What makes a good video production company What to look for when hiring for your next project


The compelling evidence that video work wonders in getting through to its target audience has got corporations and individuals knocking down the doors of video production companies. As eager as you may be to jump on this Video Express to Profitland, there are a couple of factors you need to consider while hiring a video production company. Here’s a quick run-through of the key elements that make up a good video production company.

Impressive Portfolio

If you’re not ‘wowed’ by the portfolio of a video production company, chances are you won’t be crazy about your own video. A portfolio of professional clients, that matches the tone and style of your brand, can speak volumes of the kind of videography to expect from your project. Looking at a potential hire’s portfolio not only gives you a feel of their quality but also inspires new ideas that might not have crossed your mind before. Don’t forget that when it comes to video production companies, quality trumps quantity, so don’t just rule out the apparent underdogs. 

Reviews and testimonials

A great way to determine the whole experience of working with a video production company is to go through reviews and testimonials of their previous clients. Ideally, check this out through third-party websites to make sure they are genuine reviews. A trustworthy testimonial is a guaranteed way to portray the credibility of a video production company.


It’s difficult to estimate the timeline to complete a video once a project is accepted. However, it’s important to choose a company that can work around the deadlines that the client sets. There’s no point being delivered a world-class video, the day after it was due to be premiered. Remember, video production companies are only as good as their ability to meet deadlines.

Video production on screen


While corporates are willing to pay large amounts of money to video production companies, individual contractors are less keen on this front. A good video production company must be able to cater to this range of clients, with multiple options varying in services and prices accordingly. Nothing attracts business like slashed prices, especially in a world where opportunists can dream in video format.


The beauty of videography is that it can tell any story, in any tone and style. While some clients want class and formality in their videos, others may want bright colours, fun music and Peppa Pig cut-outs floating around. To sum up, different clients have (very) different needs. A good video production company has teams that can handle any kind of request. Whether you want Wes Anderson or Christopher Nolan – they’ve got you covered. 


Of course, the single most important feature to set any video production company, apart from the rest, is their flair for creativity. In a market as saturated as video production, and with the increasing volume of videos released every day, content is bound to clash in terms of creativity. It’s tough to judge creativity when choosing a videography company, but use your intuition; if it looks good to you, maybe it will to everyone else as well. Hire a video production company that you can collaborate with to create spectacular, original content. 


In the end, it all comes down to whether you feel comfortable trusting your video production company with your project or idea. Splento takes very good care of its clients, delivering fully edited videos in just 48 hours at a fixed rate of £149 per hour. Check out Splento’s video portfolio to see for yourself, how we check every box of a good video production company. 

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