro Logo

Founded: 2002

Jill Woodman, Nicholas Woodman

Total funding: $288.2m

Web: www.gopro.com


At first glance, you may wonder why Anchor has made it onto our list of video tools. Anchor is a podcast platform that has grown from strength to strength, and that is used by many podcasters and podcast production companies. But stick with us here: 1) Podcasting is a much underrated yet important part of social media output and 2) Anchor offers a great video tool which transforms audio clips into animated videos that are ideal for sharing across social platforms. Used thoughtfully, these transcribed videos are great for catching and keeping engagement. See an example at the end of this page.

Anchor Logo

Founded: 2015

Michael Mignano, Nir Zicherman

Total funding: $14.4m

Web: www.anchor.fm


Crello is an online graphic tool which enables you to design graphics for social media, blogs and ads, using a selection of ready-made templates. They currently offer over 9,000 animated templates and update this number regularly.

Crello Logo

Founded: 2017

Dmitry Sergeev

Total funding: nk

Web: www.crello.com


Tubics is an SaaS platform that supports companies to amplify their branded content on YouTube. They provide SEO tools to help brands rank higher on search engines, but for their YouTube videos.

Tubics Logo

Founded: 2017

Claudia Eder, Matthias Funk, Matthias Posch

Total funding: $250k

Web: www.tubics.com


We’ve mentioned Buffer before in another post, but it’s a great tool for planning and scheduling your social media video posts. It also provides analytics data and engagement feedback to keep your finger on the pulse of your social media presence – and all from one location.

Buffer Logo

Founded: 2010

Joel Gascoigne, Leo Widrich, Tom Moor

Total funding: $4m

Web: www.buffer.com


The FiLMiC Pro app for iPhone and Android is a video camera app that gives you full manual control over your video filming. It offers variable frame rate, separate exposure, focus and white balance controls as well as variable video resolutions (dependant upon your device). It enables you to do so much more than your device standard video controls.

FiLMiC Pro Logo

Founded: 2011

Neill Barham

Total funding: $255m

Web: www.filmicpro.com

Example of an Anchor transcribed podcast:


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